Quasi-Communism (Disambiguation)

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Quasi-Communism also small-communism is a term used to describe political ideologies that share or are accused of sharing important elements with Communism but do not claim to be communist, or they just aren't. This page is less useful when compared with the quasi-fascism page.

The term may refer to:

  • Arab Socialism -
  • Chavismo - Chavismo is considered a quasi-communist ideology, as Hugo Chavez was a self-proclaimed Marxist and Trotskyist, and it also believes on socialist principles, along with a state-led economy. However, it's not considered entirely communist, and it's modern supporters are less economic left.
  • Democratic Socialism - Many democratic socialists are largely sympathetic towards communism, as much of the theory for the ideology comes from Marx and Engels. The new democratic state can also be seen as a transition state between capitalism and communism.
  • Regulationism - Accused by Laissez-faire advocates of being communist due to the policy of active government intervention in the economy.
  • Welfarism - Associated with communism because of its social policies, and due to the fact that many socialists are welfarists. Also, the "social" prefix is sometimes erroneously associated with Socialism.
  • Liberalism - Often accused of being communist by right-wing populists and some fascists, due to its cultural views.
  • Social Liberalism - Same goes to above, including the term "woke ideology", in terms by the right.
  • Progressivism - Commonly accused of being "Cultural Marxism" by the Alt-Lite, Right-wing populists, and the Alt-Right.
  • State Liberalism - Accused of being communist by many right wingers due to being an authoritarian, anti-nationalist, and culturally revolutionary ideology. However, State Liberalism is also extremely pro-capitalist.
  • Ba'athism - Is considered similar to Communism due to its economics and alliances with communist countries. However, similar to Chavismo, it has become less left-wing over the years, with some of its supporters shifting to Authoritarian Capitalism and State Capitalism.
  • Peronism - Similar to other welfarist ideologies, it's accused to be communist, specially it's modern variants, such as Kichnerism, are commonly accused by their right-wing detractors of being socialist or communist due to their social democratic economics.
  • Environmentalism - Commonly accused of being Communist due to its opposition to some variants of Capitalism, and due to the fact that some of its variants are left-wing.
  • Social Democracy - Accused of being communist due to its center-left economics. Some Social Democrats are socialist, but the majority of the social democratic movement has become more economically right in recent years and support social capitalism. The actual Socialist SocDems are the Reformist Marxists.
  • Socialism of the 21st Century - A socialist ideology that is heavily against capitalism, and presents sympathies with Marxism, however, most of them are against Marxism-Leninism and don't apply actual communism on their countries.
  • Anarchism - The actual definition of the term "communism" is a stateless and classless society, which is basically Anarchism. Also, Anarchism is usually considered a far-left ideology.
  • European Federalism - Right-wing populist, eurosceptic, nationalist and anti-globalist circles often accuse the European Union of being communist or far-left, due to being environmentalist, welfarist and moderately progressive, which are usually considered left-wing, however, it doesn't preach for economic left-wing ideals.
  • Nazism - Nazism is called by right-wingers a communist or socialist ideology due to it's full name being "National Socialism", however, it doesn't actually advocates for socialism. In fact, Hitler used "socialism" as a synonym for nationalism.