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“If Chile was the cradle of neoliberalism, it will also be its grave.”

Socialism of the 21st Century is an economically left-wing and culturally variable ideology. It is opposed to both capitalism and Marxism–Leninism, as it believes both failed to address issues such as poverty, hunger, racism, sexism, exploitation, the destruction of resources and the absence of a truly democratic system. It seeks to achieve its goals through parliamentary democracy, rather than violent revolution. It wants to establish an economy democratically controlled by the workers and based on the Marxian labor theory of value. It also wants strong democracy, with the utilization of referendums and protection of minority rights.



Lulism is an ideology based off of the Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. it is economically and culturally center-left, internationalist, environmentalist and mildly authoritarian. Despite holding mostly culturally progressive views, Lula does not endorse abortion rights nor drug liberalization. He has also been the de facto leader of his political party, the Worker's Party, since its foundation and is usually associated with other left wing populists around the world.






Socialism of the 21st century is a economically left Wing and culturally variable ideology that was developed by German theorist Heinz Dieterich in the 1990s.


Dietrich and many other 21st century socialists believe in the protection and preservation of indigenous rights. Dietrich believes that the struggle of indigenous peoples against imperialism and colonialism is inherently connected to the struggle of the working class against capitalism.


21st century socialism advocates for economic progressivism, and is famous for its fierce opposition to neoliberal economics. 21st century socialists believe in the enaction of socialist economic reforms, such as the nationalization of industries and national resources, protectionism, economic planning, and wealth redistribution.


21st century socialism is a form of Democratic socialism. 21st century socialists reject revolutionary socialism, instead favoring reformist methods. 21st century socialists commonly criticize Marxism-Leninism for its rejection of democracy.

How to Draw

Flag of Socialism of the 21st Century
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Color the ball dark blue
  3. Draw a dark red star
  4. Add the eyes

You're finished!

Color Name HEX RGB
Dark Red #C4122D 196, 18, 45
Dark Blue #143982 20, 57, 130



  • Chavismo - My son with inflation problems.
  • Marxism - Many say I'm a form of you, and your labor theory of value is important!
  • Mariateguism - Our ideological predecessor in the Andean countries.
  • Democratic Socialism - The best way to achieve socialism.
  • Left-Wing Populism - You're the way my ideas have usually been applied irl. Socialismo Moreno and AMLO are based.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - We must serve our country interests first, not of the USA.
  • Alter-Globalism - Basically similar emphasis on national sovereignty and indigenous rights but applied to a world-wide scale. Ultra based!
  • Indigenism - Our tradition of growing coca shall not be criminalized.
  • Conservative Socialism - We must not forget about the importance of protecting our traditional ways of life from foreign imperialists.
  • Christian Socialism - My leftist beliefs don't mean I am an enemy of religion. If anything, Jesus was among the world's earliest advocates of social justice.
  • Liberation Theology - He gets me.
  • Progressive Conservative Socialism - Many of my followers in Latin America are literally him!
  • Sandersism - The best US president we'll sadly never have. *sigh*


  • Marxism–Leninism - We go to the elections together but we always end up arguing about socialist theory. Thanks for supporting me, though!
  • Castroism - Evo and Chavez were good friends with you, but you've grown too close to him and later turned too far to the opposite.
  • Guevarism and Neozapatismo - Too radical but at the end of the day we share most of our ideals and values.
  • Peruanismo and Getulism - Not socialist enough, but compared to what came after them , they were practically a blessing.
  • Peronism - Menem was a cringe neolibtard, but Kirchners are based, and Peron himself was a mixed bag.
  • Kleptocracy - Stop stealing from the poor for your own benefit, dammit!! Don't tell anyone about Odebrecht though
  • Social Democracy - Lula is based, but for the most part he comes across as a bit too moderate for me. Also tell your American supporters to stop trying to water down the word socialism.
  • Paleoconservatism - It's good that you oppose NATO imperialism and uphold traditional values, but you are capitalist.
  • New Deal Liberalism - The least bad among actual US presidents. But why did your successor have to return to the old ways?
  • Ethnocacerism - I understand your grievances towards the whites, but amigo, you gotta learn to forgive.
  • Liberal Socialism - We have similar ideas in practice, but some of your followers are way too close to him.
  • Putinism - Good trade and political partner, though I had to condemn your invasion of Ukraine in the UN (or at least abstain from the vote) to keep my other partners pleased.
  • Dengism - Another important trade partner, but your economics are socialist in name only. Also, please don't be like those gringos.
  • Fourth Theory - Appreciate your praise for us as well as a general sympathy towards socialism and our plights. But sometimes you sound scarily similar to someone I know too well, as your interpretation of 'Eurasianism' reminds me of the Monroe Doctrine more than anything.
  • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - Disown Shining Path and we can be friends


  • Capitalism - You have failed to address the world's problems.
  • Neoconservatism/Imperialism - GRINGO GO HOME!
  • Corporatocracy - Literally Elon M*sk. Hands off my lithium, gringo cabrón!
  • Neoliberalism - Another gringo that wants to steal my lithium!
  • Kissingerism - I won't forgive or forget the Operation Condor. Rest in piss, pendejo.
  • National Capitalism - NEVER AGAIN!
  • Pinochetism - Boric will avenge Allende.
  • Fujimorism - You lost the election! Cope and Seethe.
  • Trumpism - You backed the Áñez coup. How does it feel to have your capitol couped by your own supporters?
  • Bolsonaroism - Traitor of Latin America and a stupid attempt to restore ARENA tyranny, took a big fat L from me lol.
  • Alt-Right - I cannot find a more fitting opponent than the Fascism of the 21st Century.
  • Social Capitalism - Or Capitalism of the 21st Century, I guess.
  • State Liberalism - Globalist but only for neo-liberal interests, capitalist, imperialist and pseudo-progressive. You're everything that I oppose.
  • Liberal Feminism - Aren't you that scumbag again?
  • Mediacracy - No little boy, no dumb little boy.
  • Third Way - Curse you Moreno and Guaido, you traitors. But, ignore that Lula adopted his policies in his first and second presidential terms (2003-2011).
  • Boluarteism - TRAITOR! Pedro Castillo didn't try a self-coup, you and the corrupt congress illegally couped democratically elected Pedro Castillo to install a dictatorial regime which has dissapeared and repressed people! Vladimir Cerrón was right when calling you a traitor even though he's a hardliner! We will protest against you and the reactionary fujirat parliamentary coup!
  • Gonzalo Thought - Why did you kill peasants?!

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