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Fictional Ideology
"The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.
This MANDATORY, as well as state-mandated TRIGGER-WARNING, has been put here to advise any viewers who may be more sensitive/easily offendable reading this article about the potential risks of developing serious trauma via the platforming of things the state deems problematic, such as extremely bigoted worldviews, individuals, or topics. Such potentially emotionally scarring subjects to be aware of may include but are not limited to the following:
  • References to ideologies who may represent c*s, p*re-race h*teros*xual b*naries or support such traumatic "individuals"
  • Ideologies which may hold very deplorable and/or hateful views such as s*cialist, p*cifist, n*tionalist, r*actionary, r*ligious, gr**n, or an*rchist ideologies
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Please do not resist!

"The authoritarian-neoliberal state survives and thrives on the workings, logic, and relations of the capitalist regime of accumulation under conditions of globalization in the twenty-first century. Its fundamental mission is twofold: to create an attractive business climate through market-oriented institutions and to ensure elite dominance through market-driven class relations. Thus, its governance objectives are to optimize conditions for capital accumulation and maintain the hegemony of elites by all means."

State Liberalism also called Progressive Authoritarian Capitalism, is a totalitarian, culturally far-left to off-compass left, internationalist and economically right-wing ideology. It believes the best way to SJW-style progress is via a totalitarian world empire that follows various schools of capitalist economics, usually the Chicago School. In other words, they are an even more extreme version of neoliberalism, with even further emphasis on promoting SJW ideas.

Such behavior could be parodies of the sometimes hypocritical nature argued to be followed by certain communities within the social justice movement within the western world, such as white-liberal college students, or western social media platforms such as Tumblr, or Twitter, whose users can be argued to have huge victim mentalities, and often act like their view represents the majority of the oppressed and third-world, while actively harming said progress they claim to support and whose interests sometimes even harming those they claim to represent such as enforcing their allegedly "progressive" western liberal standards onto other people regardless of culture or background. Often being referred to as "western social media/progressivism" by outsiders who see them as trying to enforce their singular western-centric worldview onto them and to address how "bigoted" they apparently are unlike those who try to enforce said norms onto other cultures.

State liberalism is a hypothetical ideology told to be the successor to Neoliberalism within the coming years. The common theory assumes that the only way by which the current culturally left-wing and Capitalist order found in most western countries can only sustain itself by a rapid increase of state power, this view of future often manifests itself in memes in which dictatorial or dictatorial-like powers are used to uphold progressive interests, particularly interests related to LGBTQQIP2SAAONPND+ people and people who do not refer to themselves as the long since outdated and exclusionary term as "people".


Proto-State Liberalism

State Liberal policies can be said to be inspired by the policies of the United Kingdom government from roughly the leadership of Tony Blair and onward. The policies of Tony Blair and a large chunk of his successors effectively created a society in which progressive causes have the full support of the state and the state acts in their interests.

The dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista is frequently associated with state liberalism, as his coup of the Cuban government was done while affiliated to the progressive action party, a reformed national liberal party with members from the former democratic socialist coalition who, while promoting left-wing cultural ideas such as open borders for tourism, alcohol sales, prostitution & gambling, were still extremely anti-communist and economically liberal.

Much of the modern western social-justice movement to varying extents can be argued to be this, by groups such as conservatives, the alt-lite, the alt-right, conservative socialists, neoluddites, or post-left types. Which see modern western progressivism and identity-politics as essentially trying to enforce a woke form of the same system as before if not even more extreme, with all claims of "promoting progress" being a sham justification for its continued existence rather than to actually promote said equality.


A Californian bill that was approved in September 2020, Assembly Bill 979, could be seen as somewhat of a real world analogue to State Liberalism. This bill requires corporations to appoint at least one director from an unrepresented community - defined as a Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native, or someone who self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or individuals from various sexual orientations and gender identities. Some internet users criticized this as "state enforced homosexuality".

State Liberalism on Polcompball

It's generally seen as a meme ideology, though its historical counterparts have links with neoliberalism & progressivism. The ideology itself is a parody of SJW and Pinochetist stereotypes combined taken to the highest extreme. Commonly shown killing commies and/or those "they" sees as not woke. Despite this "they" needlessly panders and virtue signaling in extremely tokenist efforts to "woke" politics all the while directly contributing to the problems "they" claim they are against. For example, bombing the global south and stealing land from colonized groups but justifying it by using token minorities to justify their crimes as apparently "woke" as well as promoting a sense of "helping the global poor, gays, womyn, trans, black, indigenous, and other minority folks, etc." to help cover up their own self-serving interests and which directly harm said communities they claim to represent. One could see this ideology as a comically exaggerated version of the pandering of pseudo-woke "PC" politics of states like California taken to their logical extreme all to mask the true nature of those governments who would gladly use whatever power they have to silence those who threaten their control of power.


Bleeding-Heart Authoritarianism

Bleeding-Heart Authoritarianism is a culturally left and economically center-right to right-wing ideology which is the authoritarian counterpart to Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism. Similar to (and in some ways radically different than) Post-Libertarianism, it holds that a strong government capable of upholding law and order is necessary to not only achieve progressive aims, but to prevent extremist conservative and reactionary forces from seizing power. Like BHL, BHA's economic system ranges from a Social Market Economy to Economic Liberalism. To the degree forces contrary to its ideological goals are suppressed, BHA remains pretty libertarian, favoring the legalization of everything from prostitution to drugs.

How to Draw

Flag of State Liberalism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Colour it black, but not pure black
  3. Draw a light yellow circle in the center
  4. Draw 4 black slits in the circle coming from the bottom left, representing the invisible hand of the market
  5. Draw the eyes

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Light Yellow #efe9ab 239, 233, 171


Wholesome Revolutionaries

  • State Atheism - All religions need to be abolished for the sake of peace and progress.
  • Mediacracy - We need state control of the media to ensure everyone can hear news the correct way.
  • Ingsoc - The Party would like to remind you that Masculinity is Toxic,Privacy is slavery,Diversity is strength and Big Schwab is Watching you .
  • Financialism - I love Blackrock and the Rotschilds!
  • Batistaism - Fellow authcap who likes porn, prostitution, and gambling, shame C*stro kicked you out.
  • Fordism - A more extreme version of me, based. He is even more forward-thinking than I am. And with even BETTER optics. This here might be my true idol, and instruction manual to give me a genuine blueprint to make my ideas of a just world without bigotry or problematic feelings, and who accepts my ideals under a truly all-inclusive hedonist world totalitarian state where everyone is high.
  • Matriarchy - Under my system, womyn get paid Cred10 for every m*n's credit. Also, we'll implement mandatory matriarchy courses for all since "gender equality" is just an incel dog whistle!
  • Liberal Feminism - 👏 More 👏 Female 👏 War 👏 Criminals 👏
  • Police Statism - Wear your police cap, start your trans flag colored car's engine and make the siren sound!
  • Totalitarianism - The only way to ensure true progress is to protect those with diverse backgrounds without the risk of b*gots saying bad-speak, or trying to resist my justified control of power, I say the whole world must learn of our peaceful ways... BY FORCE!
  • Imperialism - We must use military power and expansionism to destroy bigotry abroad. May our enlightened and inclusive government rule all of humanity!
  • Postgenderism - Nature is oppressing brave trans womyn and non-abled people of color, as well as forcing biological binary. We must change that!
  • Scientocracy - #TrustTheScience! Or at least the parts that suit my agenda.
  • Enlightened Absolutism and Autocracy - Having a brave queer non-binary BIPOC who listens to the experts and forces modernity on everyone as our great leader would be so hecking wholesome.
  • Totalitarian Capitalism - Congratulations, Worker-3742B, you have won a prize thanks to your 12% increase in productivity! You can choose between these options: 1) One more hour in the relaxation pod; 2) 50 grams of genetically modified pork in your next meal; or 3) A trip to the nature dome where you can take a look at our perfect recreation of a "forest".
  • Cultism - You must pray to Schwab, Thaksin, Wojcicki, and Harris five times a day. Brand worship is state mandated too.
  • Interculturalism - I love how you promote unity between our diverse backgrounds and cultures while still giving me room to suppress political dissidence.
  • Stratocracy - I don't care if my mixed-race trans drone pilots blow up a few reactionary commie children's hospitals; everything is acceptable as long as our liberal values get spread around the world.
  • Oligarchy and Technocracy - The common pl*b doesn't know how to rule. Let that to the hands of the Experts™.
  • Plutocracy - So, you're just Elitism but better? So cool!
  • Industrialism & Right Anti-Environmentalism - Produce, consume and move the climate forward!
  • Cosmopolitanism and Globalism - To be a ruthless cosmopolitan is a good thing, actually. We must give up our national identities (voluntarily or involuntarily) to form a great world state with no borders or nations. A society of peace, progress, and diversity. Where the only remaining country, state, culture, language, worldview, and government is mine and mine alone.
  • Timocracy - I stand for landlords' rights! It is heartbreaking seeing all this anti-landlord prejudice in our modern society.
  • Liberal Hawkism and NeoProgressive Hawkism - Nice to see some neocons that followed my way.
  • Centralism - With centralization I can make sure that no r*actionary n*tionalist c*mmie tr*ditionalists rule part of our country!
  • Voltairianism - The original state liberal. A supporter of the British system and constitution, a follower of Locke, an opponent of religious reactionaries and stupid mobs, and even a lover of Eastern culture, oh, you are the most based philosopher in the world.
  • Dictablanda - As a wholesome despot myself, I can ensure you that the use of authoritarian powers are compatible with LGBT, women's and minority rights.

Semi-Bigots Awaiting Re-education

  • Revolutionary Progressivism - The past must be destroyed. Socialism is cringe, you need to take your mandatory Supercapitalism course!
  • Third Way - Too regulatory and is not statist enough, but is neoliberal and hawkish, and both Blair and Clinton increased police power. If Thaksin had deregulated the economy a bit more and stopped the drug war, he would have been perfect and Trudeau is taking a step in the right direction.
  • Caesarism - You were based for your time, and although I see bisexuality as a degenerate heteronormative patriarchal sexuality masquerading as a part of the gay movement, I would still see them as infinitely better than st*aight "people" to be ruler, but all your leaders starting from Constantine are all homophobic Chr*stian reactionaries.
  • Progressivism - Progress is good, but you don't go far enough! How do you expect us to solve all of society's problems if old and bigoted norms still exist? EVERYTHING FROM THE PAST MUST GO!
  • Liberalism - WHY DO YOU HATE ME, GRANDPA? AND WHY ARE YOU DEMOCRATIC!?!? Besides that, I do like you, but dad is better tho.
  • Pink Capitalism - Basically me if I were anarchist, he cares almost as much as I about diversity and representation for those poor minorities as I do, but not enough to allow a mega-totalitarian state to enforce it. However, I have good reasons to believe that as he matures he will understand the reason behind my ways, and that writing call-out posts can only go so far, and besides, their ideologies focus on optics and looking good for outsiders could certainly be useful in allowing me to slowly infiltrate into d**ocracies and eventually take control once they realize it is much easier to simply publicly execute those for bad-speak rather than repeatedly trying to deplatform and ban those off social-media with bigoted opinions.
  • Agrarian Capitalism - You’re a capitalist, which means you have potential. But here are the problems: You tend to be too conservative, you hang around with brainless environmentalists, and many of your followers cannot effectively make massive profitable gains with such primitive techniques. But don’t you worry! We can fix all of those things! All we have to do is get you to some mandatory reeducation classes, and then merge your farm with other smaller ones to create one giant, economically sufficient factory farm! Trust me, it’ll be beautiful!
  • Multiculturalism - This is a great system, diversity is our strength after all. However, you're a bit problematic since you still allow different cultural values, which might not go in line with our correct liberal values, to exist.
  • Zionism - Israel is the only country in the Middle East with LGBT rights and you constantly defeat islamoreactionaries. You should ditch the idea of an ethnostate, though, it is kind of problematic. Shame your variants mostly suck: labor is commie, revisionist is social fascist, r*ligious obvious, Kahanism is like nazcap, but r*ligious.
  • Secular Satanism and Satanic Theocracy - Flirting with religion is always bad, even if it means epically owning those christchuds. I love the Anti-Christ too.
  • National Capitalism - I hate Nazis, but at least you like innovation, capitalism, and authoritarianism as much as I do! Oh, and thanks for the blueprints for those camps, will remember those for when I try to make my own for those genetically pure b*gots. But Seminole tribe in Florida is literally our synthesis.
  • Maoism - Filthy commie, but the Cultural Revolution was cool.
  • Hoxhaism - You're similiar to the guy above you. S*cialism and is*lationism are disgusting. But your cultural revolution, industrialization, embrace of women’s' rights, and anti-religious campaigns are all pretty awesome.
  • Neoliberalism - Capitalism and progress are good, but trying to brand yourself as "democratic" and "pro-free-speech" makes filthy Nazis and commies think they can have a free voice, which can make them take power. Also, you may deny it, but I am basically you when led to your logical conclusion and your eventual end goal.
  • Authoritarianism - You must get a bigger state, my friend. Every time a b*got has a chance to say bad-speak is a moment of failure. We must have the ability to protect all minorities and oppressed people (and those who don't identify as "people") from such hate.
  • Democratism - Keep up the good work and you'll become me in no time! May the Obama-Clinton-Kamala-Nancy dynasty rule forever! I especially like how you're raiding and suppressing Trump supporters.
  • Lulism I don't like socialism and anti-imperialism, but jailing homophobia and reactionary populists, implementing Keynesian economics is very based. you have a good relationship with Biden now, is very good.
  • Futurism - Erm sweetie we do not allow for sexism no matter how gay you are.
  • Soulism - Yes, we need to save those poor minorities from the oppressive hierarchies of nature. They shouldn't have to be bound by the shackles of truth, no, they are their own masters. Wait... you don't like capitalism or the state? And you believe that EVERYONE and not just minorities need to be freed? And that my concern for minorities is simply performative? *loads gun*
  • Neo-Marxism - Some good theories when it comes to social inequality. However, you're still a M*rxist and therefore an enemy of the state. Off to the reeducation camp with you.
  • Pinochetism - Good job at killing commies, but give reactionaries the ride too.
  • Fujimorism - You're like that previous guy, but even better due to being an ethnic minority. And Keiko is even better due to being female.
  • Mitsotakism - Privatizing Universities, legalizing LGBT couples and adoptions, wiretapping your s*cialist opponents, declining press freedom and harrasing journalists, violating privacy, using your police to enter university campuses and beat up protesters and not giving a fuck about train crashes and wildfires? Nice! D*mocracy, Envi*rnmentalism, C*nservatism, Pushing back refugges, N*tionalism and regulations against Big Tech? uncool! However, you are WAY bettter than your s*cialist predecessors and I hope that you will become more inclusive, globalist, autocratic and corporatocratic.
  • Lee Kuan-Yew Thought - You’re a conservative bigot, but what you did for the economy of Singapore was absolutely incredible and was a testament to the effectiveness of capitalism and despotism!
  • Landian Accelerationism - You're an absolute bigot, but your core ideas are not that bad. Accelerating techno-capitalism sounds great!
  • Eugenicism - You're a bigot as you believe in objective biology and influenced racism, but Margaret Sanger is great. And maybe I could use some of your knowledge for a future dysgenics project of mine...
  • Neoconservatism - Taking out reactionaries abroad and commies is great, but why are you ok with following that "tradition" crap at home? And we should sound less like the old-school colonizers. The almighty UN, not the US, is the champion of human rights and progress!
  • Neo-Libertarianism - At least you will be spared from the guillotine.
  • Social Hawkism - At least you will be spared from the chopper.
  • Caste System - Ew, a system practiced in a tr*ditionalist r*ligous society. Although, the fundamental ideas aren't actually that bad. I should create my own caste system based on economic prosperity and identity politics. Giving the rich, woke elite the power to subjugate the r*actionary w*rking class sounds awesome!
  • Leopold II Thought - You're a bigoted E*ropean who committed genocide and oppressed the people of Congo for white European interests rather than the interests of the world. However, your system of governance is excellent, and your use of colonialism, as well as expansionism in the third world, was truly remarkable. I wish a big size trans-mixed-race autocrat was to force those poor low-of-intellect minorities to be re-educated to see the light and embrace the true way away from their savage "traditions" and non-liberal tribalism and also use your "direct" methods more openly on the wh*tes in Europe for their inherent inferiority as a slave race for their corporate masters. That would be AWESOME! Europe shall be the new Congo Free State!
  • Trudeauism - Still one of my favorite current world leaders, and a proud leader of the great reset, but has kinda reduced his more amazing political ideals out of pragmatism. You had such a promise. You had a chance to create your own 3way autocracy, but you had to coward out and rid yourself of your emergency powers, so sad you did not become Thaksin 2.0 yet. At the very least you are great for "de-platforming" those b*gots for bad-speak but wearing blackface is very problematic. Invading the Wet'suwet'en native reserve was also based. Native people must be forced to embrace our progressive modern worldview and reject their unenlightened tribalist pagan past. Such non-liberal societies must be crushed at all costs since our ideology is objectively best for them as proven by The Experts™.
  • Juche - Okay, so socialism and conservatism are cringe. But you represent the big-size minority and your upcoming heir, Kim Ju-ae, is female, which is awesome! Is it true you smoke weed too!!!???
  • Enlightenment Thought - My ideological basis and great-great-grandfather. You have some really cool ideas, but they're WAY TOO MODERATE! Join me in the battle for modernization and progress.Voltaire is very based.
  • Neocameralism - Filthy, reactionary decentralization and liberty fan. However, your ideas regarding corporatocracy, monarch CEOs, and capitalism are great.
  • Jacobinism - The original progressive revolutionary. Let's defeat those traditions! And publicly execute those wrongthinkers who disagree with us! Why did you rally the people against the rich elite, though? The pl*bs should know their place. And trying to kill him for being an atheist is kind of cringe. Sending conservatives to the guillotine is something we should strive for in my ideal society, but socialism is shit, and don't get me started on populism.
  • Indigenism - What do you mean banning cultural appropriation of native iconography hasn't improved your well-being? As if I care. Still though, Christopher Columbus was a disgusting Italian racist bigot who deserves to have his statues forcibly removed! If I had a time machine I would make sure such a disgusting monster could never commit mass genocide towards your people, I would have made sure a big size, anti-theist, mixed-race, neurodivergent, nonbinary trans womyn did it instead.
  • Black Nationalism - Kicking out the racist whitey is based, but the homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and nationalism are not. Minority rights are good and all but not in any way that threatens my establishment. Also, race-mixing is mandatory, even if it means they are not "pure black".
  • World Federalism - Good ultra-globalism, but we need to be unitary instead of federal. That being said I love how you brand yourself and how you hide your true neo-colonial nature. Perhaps I might try to rebrand myself as this for furthering the state-liberal agenda worldwide!
  • Leninism - Cringy commie, but I rather like the internationalism, LGBT+ rights, and reactionary bashing. Also, NEP was somewhat cool...
  • Trotskyism - Another c*mmunist, at least this "permanent revolution" thing you are speaking of sounds cool. Maybe I'll do an international and permanent bourgeois revolution to rid the world of communism and reaction.
  • Acid Communism - YES! Both weed AND shrooms should TOTALLY be legal! But being a communist is ILLEGAL!!! And the punishment for being one is a helicopter ride!!!
  • Homofascism - Gay who wants to enforce mandatory homosexuality and removal of all st*agotts and those interested in the opposite sex, but also a disgusting m*le and a misogynistic Nazi scumbag? You'll live, but only barely... Off to the re-education and gender re-assignment camps!
  • Stransserism - Ah, yes Homofascism, nice to see the state-mandated gender transition went we-WAIT WHAT IN THE F*** HAPPENED TO YOU???
  • Feminism - Sorry, but I don't think we can be friends anymore since you are too moderate for my taste and want gender equality. You are also deeply problematic due to your self-internalized misogyny and focus on "equal rights" instead of embracing women's power. I prefer Matriarchy.
  • Social Authoritarianism - Economic leftism is cringe, also some of you tend to dislike the LGBTQQIP2SAAONPND+. Thaksin was mostly nice, though, shame Trudeau did not become like him yet.
  • Hive-Mind Collectivism - I support your social collectivism but everything else about you is cringe.
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - FALGS is great but c*mmunism... Seriously? Also, Luxuries and Automation are HECKING WHOLESOME! But only for the elite (the p**r will die out, leaving a society consisting only of robots and rich people).
  • Radical Feminism - Radical feminism is awesome but pornography and transgenderism are mandatory! Off to the gender transition camp!
  • Kraterocracy - Great views on the state and a fellow hater of low-class people. Your economics, while radical, is at least better than those of the c*mmies. However, you are still a bigot as you oppose affirmative action and don't want the rich elite to live a life in luxury. Also, ableism and fatphobia are NOT wholesome, chud.
  • Anarcho-Egoism - Yes r*ligion, g*nder and racism are spooks. But what do you mean property and capitalism are spooks? Also, you may not explicitly be an anarkiddy, but you inspired many of them. But I am self-serving like you, just in secret.
  • Anarcho-Naturism - You are a l*ftoid an*rchist who opposes my corporate society, but at least some of your followers want to live a promiscuous lifestyle ruled by hedonistic desires.
  • Anti-Fascism - I too hate f*scists and think that they need to be smashed. You have to let go of your leftism, though.
  • Machiavellianism - Using manipulation and disingenuous tactics to gain power is awesome; the end always justifies the means. There are, however, some things that the strive for power must NEVER trump: Progressivism, globalism, and capitalism. These are sacred and will be the pillars of the great world empire.
  • Illuminatism - A small group of elites controlling the planet that see everyone else as just tools? So based! But stop being so secretive, I need to know where you stand on the issues! And reli**on should never be tolerated, not even as a 'herd maneuver'! Other than that, you're great.
  • Falangism - Anti-communism, anti-democracy, race mixing, and totalitarianism are all great, but traditionalism, anti-liberalism, fascism, and syndicalism are not. Anyway, thank you for beating the republicans.
  • Totalitarian Democracy - Totalitarian? Awesome! Democracy? Awful!
  • Ranavalona I Thought - You're a Christophobic, black, autocratic, and militaristic ♀️Girl Boss♀️ and that's extremely AWESOME. However, you also cut your country's ties with the more progressive western world and strengthened the conservatives in your government.
  • Dengism - You're a self-proclaimed c*mmunist and hate western imperialism. Also, Xi is a n*zbol bigot. You did, however, open up the markets and use sweatshops to give the west cheap products. I also enjoy watching all the liveleak videos of your w*rkers and completely valid child laborers getting hurt; it makes me all warm and fuzzy.
  • Kakistocracy - Celebrating mental disabilities abilities and promoting neurodiversity as just a harmless difference not needed to be treated but accepted at all costs is a great way to defeat ableism. Making the population less intelligent will also lower the risk of a counter-revolution and can serve as useful idiot's neurodiverse individuals for my goals. However, your hatred of "nerds" and "cooties" is highly bigoted. Nerd culture is awesome, The Experts™ are always right, and womyn are the true masters, not m*n. Perhaps you need to go to some nice de-education to liberate your true neurodiversity so that you can do what the state demands.
  • Men's Liberation - Crypto-misogynist who believes that m*n need to be liberated and not punished for their inherent oppressive nature. Lifting weights is a sign of patriarchy. At least you oppose toxic and traditional masculinity and many vaguely support feminism. You should, however, stop acting like a femboy, it simply means you are a trans-egg in denial with major attractiveness privileges. Off to the mandatory gender reassignment camps!
  • Libertarian Feminism and Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - Capitalism, hyper-progressivism, and hedonism are all epic, but small government? Really?
  • Technoliberalism - Pro-science™, progressive, pro-tech, and capitalism? So epic! Envir*nmentalism, d*mocracy, and w*lfare? Cringe! I am the key to what you want! Embrace me already!
  • State Capitalism and Corporatism - Needs to be more progressive and embrace private, not state monopolies. At least you support a strong state.
  • Posadism - We're both hyper-progressive, hate environmentalism, and don't mind inflicting death and destruction as long as we reach our goals. Also, I would support the inclusion of the neglected Xeno race in my society. However, communism is still an awful idea that needs to be destroyed.
  • Jingoism - N*tionalism and X*nophobia are disgusting but I will take some notes from you for my foreign policy. Gotta eliminate and conquer all the bigoted zones in the world, no? At least we both oppose filthy p*cifits.
  • Objectivism - Fellow capitalist and member of anti-poor aktion. Homophobia, anti-statism, and internalized misogyny are awful, though. Your views on manifest destiny were based but why are you proud of whites being the ones who did it instead of heckin' valid neurodiverse, plus-sized mixed-race non-binary otherkiners? don't you know those """people""" brought all the problems of the modern world because of their evil cis-white-het-male civilization?
  • Thielism - Is gay, anti-environmentalist, and a billionaire, but you're also a c*nservative, n*tionalist and p*pulist.
  • Popperism - "The paradox of tolerance" is an AWESOME theory that I can use to justify my totalitarian rule! Wait, you don't actually support authoritarianism?
  • Khanism and Cyrus the Great thought - Fellow diversity-loving, globalizing empire-buildiers. But what is this "freedom of r*******" nonsense?

Bad-Speak Wrongthinkers

  • Traditionalism, Nationalism & Socialism - The trinity of evil. You must be defeated for my utopia to be realized.
  • Marxism - Literally the main inspiration for all the c*mmies. Die!
  • Conservatism - Tr*dition doesn't matter lol. The guillotine is where you will go :)
  • Anarcho-Communism - What do you mean dictators aren't any better when they're female? How DARE you call me fake woke, you anti-state leftoid!
  • Anarchism - The Experts™ have fact-checked your claim that "the state is evil" and have concluded that it is false. You are to be sentenced to a mandatory reeducation course for spreading disinformation. In case the course fails, you will be publicly executed.
  • Anarcha-Feminism - You are a dumbass anarchist who likes to pretend to be a feminist. Don’t you realize that you need a STRONG state in order to destroy misogyny!? And you call me a fake feminist!? Bitch, under my plan Starbucks will offer a free abortion with the purchase of 5 grande coffees, paid for by a tax levied against anyone who utters misogynistic ideas.
  • Insurrectionary Anarchism - Another an**chist? When will you learn that.. DID YOU JUST BLOW UP MY GAY BAR?!! PREPARE TO DIE!!!
  • Nazism - Literally H*tler !!!
  • National Bolshevism - Literally a proud Commie-Nazi. How disgusting and bigoted! How could this get any worse? I will have you know that my identity as an attack helicopter is not "degenerate" and is both based and totally valid in that I will get to throw commie chuds like you off of them!
  • Strasserism - Aren't you Nazbol again?
  • National Agrarianism - A bigoted fascist hick. I’m destroying your farm and turning it into a racially inclusive safe space complete with a fully staffed abortion clinic, heroin dispenser, and shopping center all overprised.
  • Esoteric Fascism - P*gan N*zi scumbag and member of the inferior wh*te slave race. You should stop resisting Big Pharma and just take your pills.
  • Fascism - Is this some kind of joke? I mean, you can't be serious when you say that "supercapitalism" is something bad. It is LITERALLY a dream come true.
  • Anarcho-Fascism - Because normal fascism wasn't bad enough... I hate you with every fiber of my body!
  • National Democracy - Revolting homophobic, transphobic garbage! Loves "democracy", loves "nationalism", hates gays. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!!!
  • Apoliticism - Crypto-reactionary who tries to hide his beliefs behind a mask of neutrality. You are either with us or against us. We will grill you if it's the latter.
  • Radical Centrism - Yet another crypto-reactionary that has to go. Still has more guts than the above one, I will give him that.
  • Barracks Communism - Ah, Barack Obama, my favori... WHAT'S THIS? ULTRA-COLLECTIVIST MARXISM?!?
  • Situationism - You realize that capitalism is about brand worship and excessive consumption, and you think it's a bad thing!?
  • Syndicalism - These pl*bs really don't like my rule, huh?! That's it, I'm sending my Queer, Black Police forces to you!
  • National Syndicalism - Pl*bs are complaining about internationalism now?
  • Post-Colonial Anarchism - An an*rchist that tries to resist my glorious one-world empire. I've come to liberate them and show them the light and this is how they treat me?
  • Progressive Conservatism - How dare you to carry the name of progress, you reactionary bigot? Conservatism in all its forms, no matter how moderate it may be, is still a bigoted and anti-liberal ideology.
  • Liberal Conservatism - Same goes for you, you moron!!!
  • Ethnopluralism - Your nation is not your own; it is a home for everyone, especially minorities. The mixing of different people and increase in diversity WILL destroy your culture and traditions, and that's a good thing.
  • Anarcho-Pacifism - An*rchist and anti-war? Ew.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - Goes against all my values. At least is also against all c*nservative values.
  • Patriotism - Wait, you like your nation? How bigoted.
  • Ultranationalism - Literally the above guy again!
  • Anti-Authoritarianism - WDYM Woke Authoritarianism isn't Wholesome 100??!! To the re-education camps you go!
  • Piratism and Civil Libertarianism - Letting Reactionary Nazi-Commies speak out and opposing monopolies on intellectual property? Not on my watch!
  • Reactionary Libertarianism -, Fake capitalist, we need a centralized woke autocracy.
  • National Libertarianism - Same with you.
  • Fourth Theory - I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer.
  • Religion - Get ready for the bullet, bigot.
  • Religious Socialism - A r*ligious s*cialist who can't see that greed is a virtue. Greed breeds innovation and gives the rich the money that they rightfully deserve.
  • Maoism–Third Worldism - You act like me giving children work through sweatshops is a bad thing. They get money and I get cheap consumer products. Everyone wins.
  • Distributism - Decentralization and christianity? Absolutely vile.And yes, I’m destroying your family values, so what?
  • Welfarism - Why waste money on the p**r when we can let them die out and spend money on Pride parades and the Military-Industrial Complex instead?
  • Islamic Democracy and Christian Democracy - No elections, no f*iths.
  • Anti-Atlanticism - *bombs the house of anti-Atlanticists*
  • National Anarchism - Reactionaryism, socialism, and anarchism? Sums up our enemy.
  • Lys Noir - How is it possible to be worse than the last guy?
  • Anarcho-Monarchism - Another disgusting reactionary anarchist!!!
  • Odalism - What is this abomination?
  • Democracy - What if people vote against progress, statism, and capitalism?
  • Gift Economy - Did you just say "Merry Chr*stmas"? Why would I celebrate such an archaic r*ligious holiday? Philanthropy is just a s*cialist dog whistle anyway.
  • Bull Moose Progressivism - You call yourself a progressive, yet you're a n*tionalist, r*gulationist and env*ronmentalist. Curious. But I do agree that progress needs imperialism.
  • Social Darwinism - Eugenicism but worse.
  • Libertarian Conservatism - Sm*ll government AND cultural c*ns*rv*t*sm? EWW! BIGOT!
  • Libertarianism - Small g*vernment like the above? Ew! You are just a crypto-c*nservative BTW!
  • Social Libertarianism - And now you also support W*lfare!!?! *Vomits*
  • National Liberalism - You're a liberal but you aren't progressive and statist enough! And n*tionalism makes you even worse.
  • Conservative Liberalism - Like the above but with c*nservatism.
  • Pragerism - Your repulsive,backward,bigoted "university" will be shut down! PREPARE TO BE BEATEN TO DEATH WITH A BASEBALL BAT AND SET ON FIRE, BIGOT!!!!
  • Reactionary Liberalism - WHAT THE HELL!!!???
  • Reactionary Socialism - Socialism? Feudalism? Radical tr*ditionalism? I HATE YOU! And you actually kinda scare me, to be honest.
  • Democratic Socialism - Yeah, I'll overthrow your government with my queer Afro-Latinx dictator. And?
  • Social Democracy - I don't care if you're not the guy above, I'll do the same to you.
  • Paternalistic Conservatism and Welfare Chauvinism - Even worse than the previous guy! Social fascist scum!
  • Nordic Model - Welfare and labour rights? Ew. Countries with a large wh*te population? EW! Sweden also has one of the harshest drug laws in Europe and a state-owned monopoly of alcohol, like, could you at least pretend to not be a reactionary socialist? And it's not like the other countries are much better. Denmark is an anti-immigrant, racist hellhole and Iceland likes to protect its traditions and culture.
  • Alter-Globalism - Anti-imperialist leftists with hatred for economic globalization has to be one of the worst things in the world.
  • Socialism of the 21st Century, Neozapatismo and Chavismo - Same as above. Can't you see that monopoly capitalism breeds Progress???
    • 'And what progress you achieved? Nothing! Capitalism only breed Reactionary! even the Lenin was a progressive socialist who beat up Reactionary Capitalist Tsar Russia! *all three laugh*
  • Mercantilism - The entire thing was done by white Christian men. Such an unenlightened time. Anti-theist queer POC non-binary colonizers would've been a preferable alternative. Also, free trade is good.
  • Korwinism - Reactionary, anti-statist and misogynist scumbag! Good economic takes at least
  • Khomeinism - You're a reactionary and theocratic misogynist! I will kick your ass sooner than later!
  • Jihadism - You are the same as above, but worse! Here's why I don't let people read Quran and convert to Islam, It's brainwashing and cringe!
  • Hindutva - You're another reactionary theocrat. All religions are equal in my eyes, THEY ARE ALL REACTIONARY AND THEY ARE ALL BANNED! You are a perfect reason why woke imperialism is needed!
  • Integralism - Filthy reactionary, misogynistic, theocrat!
  • Christian Theocracy - Christianity has always been a bigoted, homophobic religion! If only I could make a trans-affirming and race-reversed version of Christian Identitarianism.
  • Islamic Theocracy - Misogynistic, homophobic slime that won’t let me eat my pulled pork sandwich! My non-binary executioners will take your head and your oil!
  • Longism - "Every man a king?" Makes me want to barf! And you're a socialist too!
  • Conservative Socialism - Ordinary example of rabble-traditionalism.
  • Communalism - SHARING?!!? That's a Commie dog whistle!!!
  • Agrarian Socialism - Yes, I am a bourgeois city-dweller. What about it, bigot? Oh, and also, I don't care if my factories happen to poison the water supply of your collective farm.
  • Conservative Feminism & Maternalism - You're not real feminists, you're redneck trad-wife who want to promote the reactionary patriarchy. I will kick you out of the kitchen and replace you with nonbinaries!
  • Marxist Feminism -The same as above, you are a collective farm-woman.
  • Religious Feminism -And you are a dirty Nun.
  • Marxism–Leninism - C*mmie scum.
  • Reactionaryism - R*actionary scum.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - Just a commie chauvinist. Yes, I will erase your nation in favor of capitalist globalism.
  • Ergatocracy -Dirty w*rkers! There will be no need for you when in our capitalist state all labor is automated; the proletariat will disappear as a class.
  • Environmentalism - How dare you to accuse me of being anti-Science™? I don't deny climate change, I embrace it.
  • Radical Environmentalism - Environmentalism is bad enough, but this is just awful. Yes, my factories destroy the surrounding nature and, no, I don't have any "green regulations" in place, but I have a good reason for that: It would hurt the economy and slow down climate progress.
  • Eco-Fascism - Yes, I'll change the natural environment of your country and flood it with climate refugees. Thanks for reminding me, yet again, why we need climate progress.
  • National Primitivism - You too.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - Why would someone support this??
  • Manosphere - You are under arrest for making anti-matriarchial remarks online. You have 3 options: 1) Confess your wrongdoings and make a public apology; 2) Attend your mandatory Matriarchy course; or 3) GET IN THE HELICOPTER.
  • White Nationalism - You are under arrest for making racist remarks online. You have 3 options: 1) Confess your wrongdoings and make a public apology; 2) Attend your mandatory diversity course; or 3) GET IN THE HELICOPTER.
  • Paleoconservatism - 1) I'm not a "Cultural M*rxist". 2) What's wrong with making frogs gay? 3) You are under arrest and have to either a) attend your mandatory matriarchy and diversity courses or b) GET IN THE HELICOPTER.
  • Paleolibertarianism - You're just like the garbage above you. Bigots get the death penalty!!!
  • Racial Nationalism and Ethnonationalism - Race mixing is mandatory.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Fake Capitalist!
  • Hoppeanism - Fake capitalist AND traditionalist racist to boot?! *vomits* TRY TO PHYSICALLY REMOVE ME YOU SCUM, I DARE YOU!!!
  • Avaritionism - How is this even supposed to work?
    • If you support the lower strata then you are a commie, aren't you just him.
  • Satirism - You are under arrest for repeatedly mocking every protected group in my book. You must apologize to everyone you demonized buster, and I mean EVERYONE! Then MAYBE I will let you go if I can remove your voice box and ban you from public life forever.
  • Populism - Anti-elitist scum.
  • Left-Wing Populism - B**nie.
  • Right-Wing Populism - L**baugh.
  • Isolationism - Open the door or I'm gonna throw rainbow rocks through your window, you anti-internationalist scum.
  • Anarcho-Conservatism - Almost the literal opposite of me, only beaten by NatAn. Shame! Off to the non-binary firing squad for you.
  • Religious Anarchism -Same as above. I will destroy your religious communes, bigot.
  • Synthesis Anarchism - My other opposite that's literally schizophrenic. And when I say schizophrenic; I said it to describe the ideology and NOT as an ableist slur.
  • Pol Potism - C*mmie, Reactionary and Anti-Science™. Ultra yikes
  • Gerontocracy - Your beliefs are outdated, you must go to the euthanasia booth. But Klaus Schwab is based. Also, I can spend nothing on pensions and can spend more on business subsidies
  • Alt-Lite and Alt-Right - Your SJW cringe compilations are taken down. Reason: being a SJW is both awesome and mandatory.
  • Eco-Conservatism and Eco-Nationalism - You are slowpoke both culturally and ecologically. Let me cut down a forest to build a giant polluting gay bar.
  • Eco-Socialism and Libertarian Municipalism - And you are slowpoke both economically and ecologically. Let me exploit workers to make the giant polluting gay bar.
  • Green Liberalism and Eco-Capitalism - And you are slowpoke only ecologically. You can join that gay bar or take re-education camps to get back to the present.
  • Primalism - You're not just a slowpoke, you're a literal animal! Stop screeching homophobically about my hecking wholesome giant polluting gay bar or I'll turn you into Meat Product™ for myself!
  • Radical Apoliticism - Why do you hate politics so much??
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - You have a strong state for the completely wrong reasons. It's bullet time!
  • National Conservatism - Look up above, sweety.
  • Homoconservatism - Excuse me!? How dare you say that I'm not a real fighter for the LGBTQ community!? You are a fake LGBTQ supporter and dirty conservative bigot under the mask. Get your ass to the re-education camp!
  • Cosmicism - While your love for atheism and science and anti-democracy is fascinating, you are still an anti-progressive bigot and also H. P. Lovecraft was extremely r*cist.
  • Agorism - You are under arrest for smuggling bibles.
  • Illegalism - You may be gay but going against the State and Corporations means instant death.
  • Feudalism - The enlightened and woke bourgeoisie shall overthrow your reactionary and backwards world!
  • Counter-Enlightenment - Why do you hate the light so much? Have you got any idea what you're d-ACK!
  • Reactionary Modernism - That's not what science is for, chud! Take your meds!

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  1. Trudeau's persecution of critics, further centralization of political power, use of military might to crack down on protests, sympathy for the Chinese government, and censorship of freedom of expression (i.e. laws against hate speech and misgendering) reveal authoritarian tendencies. Contrastingly, Trudeau argues that he and the Liberal Party are embodying the people's will.
  2. Justin Trudeau is rhetorically comparable to Bernie Sanders, but his actual policies are closer to Third Way advocates like Tony Blair.
  3. Trudeau's use of military action to bust a wildcat strike (the trucker's convoy in 2022) can be seen as an act of strike busting.
  1. Based on the idea that the rich elite can support very progressive political opinions as they aren't as affected by their outcome.
  2. Wealthy elderly people who have bodies of black people, initially claiming to be anti-racist, even attracting a lesbian black woman and trying to appear inclusive to their victims, as in the case of Logan King.
  3. The ‘Indigenous voice for Parliament’ was accused of being this.
  4. [1],
  5. Whilst initially considered a "conservative", President Jiang Zemin and Premier Zhu Rongji initiated the broadest privatization and deregulation of China's economy in history. They also decriminalized homosexuality, persecuted Confucian and religious movements like Falun Gong and Eastern Lightning, and did nothing about the tremendous rise of prostitution and drug usage.