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National Agrarianism is a culturally conservative and nationalist ideology, appealing to rural communities and believing that agriculture and farmers are an important part of a country and national identity, synthesizing ideas of Nationalism and Agrarianism.


Personality and Behaviour

National Agrarianism is portrayed as a patriotic, rural farmer, very similar to its parent, Agrarianism. However, it puts much more emphasis on its nation, believing it to be the best due to reasons relating to agriculture. It may also be portrayed as hostile towards big business and Capitalism, though this depends on the specific flavor of national agrarianism being represented.

He often plays the Neo-Agrarian Fight Song on his banjo when he's alone.

Really likes pitchforks, both as a farming tool and as an instrument against the (((pests))).

How to Draw

Flag of National Agrarianism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Colour the left half of the ball dark green, and the right half brown
  3. Draw a gold flag coming from the bottom of the green portion into the center,
  4. Add the eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Brown #664B31 102, 75, 49
Dark Green #123328 18, 51, 40
Gold #ECBD00 236, 189, 0




  • Agrarian Socialism - We worked well in Poland for years yet I care the most about my nation having loans rather than the goverment sharing it beetwen foreginers.
  • Agrarian Anarchism - Fellow agrarian, but what is this anarchist nonsense?
  • Capitalism - Selling and buying things from him is how I'm supporting my farm. His kids are deranged urbanites though.
  • Socialism - I like some of their ideas, especially about the (((1%))) and how ordinary farmers must fight for their rights. But they've also influenced them .
  • Eco-Nationalism - What?! Climate change will hurt my crops?! And factories pollute water which I use to water them?! We must work together to stop it! But I'm still using pesticides, so uh, there's that.
  • Pol Potism and National Primitivism - Too racist and too agrarian, even for me.
  • Nazism - Too racist like the above, and not agrarian enough. Though I kinda like the 'Blut und Boden' as a slogan.
  • Neoliberalism - Balcerowicz needs to go! Thanks for accepting Kolodziejczak into your coalition Tusk.


  • Marxism–Leninism - To hell with collectivization, I ain't givin' ya none of my land!
  • Maoism - Is "20-40 million dead" really a "Great Leap Forward" to you?
    • YES

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  1. Some companies, especially AngloGold Ashanti, financing Lendu militants