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Jedpilled is a moderator on the r/Polcompball subreddit, a moderator on the main discord server, a member of the Polcompball Council, and an occasional wiki editor. He has been a member of the Polcompball community for several years.

Known For

  • Posting comics on the subreddit occasionally.
  • Being a moderator on the subreddit.
  • Being a mod on the current Polcompball discord server, as well as several previous servers.
  • Being the only mod on r/Polcompballtext despite not making it or even knowing what it's about.
  • Completing a large number of art requests, especially from [THIS USER HAS BEEN UNPERSONED, GLORY TO THE POLCOMPBALL COUNCIL].
  • Drawing compasses and other charts.
  • Previously being a Mod, Super Mod, then shared Owner of the Polcompball Forums discord server.
  • Causing a large panic in the mod team by siding with KEVIN when he became subreddit owner.
  • Being a member of the Polcompball Council, as well as previously being a member of the Ministry of Art.
  • (In the process of) Compiling the history of Polcompball.


Jedpilled first discovered Polcompball through r/PoliticalCompassMemes sometime in November or December of 2019[1].




  1. In particular, it was between November 9th, when the subreddit was created, and December 16th, when he posted about it in a personal discord server