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"Socialism gives workers and peasants their rights. Socialism gives opportunities to everyone. Socialism provides healthcare to everyone."

Arab Socialism is an authoritarian left, Arab nationalist, anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist, and socialist ideology. He supports leaders such as Gamal Abdul Nasser, Bashar Al Assad, and to a lesser extent Saddam Hussein, and believes in Arab Unity. Unlike many other socialist ideologies, Arab Socialism rejects globalism and Communism. He believes in wealth redistribution, and the nationalization of some key industries, but does not want to abolish private property.


Arab Socialism believes in a left-wing nationalist republic with a state capitalist economy, which is the idea that industries should be nationalized, which similar to Socialism, but not fully socialist.Most variants of Arab Socialism are stratocratic and and oppose Marxism-Leninism, as they want to preserve some aspects of private property. Arab Socialism supports farmer cooperatives and welfare.



Nasserism is the ideology of Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was the second president of Egypt, serving from 1954 until 1970.

Economic Policy

Nasser's economic policy regime could be best described as state capitalist with a highly generous welfare state.

As president, Nasser pushed for the nationalization of key industries, including those under considerable foreign influence (especially the British and French)—such as "banks, hotels, insurance companies, importing companies and even the media"—and natural resources.[2] At least ninety percent of workers were employed in the public sector.[3] While the state-owned enterprises (SOEs), which in practice were joint-stock companies where the majority of assets were owned by the State, preserved the profit motive, Nasser also mandated that nearly one-third of the board of directors had to be elected by workers.[4]

It should be noted that two-thirds of the Egyptian economy remained in private hands: Mostly small-medium enterprises.[5] Nasser made many members of the national bourgeoise key allies of his regime; he absorbed them into SOE management and suppressed union opposition to them.[6][7] His land reform, though marketed as peasant-centric (and to some degree it did improve their lives through the promotion of farmer cooperatives),[8] was seen as a step towards widespread unionization.[9] By the 1960s, Nasser began deregulating the petit-bourgeois-dominated private sector, subsidized exports, and sought foreign investment in Egypt's capital goods.[10]

Nasser also enacted several anti-poverty programs; including, though not limited to, universal healthcare, unemployment insurance, and old-age and disability pensions.[11] Nasser sought to decommodify food through a comprehensive system of consumer cooperatives, although several food shortages were blamed on this system.[12] Despite such shortcomings, Nasser's social insurance schemes ensured minimal resistance to his policies and generally increased living standards for the average Egyptian. He also implemented corporate-based representation in the National Assembly (e.g., students, labor, and industry) so that economic policies are reflective of the various interest groups in society.



The Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) is a former militia and Algerian political party. It was formed during the armed struggle for the independency of Algeria from French colonization. It ruled the country as a one-party state until 1988. It has also won every single election but its support has dwindled in recent years.



How to Draw

Flag of Arab Socialism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Fill it with the red pigment
  3. Add the Egyptian Coat of Arms in the middle
  4. Draw two eyes

You are done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Red Pigment #D92423 217, 36, 35
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Gold #F8C300 248, 195, 0
Grass Green #009900 0, 153, 0


أصدقاء (Friends)

  • . Castroism - You're my best Latin American buddy! Long live Fidel Castro.
  • Gaddafism - He is my descendant and I agree with many of his views but he can be nonsensical at times, and why did you abandon pan-arabism?
  • Left-Wing Nationalism & State Socialism - That's how you do socialism!
  • Marhaenism - Fellow founder of the Non-Aligned Movement, also another Islamic Socialist!
  • Titoism - Also founded the Non-Aligned movement with me. Best comrade in the entire world!

علاقة متوترة (Frenemies)

  • Welfare Chauvinism - I like most of your ideas, but welfare capitalism isn't good enough. You should become a socialist.
  • Ba'athism - My weird son and I banned you in Syria during the UAR era, but we still cooperate in fighting western imperialists.
  • Marxism-Leninism - I prosecuted communists domestically, but I still prefer the USSR over the Z*on-simping American scums. Also, some communists like Tito and Castro are gigachads!
  • Social Authoritarianism - Too moderate, but we agree a lot of things from foreign policy to welfare state. Just become more socialist, radical, and revolutionary.
  • Islamic Theocracy - To hell with the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia monarchies, secularism is what we need. However, I can tolerate the existence of some Sharia Laws, you are still better than this pig though.

الأعداء (Enemies)

  • Zionism - Foolish Zionist scum. Stop stealing Palestinian Arab Land, oppressing Muslim brothers and stealing the Sinai! All Jews are closeted Zionists so they get depo-Wait! They... left for Israel?
  • Labour Zionism - We could've been good friends, but you're a Zionist... ew.
  • Bundism - You're Anti-Zionist but you dont want to integrate or cooperate with Arab society
  • Capitalism - Terrible economic system.
  • Neoconservatism - Pro-Zionist American scum. Get your dirty hands off the Middle East. At least you helped me during the 1952 Egyptian Revolution…
  • Gaullism - Imperialist pig that kept Algeria in imperial chains. JULY 5, 1962 BEST DAY EVER!

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