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"If you can't trust a Swiss banker, what's the world come to?"

Helvetic Model, also known as Helvetism is a libertarian, economically right-wing and (usually) culturally right-wing ideology. Helvet can be seen as a libertarian response to the Nordic Model, espoused by Social Democrats. Helvet believes that the best society to currently exist in the world right now is the one of Switzerland and of it's smaller neighbor Liechtenstein. With focus being put on low tax rates, openness for international trade, strict neutrality in wars and other international affairs, strict federalism and an abundance of referendums and a lot of individualism, along with very low market intervention from the state, and in Liechtenstein precisely, also a Monarchy.


In general, for most of its history, Switzerland remained neutral in most military conflicts, including both World Wars. It also had a complicated relationship with the UN for a long time, with them not joining the organization until 2002 when a referendum was held, despite holding UN's second most important office.

Following the traditional policy of neutrality, Switzerland in the 1950s and early 1960s faced difficulties in participating in various plans for European integration. In 1948, it joined the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, but refrained from joining the European Economic Community (what would later become the EU we know and "love" today). The obvious political goals of this organization were unacceptable to Switzerland. However, it became one of the founding members of the European Free Trade Association in 1959, and in 1963 joined the Council of Europe, once again demonstrating its interest in European cooperation. In 1972, a national referendum ratified a free trade agreement with the EU, which by 1977 had phased out tariffs on all industrial products.


Helvetism usually represents a combination of stereotypes about the Swiss, Liechtensteinians and/or Helvetophiles (Swissaboos). With the major one being willingness to accept to store wealth from anyone in his banks and not getting involved in fights.

How to Draw

Flag of Helvetic Model

Helvetic Model's design is a combination of Swiss and Liechtenstein symbols:

  1. Draw a ball
  2. Draw a bicolour: navy blue at the top and crimson red at the bottom, representing the flag of Liechtenstein.
  3. In the top-left corner, draw Swiss coat-of-arms (an orange-red shield with a white cross/plus in the middle)
  4. Add eyes
  5. You're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Crimson #CE1126 206, 17, 38
Navy Blue #002B7F 0, 43, 127
Orange-Red #DA291C 218, 41, 28
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255




  • Jacobinism - You invaded and puppeted Switzerland! But to be fair, it wouldn't have been as much of a safe-haven today without becoming neutral post-war. So thanks, I guess?
  • Nordic Model - Similar conclusions, different paths. We have our disagreements, but also so much in common! I like you bud, but why did you drop neutrality?
  • Neoconservatism - NEUTRAL! And even though I sell him weapons don't you dare use them in a war!
  • American Model - He wants to be me so badly.
  • European Federalism - NEUTRAL! Though we're doing a lot of business together and our borders are open. But I won't sanction Russia becau- Alright fine, I will, but only this time! And I'll never join your stupid club!
  • Putinism - NEUTR... Whoa, your actions in Ukraine are so disgusting, that you almost made me question my neutral status! Still, a lot of your politicians hold savings in my banks, so freezing those assets would harm the said neutrality. Either way, you're getting sanctioned.
  • Dengism - Even though our cooperation remains strong, your actions in Hong Kong and Xinjiang are heinous.
  • Zionism - NEU- *hears gunshots and screams* Dude, Stop with this war ffs.
  • The UN - I gave you the former League of Nations building in Geneva as an important office, but didn't join the organization until 2002.
  • Jacobitism - Listen, I know Prince Joseph Wenzel is also in line for the jacobite throne along with the Liechtensteiner, but I rather not press that claim. I like to keep a good business relation with Britain. So please drop it.
  • Every other ideology - The only way to win wars is not to play. ;)


  • Nazism - Faschistischer Mörder, der mich überfallen wollte! Halt endlich die Klappe, du Wichser![1] gib me gold
  • Gaddafism - Literally wanted to abolish me and divide me up between Italy, France and Germany. You were nothing more than a psycho dictator who destroyed my diplomatic relations with Libya, called for an armed conflict and accused me of being a mafia just because I made someone in his family abide by the law. Fahr zur Hölle!
  • Centralism - I survived for so long precisely because I maintain a federation! Too much centralisation is bad for governance efficiency, as Germany found out the hard way under him.

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  1. Switzerland has a generous welfare state and high unionization; but benefits are treated as debt and some social programs are market-based (e.g., compulsory private health insurance).




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