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Political Compass Balls, Ideologyballs, or Polcompball, refers to visual depictions and satirizations of the interactions and relationships between political ideologies, most often in the form of digital comics made in Microsoft Paint. Polcompball originated as a spin-off of Polandball and the Political Compass Memes subreddit. The first Polcompball community was established on Reddit on November 9, 2019, and has since spawned sister communities and spin-offs of its own.



Anarchyball is the first time political ideologies as polandballs where used. It was popular in well-known social media platforms from early 2015 to late 2018.

Central Communities

Primary communities refer to those within the Polcompball network that are managed or endorsed by the r/Polcompball moderation team.


The earliest and largest Polcompball community r/Polcompball is considered to be the central hub for Polcompball-related artwork and activities, with 52,700 subscribers as of March 2021. The subreddit is focused on allowing users to share high-quality, humorous and thought-provoking original comics. Lower-quality content is directed towards the sister subreddit r/Polcompballanarchy. Associated Reddit communities include r/Polcompballcommunity (oriented towards community discussion) and r/Polcompballart (for non-comic art pieces).

There are also Polcompball-related communities that are not affiliated with the official subreddit, like r/NewWackyIdeologies (Which is a sub for showcasing ideologies which don't exist in the real world) and   r/Seussianism (Which is for short Dr. Seuss-style poetry about political ideologies) and r/Grej (Which is a sub for Off-Compass ideologies)


The /r/Polcompball Discord is the official discord of the subreddit and wiki. The server has a focus on the creative parts of the Polcompball community, mainly art and wiki-editing.


The official Polcompball wiki aims to be a repository for political ideologies across the various political spectra, as well as a catalogue of the best works the community has to offer. Articles and artwork on this wiki are expected to abide by the Editing Guidelines and Art Guidelines respectively. Content that fails to meet these criteria may be added to the Polcompball Anarchy Wiki, which welcomes original and satirical ideologies.

  Polcompball Anarchy Wiki

The Polcompball Anarchy Wiki, abbreviated as the PCBA wiki is a wiki meant to hold obscure, OC ideologies, ismisms and self-inserts. Before PCBA, obscure and OC ideologies were allowed on the PCB wiki, as early as the PCB wiki is founded. When the PCBA wiki is announced on June 4th, 2020, People started to make OCs and ismisms on the wiki. About a month prior to the announcement of PCBA, an update on the editing guidelines now no longer require posts with unique ideologies to meet a certain amount of upvotes to tone down on OCs on the PCB wiki before OCs were banned unless it is secondary and doesn't affect the comic in any way.

  Uncompball Wiki

Uncompball Wiki, abbreviated as UCB wiki, is a derivative of the PCB wiki seen in a satirical and humorous context. It was founded on October 18th, 2020 by Denatidum. Before the deletion, the UCB wiki is underrated and receives only a few edits per a certain amount of days. On July 16th, 2021, Uncompball Wiki was closed by Fandom.

Peripheral Communities

Secondary communities refer to Polcompball-centric communities that are independent of the main subreddit and its moderation team.


While r/Polcompball was created in 2019, the concept of Polandball-inspired political ideology characters dates back to 2014, with the conceptually similar but inactive Ideologyball Wiki being established then. A more recent but unrelated wiki, Ideoligyball Wiki [sic], was created on February 23, 2020. On July 16th, 2021, Ideoligyball Wiki was deleted by Fandom.


Ruqqus, a website that aims to provide a free-speech alternative to Reddit, holds two small Polcompball guilds, +Polcompball and +Polcompballs. Both guilds were created in June 2020.


Amino, a mobile-based app, is home to a small Polcompball community. And PolCompBalls|{RUS}(Russian-speaking Polcompball community)