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    "The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don't ask for their love; only for their fear."

    Esoteric Fascism, also known as Esoteric Nazism is a culturally far-right, very spiritualistic and totalitarian ideology that is the child of Fascism. He is notable for viewing Nazism in a way which is mystical and/or spiritual, although the specifics vary depending on which form of spirituality Esofash adopts within a context. EsoFash usually practices Paganism, Gnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any combination of the four. (With a heavy dose of Theosophic Mysticism) Nonetheless, he tends to be sceptical of Christianity (except for Gnostic variants like Catharism and other esoteric forms of christianity like mormonism), believing the Aryan race to be descended from Gods or Extraterrestrials and viewing Adolf Hitler as a literal reincarnation of a god. (Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism, is said to purge the impure from the Earth.)

    Often overlaps with beliefs in "Nazi Super Science" like Reichsflugscheiben.


    Esoteric Fascism has roots in the 1920s, where the Schutzstaffel paramilitary organization was created by Adolf Hitler.



    Himmlerism is based on the political and esoteric views of Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler, also head of the German police, director of the Reich Central Security Office, Reichsminister, Reichsleiter, responsible for the Einsatzgruppen, Allgemeine SS, leader of the Waffen-SS and Schutzstaffel. He was the main architect of the Holocaust, in which he built and controlled several concentration camps, ordered the killing of 6 million Jews and also created cults with SS members and inspired several camp controllers, in addition to having led Lebensborn, a program to increase of motherhood.

    • Participation in the Holocaust: One of the main actions took place after the death of Reinhard Heydrich, in which Himmler along with Hitler decided to avenge his death, then arrested 13,000 people and destroyed the village of Lidice and killed all the inhabitants from Ležáky and later built camps honoring Heydrich. The camp under his administration had executions of Jews by gas, shooting and insecticide, one of the cases being when Himmler watched the execution of 100 Jews by shooting or when he visited Sobibor at the time when 250,000 people died. He also enlarged the Auschwitz camp and was responsible for the death of 5.5-6 million Jews, being one of the architects of the holocaust, along with Hitler and Heydrich (when alive), in which they had plans to kill all the gypsies and kill the Polish intellectuals to promote the Nordic Upper Aryan race through eugenics.
    • Mysticism and Occultism in the SS: He led mystical and pagan cults in the SS, in which he rejected Christianity and used a Teutonic Knights-style order and rejected humanism and the concept of marriage. Use of symbols such as SS lightning, skull rings, Totenkopf, Armanen runes and the Black Sun.
    • Lebensborn: Lebensborn was a program directed by Himmler to increase the birth rate, in which he made "Aryan" women relate to members of the SS, winning awards for doing so. There were rape accusations and an increase in orphans and single mothers, in addition to some rape accusations, so much so that he even ordered child kidnapping, and after the war, several Lebensborn children were subpoenaed, raped and persecuted by Norway, in addition to trying to testify to other countries.

    He committed suicide after being caught by British forces in 1945.


    ZIGMA-ism is an ideology that is based on the philosophical views of Haku Zynkyoku, who became a meme for the phrase "The Jews Fear The Samurai". ZIGMA-ism preaches a fight against what it calls CAM (Christ-Abyss-Maloch) using a demonic sword by Takehaya Susanoo-no-Mikoto against the CAM, also hating Jews and multiracials, with a cosmic war ZIGMA. He has also referenced Marx and Lenin, stating "I have to play two roles, Marx and Lenin. Before he becomes Lenin, he must first become Marx". He talks about the "truth of 9/11" and that it disrupted Japanese history, also showing his distaste for democracy. He thinks Jahweh is identical to a shinto snake demon called "Yamata no Orochi"

    His videos and phrases were spread on 4chan, usually with a Japanese flag with a swastika in the background and with some bizarre phrase, which became a meme.

    Burgundian System

    • IRL: Originally, the idea of the Order-State of Burgundy was proposed by Heinrich Himmler and it would be controlled by the Reichsführer-SS, it would be in occupied France, and its capitals would be Dijon, Lyon and Nancy and its language would be German and French. It would be based on the old state of Burgundy and its Burgundian population, in which Hitler already mentioned this idea along with independent Breton.
    • The New Order (TNO): In the Hearts of Iron 4 mod The New Order: Last Days of Europe, the SS State of Burgundy (Ordensstaat Burgund) emerged after a failed coup by Himmler, in which he made a deal with Hitler and would begin to manage his fief in the eastern part of France, being a member of the Einheitspack. His government would be based on pure oppression and ultra-isolationism, being called a "country-sized concentration camp", in which there are more concentration camps than houses. In addition, Himmler enjoys nuclear wars, in which he has already tried stealing some bombs. The main objective would be ultra-militarism and Spartanism, but it ended up generating a totalitarian dystopian hell and misery, which made several slaves work until they died of hunger to avoid rebellions. The final victory of the state would be a thermo-nuclear war, but it ends up being invaded by Germany, becoming a provisional government called the Paktkommission Frankfurt.

    References: 1 2

    Leo Felton thought

    Leo Felton Thought is based on the pagan criminal Leo Felton, interestingly being a white supremacist of black descent. He spent 11 years in prison for attacking a taxi driver and then attacking fellow black cells, in which he ended up reading Parker Yockey's Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics, in addition to becoming interested in the White Order of Thule and being the leader of white supremacist groups inside the prison. He came to believe that what defined the Aryan race would be more spiritual than biological and together with his wife they tried to create a fertilizer bomb with counterfeit bills to attack Jewish-Americans and rob banks, but were caught earlier, having to serve 27 years. of chain.


    Finno-Egyptianism is based on the thoughts of Finnish political figure Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa.

    He was born in Helsinki, Finland, Russian Empire on May 7th 1870 while his father named Georg August Asp was an professor of anatomy at the University of Helsinki and his mother named Mathilda Sofia Asp was a women's gymnastics but in 1890, they got divorced after which she moved to moved with the youngest children to Sweden.

    Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa has his younger brothers such as Georg Bertel Asp who is an engineer but also an architect while Georg Thore Asp was a doctor of political science, head of the business school & editor-in-chief of a newspaper and then during his first years of life Aspa studied art in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts along with Kröyer Academy of Arts from 1888 to 1891.

    In 1892, Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa started his career as an artist but from 1895 to 1896 participated in the exhibitions of Finnish Artists in which he received the second prize in the state art competition four years later and he received foreign awards as well for example in France he won a gold medal in the International art exhibition in Saint-Étienne along with a silver medal in the international art exhibition in Arcachon.

    In 1895, Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa has married his first spouse who is a actress from Paris named Marie Sophie (Divina) Paillard but they got divorced twenty years later after he married to his second spouse who is a violinist from Germany named Gertrud Gerty Jendritzky as in 1904, he went on a long tour of Europe leaving his first wife Divina in Vilnius, Lithuania but four years later she lived in isolation & deprivation while was admitted to the Lapinlahti mental hospital at Finland in which she died there.

    From 1896 to 1903, Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa felt discriminated by the official art world so he exhibited his works in the free art exhibitions held in Helsinki while his paintings were often enormous in size as he had enclosed brochures with them in which listed the positive reviews the works had received abroad as they quoted his own ideas about art and he also made a lot of portraits often using just a photograph of the person in question as a model while many contemporaries considered him to be a phenomenon of the degeneration of symbolism as is large-scale paintings were considered tacky or poster-like while his self-righteous demeanor irritated people.

    At the beginning of the 20th Century, Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa built a Vilniemi villa with a pyramidal roof that he designed himself in Karjalohja while lived there from time to time while the top floor of the villa was a 10 meter high studio with an actual living quarters were on the ground floor and he became an enthusiastic phenoman while began to develop his own quasi-linguistic theories as according to which all civilization originated in Finland but with his imaginative etymologies he wanted to show that many foreign place names or words from foreign languages ​​could be derived from a Finnish initial form.

    In 1918, Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa entered the political field by activists who are Anti-Russian while he admired Germany along with German culture after Finland becomes an independent country while he pushed for the election of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim to wanted him to be king of Finland although Aspa's own Finnish language skills were weak and he becomes an ardent supporter of the Finno-Uso idea in which was later reflected in his linguistic theories.

    Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa's specialties was the various large-scale projects on which he spent his money along with his time but which never led to any concrete results such projects were for example connecting the Eurasian & American railway networks with a bridge to be built over the Bering Strait between Russia & the United States of America, digging diamonds from the Sahara Desert, gold panning in Lapland and planning the Kuurmanpohja hydropower plant.

    In 1928, Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa had already sold Vilniemi Villa in a sham transaction to Mandi Autio in order to avoid the division of the estate in the event of a divorce of his second wife since while in 1934, he divorced his second wife however in 1937, he had to go through a long legal battle before the deal was declared void as he got possession of the villa again even during the 1930s he moved to live with a pharmacist named Hanna Lappalainen in Helsinki but first to Aurorankatu then to Arkadiankatu 21 where Lappalainen had bought an entire stone house even Aspa had gotten to know Lappalainen in the early 1930s while he accompanied her on trips abroad among other things.

    In 1935, Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa published a famous book along with several ones that presented his theories called "Kalevala and Egypt: Suomen Kultainen Kirja II" in which the book claims that the culture of Ancient Egypt was developed by Finns who migrated there from an Indonesian island called Java via India while the Indo-European languages ​​are descended from the Finno-Egyptian language in which is also the language of mankind so this theory is called "Fennoegyptology" and the book also claimed that the Germans were originally a Finno-Ugric people who over the centuries had moved to use Germanic language.

    Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa claimed among other things that the pyramid comes from the word "Sacred Frames", the zebra from the word "Club Horse", Spain or Hispanja from the word "Hiisipainijaisenmaa aka Lift Wrestling Country", Berkeley from the word "Perkele aka Evil Spirit" and Swedish word pine from the word ”ground” even in Nazi Germany the theory was delightful to Heinrich Himmler.

    Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa's studies can be considered Gothic historiography as a late successor while this trend originated from Sweden in the 16th & 17th centuries as Senemian historians such as Johannes Magnus, Johannes Messenius, Georg Stiernhielm & Olof Rudbeck parent showed in their studies that Sweden was the oldest kingdom in the world (founded for a hundred years flooding after) while that the Swedes had once ruled the whole Europe that created its cultures of civilization while the source material for these claims was obtained the Bible, Ancient accounts & Ancient Icelanders Sagas that are mainly anonymous fictional prose stories.

    Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa has a predecessor that can be considered the one who lived in the 18th century with Daniel Juslenius who believed Finns to be one about the lost tribes of Israel while Aspa based his theory on the similarity of some words in the old language of Egypt with the Finnish language as a connection and perception of belonging to the same initial race as well as a Finnish national poem called "Kalevala" of particular importance based on the late 19th century & early 20th century Theosophical discussion.

    The contemporaries considered the linguistic conclusions of Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa in particular to be unfounded while were received with vigor but the positive attitude towards the view was mainly represented by the Theosopher Pekka Ervast who stated that they come close to the mysteries while Aspa's approach to the subject was largely the same as his Swedish descend friend August Strindberg but in the case of Strindberg the stage has also been suspected to be due to a mental disorder when a belief based on similarities has not been identified Swede character that was quite common at the time and it has also been suggested that Wettenhovi-Aspa would not have been serious but only parody the linguistic theories of the time & provocation Swedish-minded against while on the other hand many contemporaries along with like-minded people took him for granted as the belief was not exceptional in the secret circles even he held on to it for the rest of his life when the interlocutors mostly Strindberg were already dead.

    Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa was a Freemason but not only that because he was also known as an inventor, channel architect, astronomer and head of the Red Prison Camp who admire Adolf Hitler.

    Hanna Lappalainen who is a wealthy pharmacist worked at Sigurd Wettenhovi-Aspa's art patron among other things but then in 1938, he renovated the Vilnius villa while he published the publication of his books and in 1945, he broken his relationship with Lappalainen by his infidelity even she continued Aspa's financial support until in February 18th 1946, he died while his body was buried at the Hietaniemi Cemetery.


    Turkism or Atsizist Turkism as it is known in Turkey It is an idea that was inspired by the poems and life of Hüseyin Nihal Atsız.Hüseyin Nihal Atsız used this concept only as Normal Turkish nationalism and they still use it that way in Turkey. Although the idea differed slightly for most people, it was basically the same idea. "I would do anything for the Turks and the Turkish State".



    Esoteric Fascism believes that peoples are bound by blood and soil. He also believes that one's race should not be contaminated by non-aryan blood. His racial pride is mostly displayed through the usage of Germanic symbolism.


    The Order-State of Burgundy was a proposed state, that the leadership of Nazi Germany, especially the SS, hoped to create in certain areas of France during World War II. The population would have been controlled through fear and brutality. The Burgundian military would be heavily integrated into everyday life and the nation would probably have more work camps than houses.


    Esoteric Fascism believes in a top-down, highly disciplined command structure. He believes in the utilization of forced labour and thinks that gassing people is a good way to alleviate food shortages. In times of economic downturn, he is not afraid to loot other countries.

    Karl Haushofer, Nimrod de Rosario and other esoteric fascists adher to the Land/Sea Theory of Geopolitics. Meaning that true good aryans are warrior states who think warriordom is more important than economy and people putting the economy before the military are degenerates working for the demiurge.

    Some variants advocate for techno-theocracy with pagan roots, when mechanical incarnations() of multiple pagan gods rule society and control economy and social life (just like ancient greece or rome, but with actually existing "gods").


    He believes, that aliens exist and visited Earth in the past. And he really hates both capitalist reptilians () and communist greys ().

    How to Draw

    [!] Note: Some countries (See: Strafgesetzbuch section 86a) and most social media platforms (especially Facebook) banned Nazi-related imageries including the symbols below, therefore for the censored version, replace the sonnenrad with a simplified wheel.

    Black Sun (Sonnenrad) version

    Flag of Esoteric Fascism
    1. Draw a Ball with Eyes
    2. Make it Black or a really dark shade of gray
    3. Draw a circle in the middle of the ball
    4. Draw a straight line with 2 hemisquares facing in opposite directions within the circle.
    5. Draw multiple of these in a clockwise direction, the number isn't required to be specific, but 6 is recommended.
    6. Draw a circle inside of that series of lines.

    Bonus tip: Draw a white circle Swastika if you don't know how to make Black sun.

    Congratulations, you did it.

    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #202020 32, 32, 32
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255

    Reichsführer-SS Command Flag version

    SS Command Flag version
    • Draw a ball.
    • Fill in the diagonally quartered flag with a lighter shade of black on the top and bottom sides.
    • Draw a Reichsadler in the middle.
    • (Optional version) Substitute the Hakenkreuz with the Iron Cross.
    • Draw in the eyes.
    • (Optional accessories) Draw the military cap of the Waffen-SS and/or Himmler's glasses.
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #0B0B0B 11, 11, 11
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    silver #B3B3B3 179, 179, 179


    He is an insane fanatic and often gets angry at other ideologies. He thinks other ideologies are "impure" but all the fascists think he is a name-stealing larper. Unlike other far-right ideologies, he avoids using "dog whistles" to make his arguments and isn't afraid of being openly racist/homophobic, etc. Just like him practices astral projection and uses it for contact with Pleiadeans for gathering knowledge and technologies from them. Seeks reptilian NWO influence everywhere, and plans to sabotage their plan by terrorist actions.


    A10, Destined to define Eras

    • White Nationalism - We will cleanse this world of (((abrahamics))) and restore the true faiths of our race.
    • Ethnonationalism - Blood and Soil!
    • National Primitivism - And here is the inventor of the slogan above. An extremely based ideology that some of my followers advocate for. But actually ancient Aryan civilization was way more advanced even by modern standards.
    • Nazism - Too moderate and ambiguous on religious matters. Still an inspiration.
    • Showa Statism - Worshipping the Emperor? Raping men, women and children? Being even more Militarist than Nazi Germany And Fascist Italy? MEGA BASED AND REDPILLED although you are not the purest race.... which is disappointing but we still can kill Americans and other inferior races and also Western cucks together!
    • Eco-Fascism - You recognize the relationship between nature and the Aryan Spirit.
    • Peronism - Thanks for harboring me. Your moronic third wife even made it easy for me to become de facto ruler.
    • Caste System - The Natural Order in Hyperborean Aryan Society. Also, Brāhmaṇas are Aryan.
    • State Shinto - Ethnonationalist nature-based paganism that values honor and sacrifice? Based. Wished we could have a European version.
    • Odinism- Let's bring back our ancient beliefs!
    • Positive Christianity - The only good Christian. Miguel Serrano wrote that Jesus is the incarnation of Wotan, and Christianity was distorted by the Jew Paul.
    • Hindutva - Surfing the Kali Yuga! The only thing left is to gas the Dr*vidians.
    • Imperialism - Weaker countries should be taken over.
    • Nazi Transhumanism - Ancient Aryans had technologies and science that were way more advanced than the modern age. Too bad those retards don't understand that.
    • Alt-Right - Time to swallow the ultimate redpill, my friend.
    • Neroism - Best Roman Emperor. Make those (((christcucks))) bleed!

    D60, Middle management, soldiers and craftsmen

    • Esoteric Socialism - Fuck you commie! Should've not copyrighted me you fucking jerk! But yes, we should bring back the Old Gods and control the world.
    • Pol Potism - Your purism, racism, and worship of the ancient Khmer Empire are based, but stop being a lefty.
    • Odalism - We agree on a lot of things but please stop calling things placenta when they are not.
    • National Bolshevism - One good commie, I like it. Yockey in particular was really based.
    • Clerical Fascism - You still are a Fascist which is based but why don't you like Esotericism?
    • Nordic Model - Massive cuck, but he runs the Nordic countries fan club so I put up with them.
    • Pagan Theocracy - My father taught me Theosophic mysticism, but you don't believe in the Aryan spirit.
    • Matriarchy - Herman Wirth believed the true form of the Aryan government was a matriarchal witch cult and Germany should return to this government. But the rest of us strongly disagrees.
    • Crusadism - The templars were the most masculine form of Christianity, as well as loyal servants to the ancient Aryans now living in the hollow earth. Just like the Argonauts. And the SS is the proper successor of the Templars and your holy grail could be useful for the Reich. But please leave the Cathars alone.
    • Illuminatism - Jean Parvulesco thought we wanted to destroy you. Others think we get financed by you. No comment on who is right. One day all your Abrahamic cults will end, and the Pleiadeans will kick your lizard asses into extinction!
    • Fourth Theory - Thanks for using some of my ideas and making me more mainstream. But accept that Christianity is evil. And stop being Putin's cuck.
    • Traditionalism - The preservation of traditions is based, but you do not understand that the ancient Aryans had an advanced civilization with technology that surpassed even the modern world!
    • Reactionaryism - Evola was based and so are your social views, but focus on restoring pagan religions instead of the Christianity that stole our traditions.
    • Jihadism - Disgusting Abrahamite, but anti-degenerate like me
    • National Capitalism - The Ahnenerbe had a cool business model, but can you please stop calling me a crazy Teutonic LARPer? Also, some of your followers turned into pro-American cucks... Not to mention how you kicked me out of Argentina.

    T50, Untouchables, Sanitation workers and Street-sweepers

    • Jewish Theocracy - This guy needs an introduction, created Christianity which destroyed the Hyperborean Spirit of Evropa, and is a servant of Demiurge! Absolutely disgusting.
    • Zionism - [Comment removed by moderator, muted 24 hours]
    • Religious Zionism - [Comment removed by moderator, banned forever]
    • Christian Theocracy - The disgusting religion of slaves that poisons the Aryans. But Gnosticism and Christian identity are based.
    • Catholic Theocracy, Orthodox Theocracy & Protestant Theocracy - Dirty Judeo-Christians and their Jewish Inquisition! You worship a dead k**e on a stick! Your religion is a Jewish conspiracy and you destroyed poor Cathars, one day you would pay for everything you did!
    • Khomeinism - Another dirty Abrahamite! Persia will free itself from Islam and return to its ancient beliefs.
    • Religious Socialism- Evidence that Abrahamism is the predecessor of communism.
    • Religious Progressivism -Same for you,cucked Abrahamite.
    • Constantinism and Theodosianism - Christian cucks who ruined Rome!
    • Anarcho-Communism - My goals are beyond your understanding anarkiddie.
    • Scientocracy - Stop calling me mentally ill! I'm sane! (And stop suppressing facts like implosion-based energy technology is better than explosion-based tech, and that in truth, the Sun is Cold.)
    • Mediacracy - I'm not a mentally disturbed drug addict, you moron! I don't expect inferior kakistocrats like yourselves to understand the importance of the Aryan spirit anyway!
    • Apoliticism - Same for you, normie and I am NOT that guy on the History Channel! That traitor is exposing the masses to our secrets, exterminate him immediately!
    • Homofascism - I killed you on June 30, 1934. But Yukio Mishima, Douglas Pearce and Otto Rahn are based.
    • Reactionary Socialism - Commie, feudalist, Christian? Just awful!
    • Posadism - NO. The Greys won't establish Communism and even when they try, our Reichsflugscheiben will prevent that.
    • Pacifist Feminism - Fake pagan and fake spiritualist. Just a pathetic and materialist LARPing girl.
    • Social Darwinism - Our starting point will be not the modern theory of evolution but the traditional doctrine of involution. We do not believe that man is derived from the ape by evolution. We believe that the ape is derived from man by involution. We agree with Joseph De Maistre that savage peoples are not primitive peoples, in the sense of original peoples, but rather the degenerating remains of more ancient races that have disappeared. But the survival of the fittest is based.
    • Neoliberalism - A miserable stupid degenerate like you doesn't deserve to be the one that controls the Overton Window. The only one that has the right to control it is me. I even have in mind the name to give to my Artifact of Power: Walther PP Pistol of Esotericism.
    • Climate Skepticism - Climate change may cause the melting of the pole caps. And this could endanger our bases in Antarctica.
    • Soulism - After seeking a worthy enemy through walking across towns, jungles, deserts, mountains, oceans, glaciers... I finally found HIM! And there my words towards HIM: FINALLY A WORTHY OPPONENT. OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY AND ETERNAL IN THE ASTRAL PLANE!!!

    Further Information



    YOUTUBE.com/lt Star/@ancientimmortalaryan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn_S4sOtQex_LeyaT3ueV9g



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