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List of rulers

Czechoslovakia (1918-1993)


General Secretaries of the KSČ

Czech Republic


Prime Ministers

  1. They compromise to instate a swiss-based political model and conservative policy.
  2. Full name: We don't want your votes; freedom cannot be invoked. We will reject any political function; we do not want to tell people how to live. We have a different vision. We are going in a different direction – you can find it on the website The party openly advocates for this philosophy,they compromise that his elected don't get the sit and also use referendums to derogate laws
  3. Labour wing of the party directed by Josef Hudec a former member of the Socialist party of Czechoslavakia working people,it was often labelled as the yellow trade union movement,it was also a point of gathering for rigth-wing workers,it had fascist tendencies and rejected any compromise with the left-wing,as of 1929 the organization was divided in 7 sections (mining section,textile section,metalworkers section,general trades section,sugar workers section,municipal and state employees section and waiters section)