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Not to be confused with Monarcho-Socialism

"While council communism and Luxembourgism largely remain obscure and irrelevant tendencies in modern political organizing, especially in the so-called united states, we can look towards the autonomous territory of Rojava and groups in the so-called united states such as the Green Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Our Revolution, Justice Democrats, and the Democratic Freedom Caucus for examples of left minarchism in action."

Minarcho-Socialism, also known by the abbreviation MinSoc, is a generally culturally progressive, libertarian left ideology that seeks to combine worker owned means of production with an "as minimal as possible" state to ensure the protection of workers and their rights.



Minarcho-Socialism usually acts as Anarcho-Communism's wise and pragmatic sibling, mirroring the relationship between Minarchism and Anarcho-Capitalism. It can also be depicted as a boring version of Anarcho-Communism.


Minarcho-Socialism, like its right-libertarian counterpart, believes that the state should be kept as minimal as possible. Unlike regular Minarchism, Minarcho-Socialism advocates for a small state under a socialist or communist society, and may also believe in minimal state welfare services. The main difference between MinSoc and Libertarian Socialism is the prospect of the industry remaining separate from the government. Alternatively, Minarcho-Socialism can simply be viewed as a non-anarchist variant of Libertarian Socialism.


Lordon-Friot Communism

The political proposition formulated by french economists Frédéric Lordon and Bernard Friot, while they do not use the term Minarcho-Socialism to describe it, and explicitly state it as communist, could be a form of minarchism as a way to establish communism or socialism. They advocate for a shift in the conception of salary, to change it from its capitalist form into a form of communist salary, explained mainly in Friot's work as "unconditional lifelong salary". This salary would be entitled to a person on the base of its irrevocable qualification as a productive agent, thus making a difference between work and employment. It essentially consists of paying a first level of salary to all citizens entering civil majority, by socializing the wealth produced through the social contribution to collective salary funds. The salary would thus no longer be linked to the job, property of the employer, but to a political status of the producer attached to the person. It would also allow recognition to a part of the non-market GDP, such as domestic work, the activity of retirees, the unemployed, volunteers, students, etc. all activities previously considered as free services and not producing economic value. This change in the social balance of production should, according to Lordon, be implemented through the establishment of a communist state - as opposed to the current capitalist state - which he describes as "an extremely federal structure [...] applying a principle of maximum subsidiarity, by devolution of the greatest possible autonomy to the most local levels possible".[1]

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Flag of Minarcho-Socialism
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  • Libertarian Socialism - My moderate best friend, who tends to emphasize a more direct form of democracy.
  • Democratic Socialism - A bit statist, but there is much overlap between us.
  • Libertarian Municipalism - A friend who focuses on the environment.
  • Anarcho-Communism - My brother, he can be a little wacky sometimes, but I love him anyways.
  • Liberal Socialism - Fellow small government socialist, just a bit more moderate than me. Though I would appreciate it if some of your followers would stop being so moderate and willing to compromise with capitalism
  • Democratic Confederalism - I support you in Syria.
  • World Federalism - Einstein was based.
  • Cyberocracy - Automating a minimal state sounds very fascinating, and the development of such technologies could be aided by the socialist orientation of the economy.
  • Socialism - My economics. Also, I have to give thanks to Lassalle for coining the term “night-watchman state,” even if it was in a pejorative sense.



  • Authoritarian Capitalism - Authoritarian AND capitalist? No thanks!
  • Avaritionism - You are kinda right when you say that the stateless socialists advocate for a state without a state. You are still just a psychopathic capitalist interested only in deriving a profit from killing people.
  • Neo-Ottomanism - Get out of Rojava, you authoritarian, anti-socialist, imperialist scum!!
  • Nazism - Darwinist a**hole whose anti-semitic atrocities forced Einstein to leave Germany.



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