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Class Dealignment, shortened to DeClass, is an economically centrist ideology. He believes that measures should be taken to end the stratification of politics by class, as members of society will be biased due to their economic position - the rich tend to be capitalist and the poor tend to be socialist. Bias should be avoided were possible, so therefore parties should always take an economic middle ground, and differentiate themselves with cultural policy instead.


DeClass is often seen as a pretentious ideology, as his views on bias can come off as assumptive. While he does get along with some centrist ideologies, most left and right wing ideologies see him as an ignorant idiot who is trying to be too clever for his own good.

How to Draw

Flag of Class Dealignment
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Draw the outline of seven petals, starting with one between the eyes and carrying round in a circle from the right eye in this order of colours: Green, Tan, Maroon, Blue, Light Orange, Storm Grey, Mauve.
  3. Draw in the eyes.



  • Moderatism - He has a passion for compromise.
  • Horseshoe Centrism - As long as we're sticking to the middle of the horseshoe, it doesn't matter what happens at the other ends.
  • Apoliticism - Naturally de-aligned ball.
  •  Religious Rejectionism - Same again, but with built-in cultural variation.
  • Social Liberalism - I admire your ways of avoiding class conflict.
  • Radical Centrism - I like your style.
  • Corporatism & State Capitalism - Centrist economics gang!
  • Khomeinism - Best Islamic ideology. But I don't hate economics as a whole, I just hate economic extremism
  • Esoteric Fascism - Lunatic junkie, but hey - he against any economic system controlled by humans, and mostly pro pagan "gods" (through AI vessels?) controlling entire society with economics! Please, go away from me, you junkie freak!

Centrists that could be won over

  • Dead Centrism - Correct approach on one axis, but a bit restrictive on the other.
  • Anti-Radicalism - No economic radicalism is good, though I wouldn't be against a bit of a cultural shakeup.
  •  Third Way - The cultural variation is good, but there might be a bit too much wiggle room economically. 
  • Liberalism - Possibly an ally, but a bit too vague to be sure.
  • Social Democracy - You're usually pretty okay, but your more leftist fans can be kinda annoying.

Economic extremists, the enemy of everything DeClass stands for

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Class Dealignment