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    "I am a 21st Century person who was accidentally launched in the 20th. I have a deep nostalgia for the future."

    Transhumanism, often abbreviated to H+, is an ideology that supports the usage of emerging technologies to enhance humanity and overcome it's own physical limitations.

    Due to the nature of transhumanism, it can applied alongside almost any other civic, economic or ideological system, with the few exceptions being ideologies that reject technological development or oppose transhumanism as a whole.


    Transhumanist ideas first arouse out of the eugenics movement through certain eugenicists trying to grasp at the question of "Can human biology be improved beyond humans limits?" this first started with the 1920s. Soon after there were multiple ideas regarding the possibility of bionic implants and their use to improve human biology.

    The effect science fiction had on the coming Transhumanist movement is not to be understated as it was a incredibly impactful literary genre and allowed the general population to grasp at Transhumanist ideas and peak into the future and it allowed sciene fiction authors to explore ideas of that proto-Transhumanists posed.


    Transhumanists believe in the enhancing of the human to transcend the human. That base idea is why it is called Transhumanism. Transhumanism very much though can not be said to be Anti-Humanist or Post-Humanist as its central goal is the improving of the human condition and not the abolition or destruction of the human.

    Improving of the human (condition) for Transhumanism can be done through many ways. Biological improvement is one of these as is also mechanical improvement.




    Bio-Transhumanism advocates for the goals of transhumanism to be practiced through the use of biotechnology as opposed to mechanical technology, such as gene-editing and CRISPR-based methods. Most bio-transhumanists hold the belief that biological implants are more suited for humans than mechanical implants, though some see bio-transhumanism as simply just a different method.

    Schools of Thought


    Extropianism, also referred to as the philosophy of extropy, is an "evolving framework of values and standards for continuously improving the human condition". Extropians believe that advances in science and technology will some day let people live indefinitely. An extropian may wish to contribute to this goal, e.g. by doing research and development or by volunteering to test new technology.

    Religious Transhumanism

    Religious Transhumanism, or f+ (faith+) is a school of thought that seeks to combine religious belief with transhumanist characters. Many different religious believers apply this differently, on the small scale of chasing traditionally religious ideas such as immortality to cults directly implementing transhuman characteristics into their belief, such as Raëlism.

    Religious thinkers criticized the philosophy of transhumanism as offering no eternal truths or relationship with the divine, to which transhumanists say that is a fatal failure to understand the content of Transhumanist philosophy.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Transhumanism is characterized as a stereotypical robot depicted in various medias with various examples of the behaviours:

    • Being noisy and glitchy at any time
    • Going hostile and harming other ideologies when corrupted by a virus
    • While it's a rare trope used by popular medias, Being voiced by a Synthetic Text to Speech voice program

    How to Digitally Represent

    Flag of Transhumanism
    1. DrawObject "Ball"
    2. if DrawObject "Ball" = true:
    3. DrawObject "H+ with Circle' on Object'ball" with.asset 'color light blue' hexadecimal:'#01A9F2'
    4. if DrawObject "H+ with Circle' on Object'ball" with.asset 'color light blue' hexadecimal:'#01A9F2' = true:
    5. DrawObject 'One Eye Visor' on Object'ball' /*/ Visor outside 'color grey' hexadecimal: #585A5A Visor inside 'color red' hexadecimal: #FF0000) /*/
    6. NonRequired.Operation: add 'visor glare'
    7. if all.lines.completed = true:
    8. print("Task Completed")
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Light Blue #01A9F2 1, 169, 242
    Grey #585A5A 88, 90, 90
    Red #FF0000 255, 0, 0

    Saved Relationships

    Transhumanism.Relationship == Positive

    • Technocracy - print("Shares opinion on technology. Also built my first augments.")
    • Offspring - print("Shares opinion on technology.")
      • Anarcho-Transhumanism - print("Wants technological development to be free from the state (especially anti-technological ones).")
      • Capitalist Transhumanism - print("Wants technological advancement to be a profitable enterprise. Love the cyberpunk aesthetics.")
      • CyberFeminism - print("Wants to use technology to bring about gender equality.")
      • Postgenderism - print("Wants to go further than the above and abolish gender altogether. I like your style.")
      • Libertarian Transhumanism - print("Wants to protect liberty through the use of technology.")
      • Nazi Transhumanism - print("Wants to use technology to advance the nation-state. But you are too genocidal for my tastes.")
      • Socialist Transhumanism - print("Wants to use technology to liberate the workers.")
      • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - print("An LGBTQ+ version of the above.")
      • Technogaianism - print("Who said that you can't protect the environment and support technological advancement at the same time?")
    • Reactionary Modernism - print("Shares opinion on technology and very religious, supports building a different modernity.")
    • Futurism - print("Shares opinion on technology.")
    • Post-Industrialism - print("More moderate opinion on technology and influenced by him.")
    • Piratism and E-Democracy - print("Same reason as above.")
    • Progressivism - print("Shares opinion on humanity.")
    • Scientocracy - print("Shares opinion on science, technology and humanity.")
    • Noocracy - print("Shares opinion on science and encourages me to make people wiser.")
    • Accelerationism - print("Shares opinion on technology and wants to speed up progress.")

    Transhumanism.Relationship == Neutral

    • Archeofuturism - print("Shares opinion on technology but opposite opinion on civilization.")
    • Industrialism - print("Shares opinion on technology but too moderate outside of the economy.")
    • Post-Humanism - print("More extreme opinion on technology and opposite opinion on humanity.")
    • Soulism - print("His scientific variant is so advanced that talking with him causes massive glitches and errors inside my brain.")
    • Eugenicism - print("Shares opinion on improving human bodies but whose methods of doing so aren't exactly ethical or scientific.")

    Transhumanism.Relationship == Negative

    • Anarcho-Primitivism - print("Opposite opinion on technology.")
    • National Primitivism - print("Opposite opinion on technology and wants to arrest me.")
    • Agrarianism - print("Opposite opinion on technology and uses the phased technological practice of agriculture.")
    • Primalism - print("Opposite opinion on technology and humanity.")
    • Neoluddism - print("Opposite opinion on technology and sent me an explosive device.")
    • Pol Potism - print("Opposite opinion on technology and killed intellectuals.")
    • Fourth Theory - print("Opposite opinion on human enhancement and accuses me for being evil rather than improving human life.")
    • Lys Noir - print("Same reason as above.")
    • Reactionaryism - print("Opposite opinion on modern technology and society.")
    • Death Worship - print("Opposite opinion on life.")
    • Necrocracy - print("Same as above.")

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