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    Phanpy100, often shortened to Phanpy or simply Phanp is an user on the Polcompball wiki and admin of the Polcompball anarchy wiki. He is also the owner of the r/MonarchoSocialism subreddit and discord and self-proclaimed bedroom coder.

    Known For


    The Beginnings

    Phanpy started out being a viewer of r/PoliticialCompassMemes before being driven away from there for it becoming an AuthRight and anti-LibLeft wank. Later when PolCompBall was created he jumped straight on it and started making comics for it, trying to make sure that Monarcho-Socialism became a staple of the subreddit. Which eventually somewhat worked when Monarcho-Communism, later changed to Monarcho-Socialism became a canon part of the subreddit.

    Highs on the Discord

    Phanpy joined the discord after wanting to suggest some changes to the Monarcho-Socialism page on the wiki, including adding a now removed alternative design (see pictured in his wikibox). After a bried curfuffle with the Ghost of Inky about Social Monarchism, he became a frequent user of the wiki. Later even becoming an admin on the anarchy wiki.

    The Fall

    After discouragement from his fellow r/MonSoc members of becoming a greater part of PolCompBall due to pro-fascist allegations about the community and the announcement that the old server was getting archived he didn't rejoin and started following his dream of "having a game with his name on the box", working on several game prototypes, the only ones being released before he rejoined being Hit It! and more (in)famously My Own Ego.

    The Return of the Monarchist

    After being contacted about the anarchy wiki being vandalised he returned to the discord and started making more comics and moderating the wiki again.




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