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"[In] the mosque, when the call for prayer is sounded and worshippers are gathered together, the democracy of Islam is embodied five times a day when the peasant and king kneel side by side and proclaim: 'God Alone is Great.'"

Islamic Democracy, (also known as Islamic Modernism, Islamic Liberalism, or Moderate Islamism) is an ideology that attempts to adapt the principles of the Quran with liberal ideas. Whilst believing that Islam is the correct religion, he also believes it must adapt to modern times, and adapt liberal western ideas like democracy, human rights, pluralism, and the rule of law. He forms a middle position between Secularism and Islamic Theocracy, believing that Islam should still have an active role in the state and society but that the state should also be democratic and shouldn't impose strict sharia. He aspires to be seen as the Muslim equivalent to Christian Democracy.


In the 19th century Nahda, intellectuals like Muhammed Abduh tried to combine Islam with liberal values. This line of thought led to the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood under Hasan Al-Banna in 1928.

For the next few decades, Islamic Democracy was eclipsed by rival ideologies like Ba'athism and Marxism-Leninism, but became more popular in the 1970s due to a collapse in faith in the ability of Ba'athism to defeat Zionism, as well as American support to counter communism.

He initially played a role in the 1979 Iranian Revolution, but was betrayed by Khomeinism for being too liberal.

Since then he has come to prominence in many countries such as Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Morocco, and Tunisia. He initially rose in power in Egypt after the 2011 Arab Spring, but was then overthrown in a coup in 2013.

Islamic Democracy has been accused of being a tactic of Islamic Theocracy to deceive secularists and liberals in order to win elections, and then to Islamify the state either quickly over a few years or gradually over many years. An example of this is in Turkey, where throughout the 00s the 'Turkish Model' was cited as an example for how political Islam could be compatible with democracy, however, starting in 2008 and culminating in the authoritarian response to the 2016 coup, the Turkish AKP has become more extreme and authoritarian. It was also used in Iran where liberals and leftists were tricked by Khomeinism into believing he wanted democracy, but then he quickly moved to suppress them.

Of course, Khomeini believed in a democratic theocracy and considered the people's vote as the basis of the Islamic Republic, although the Guardian Council limits and controls election candidates, but it can be called an Islamic theocratic democracy, which is against liberal democracy and monarchism. Of course, in Iran, the reformist wing of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was an Islamic democracy, is now trending toward Islamic liberalism and the cultural center, and some reformers are also a type of Islamic social democracy, which are in the minority, and all of this is with the theocracy part of the system. Iran is in conflict.





Daljirism is based on the ideology of the Daljir Party in Somalia and its members such as businessman Kawaii UwU Ali Moalim Mohamed, minister of internal security Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, among others. The party's ideals are based on economic liberation and a safe environment for investments with some regulation, a conservative democracy, rejection of revolutionary movements and Islamic extremists, revitalization of education systems, stability and peace, law and cooperation with women for reconstruction. . of Somalia, religious pluralism and tolerance, cultural liberalism, civil liberties.

Many accuse the party of being anti-Ethiopian because they say the Somali crisis is Ethiopia's fault. Also known for its participation in the media and for female leaders.




Islamic Democracy is a more moderate version of Islamic Theocracy, largely hangs out with his Christian counterpart. He hates being associated with Jihadism and Islamic Fascism. He is also easily fooled by Islamic Theocracy pretending to be him.

How to Draw

Flag of Islamic Democracy
  1. Draw a light orange ball
  2. Draw a deeper orange crescent moon and star symbol
  3. Draw eyes
  4. Done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Yellowish-Orange #FCC52B 252, 197, 43
Orange #FC8922 252, 137, 34



  • Pancasila - My Indonesian Muslim brother. Although you were authoritarian in the 20th century.
  • Syrian National Army - My counterpart in north of Syria. We work together to take down the Assadist menace.
  • Progressive Conservatism - Just because I like Muslim values does not mean I fully reject modernity.
  • Bundism - See, Ziotards? Besides Muslims, Jews can also despise Zionism. That's why being an anti-Zionist doesn't automatically mean hating on Jews.
  • Doorism - Muslim and Anti-Prohibition. Based!


  • Neoconservatism - Supported Me in Afghanistan and Bosnia, but Hated Me in Iran, and in Pakistan I became his ally in 2004 but I was closer to China, also I won't forgive you for what you did in Iraq and Libya, you didn't spread me there,you just ruined these countries, also let's not forget how you are funding Him
  • Kemalism - Great how you fought off imperialism and made an Islamic country respected internationally, but why are you ashamed of being Muslim? Latinizing the Turkish alphabet, restricting the hijab, making Hagia Sophia a museum, abolishing the caliphate? Not a fan. Also, stop trying to ban me again and again and again... At least Kılıçdaroğlu is a proud Alevi.
  • Islamic Theocracy - We are both Muslims, but you're going a little bit too far. It's not the 7th century anymore! Islam needs to adapt to stay relevant! AND STOP TRYING TO INFILTRATE ME!
    • - Isn't Islam supposed to be eternal?
  • Liberalism - I support your basic political ideas, but don't like your views on social issues. Also, surely the liberal ideas of pluralism and individual rights give the right to be a devout Muslim, right?
    • - Yes
  • Neo-Ottomanism - I thought that you had proved that open Islam could be compatible with democracy. The Turkish Model looked based at the start. But your coalition with the MHP and advocacy of outdated Ottoman values does undermine the idea that liberal democracy is compatible with Islamic belief.
  • Democratic Confederalism - Our relationship is complicated to say the least. You want to succeed from the Free Syria to form your own nation that does not exactly align with my ideology. But we have worked together in the past to fight outside tyrants and some of my supporters also formed the SDF with you and still work with you till this day. (Still kinda happy Neo-Ottomanism helped me invade you though.)
  • Dawronoye - He claims to be a part of the Anti-Assad Opposition, but outside of a few of my Pro-SDF/YPG splinters, he tends to be somewhat of an outsider, he also has problems with Turkish Allied Rebel Factions and is alright with compromising with Ba'athism if it means ensuring peace which is kinda cringe betrayal.
  • Progressivism - Appreciate the support, but religion is still an important thing in our lives.
  • Khomeinism - Fellow Muslim brother from Iran, just don't go any furth- nevermind... Still, your reformist wing is cool.
  • Christian Democracy - We both believe in the same God and also want to use religion as a guiding force within liberal democracy. Based! Isa Masih wasn't God's son though.
  • Jihadist Democracy - A militant version of me similar to terrorist Jihadism. But at least Bosnian counterparts is good.
  • Prohibitionism - Yes, alcohol is haram, but you are too extreme. Maybe ban alcohol for Muslims only?


  • Laicism - You're not a liberal, or even secular, liberalism allows for open religious expression!
  • Jihadism - You give Islam a bad name!
  • Turkish Idealism - You too, stop trying to corrupt Erdoğan further!
  • State Atheism - Enemy of Islam, we will defend the faith and destroy you, infidels!
  • Marxism–Leninism - You do not belong in!
  • Zionism - Free Palestine! And stop saying I hate Jews.
  • Ba'athism - GODLESS TYRANT! The free Syrian army will free Syria from its shackles!
  • Dengism - Maniac who is killing Uyghurs.
  • Chen Quanguo - The actual maniac killing Uyghurs.

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  1. Some islamic democratic parties are included within Christian Democratic internationales. Such as the Turkish AKP and the Bosnian SDA.