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Democratism redirects here. For the ideology that advocates for a political system based on voting, see Democracy

"You can't love your country only when you win."

Big Tent Liberalism, also known as Syncretic Liberalism, is a political ideology that seeks to incorporate elements of various types of liberalism to accommodate a common goal.


Czech Republic

ANO 2011 (YES 2011 in Czech) is a Czech populist political party founded in 2011 by Andrej Babiš, owner of the Agrofert company. The goals of the party were to fight corruption and other discontents in political life. In general, the party does not adhere to any specific ideology but uses public dissatisfaction with the series of political scandals in the Czech Republic.

The party advocates, in particular, for the abolition of parliamentary immunity, reduction of taxes for entrepreneurs, reduction of electricity tariffs, and assistance in the employment of people of pre-retirement age and the disabled. The party also seeks to clean the police, prosecutors and state oversight bodies of political figures and intends to double the funding for science.


The Indian National Congress is a big-tent party that many consider responsible for the foundation of modern India. It was founded in 1885 and had the end goal of peacefully obtaining independence from the British Empire. After India obtained independence in 1947, INC held power uninterrupted until 1977. Compared to most big tent liberal parties, INC is more left-leaning, with its members including democratic socialists, social authoritarians (historically), social liberals, and social democrats, with its' rightmost members being close to Third Way. While the INC is a big-tent party, the key values that are shared by all its members remained consistent from its founding to the modern day, such as civic nationalism, federalism, separation of church and state, support for the welfare state, and an independent foreign policy, with Nehru-era India being one of the founders of the non-aligned movement.





United Kingdom


United States

Logo of Democratic Party (old)

Big Tent Liberalism in the United States is found in the modern Democratic Party.

The early version of the Democratic party spun off from the Democratic-Republican Party, founded by Thomas Jefferson, which split over the choice of who would succeed president James Monroe. The Democratic Party was founded by Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren, both of whom supported Jeffersonian principles. Its original rival, the American System, went bust over the issue of slavery in the 1850s. In 1854, anti-slavery Democrats left the party and joined with some anti-slavery Whigs to form their fiercest rival, the Republicans.

Up to this point, Democrats supported state sovereignty and slavery, while opposing banks. Following the Civil War, that all changed when Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected into the presidency in 1932, came forth with a wealth of government programs called the New Deal. New Deal liberalism meant the regulation of business and the promotion of labour unions, as well as federal spending to aid the unemployed, help distressed farmers and undertake large-scale public works projects. The opponents to the new deal started calling themselves " Conservatives".

Until the 1980s, the Democrats were divided between two factions: liberals in the North, and conservatives in the South. After Roosevelt's death, these already quite opposing groups grew even more polarized. This eventually led to most conservatives jumping ship to the Republican Party, thanks in part to the Southern strategy, a republican electoral strategy to increase their white voter base by promoting conservative ideas such as hawkish defence policy and adherence to traditional values.

In modern times, the Democratic Party still remains with Social Liberalism, with some more leftist factions within it. Their most recent victory was the election of Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States in 2020.


Stylistic Notes

Big Tent Liberalism always has a tent following him around wherever he goes. The tent does not need support to stand up and can be as big as Big Tent Liberalism wants it to be. Inside the tent are many amenities for the ideologies within it, like food and bathrooms.

How to Draw

Flag of Big Tent Liberalism

Drawing Big Tent Liberalism is quite simple:

  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with Payne's grey.
  3. Draw a white liberalism symbol (a circle and 5 white lines going through to about halfway, all coming from the bottom left of the circle, the same color as the ball's body).
  4. Add eyes and color them light cyan.
  5. Draw a tent outline with phthalo blue, first drawing the top of the tent and then the bottom.
  6. Color the top of the tent with Saint Patrick blue.
  7. Color the inside of the tent Oxford blue.
  8. Done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Payne's Grey #404040 64, 64, 64
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Light Cyan #CDFFFF 205, 255, 255
Phthalo Blue #00137F 0, 19, 127
Saint Patrick blue #24317C 36, 49, 124
Oxford blue #12183D 18, 24, 61



  • Liberalism - I owe you everything, you conceived the system that sustains each one of us and you continued your father's legacy with honor.
  • Social Liberalism - The main faction of the Democratic party now.
  • Radicalism - A more old-school version of soclib.
  • Third Way - Fellow liberal who loves to compromise on issues.
  • Social Democracy - Nice guy, we get along for the most part (but seriously, chill it with those socialist measures, healthcare is enough).
  • Liberal Internationalism - Good job spreading liberalism worldwide.
  • Civil Liberalism - Awesome philosophy!
  • Progressivism - We are inseparable from our conception, I'll never leave you. IGNORE THEM .
  • Progressive Conservatism - Even though I have some doubts about your ideas, many of my fellow liberals and supporters of my cause have embraced you, so I can't help but welcome you with open arms.
  • Liberal Feminism - You are one dynamite gal!
  • Pink Liberalism & Pink Democratism - Liberalism and progressivism, as it should be!
  • Green Liberalism - The environment is important too! (but damn, stop being so anti-nuclear).
  • Technoliberalism - My best pal!
  • Neoliberalism - The key to peace, prosperity, and success!
  • Ordo-Liberalism - Old version of the above, but with a more anti-monopolic, regulationist, and balanced position.
  • Classical Liberalism - The oldest member of our dynasty.
  • Georgism - A bit extreme in his proposals, but he has given valuable insights into our movement and the sole idea of LVT has been supported by liberals of all types.
  • Islamic Liberalism & Christian Liberalism - God is a liberal.
  • Liberaltarianism - Good mix, you really combine the best of liberalism and libertarianism. BUT INBREEDING??? IN MY FAMILY??? SERIOUSLY?????
  • La Plaineism - My old predecessor, who fought for compromise and rationality in the French Revolution.
  • Radical Centrism - Ah, I feel like I'm looking in a mirror.
  • Civic Nationalism - How nationalists should be!
  • Nordic Model - A fellow liberal and one of the most successful members of our bloodline.
  • Democratism - My main ally in the land of the free and a helpful compatriot in taking him down.
  • Wilsonianism - One of the best presidents of America! (but you had some very dubious takes on race and nationality).
  • Rockefeller Republicanism - A respectable conservative and pragmatist in both economic and cultural sense, understanding the importance of progress without dishonoring traditions.


  • Right-Liberalism - I must say, some of you alarm me and hold pretty strange opinions, but aside from that we are fine.
  • Left-Liberalism - I can work well with some of your proponents, but others make me doubt a bit.
  • Right-Libertarianism & Left-Libertarianism - Liberals, not libertarians! But as much as I try to break away from you, we are intrinsically linked and I guess some members of your family are decent.
  • Liberal Conservatism - A little conservative, can be a viable strategy (you are pushing it though).
  • Conservative Liberalism - Like above but more likely to hang out with hijackers.
  • National Liberalism - I don't know you seem to be a bit bigoted, but DPP and Ciudadanos are pretty cool.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - The black sheep of the family and a walking contradiction. I guess if times are extreme, I could turn to you as a last resource, but please drop that schizophrenic reactionary bullshit and become a real liberal.
  • American Model - I am the key to your success. You need me, stop listening to them.
  • Jeffersonian Democracy & Jacksonian Democracy - Thanks for starting this, but times change! And you two had some... questionable opinions, to say the least.
  • Girondism - I have my doubts, some of my peers like you, others don't. I prefer him honestly.
  • Pinochetism - I accept the economic part, but this is terrifying. How are you considered a liberal in any sense?
  • State Liberalism - You really scare me...
  • Neoconservatism - In the West, I am usually for defending The Free World, but not everybody in my club is a fan of interventionism, and INC wants straight-up neutrality, also also, stop framing PO as an Russian asset party, PIS.
  • Left-Wing Populism - We have a lot of you among us but when I look at you, I am a bit skeptical.
  • Ricardian Socialism - You're on thin ice, buddy, but some of you are tolerable.
  • Dead Centrism - I like moderatism, but you take it too far, which defeats the point of moderatism. Also, we should incorporate ideas from both sides, not just go directly between all of them.
  • Phillipsism - I like you, but you might just be hindering us…
  • Ismism - Neoliberalism, please call Pinochet, I think we're going to have to throw this one out.


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