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My beliefs are that I support an Illiberal Democratic political system with a Regulated Capitalist economy and moderate levels of Protectionism.
Some examples are: Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Singapore under Lee Kuan-yew, Hungary under Orbán, Iran under Principialists, Russia under Putin and Canada under Trudeau.

I'm strongly opposed to all forms of Anarchism, Nationalism and Monarchism.



  1. Wish there was a conservative version of you.
  2. There is no denying, Brazil is a country blessed by God. But imagine giving this amount of land, natural resources, this perfect climate and geographic location to a horde of brainless Zombies that call themselves "Brazilians". People that claim this country is diverse and full of culture are so wrong it's ridiculous, no one migrates to Brazil, there is no "Melting Pot" anymore. Brazilians are ethnically and culturally homogeneous. There is no better example of what the end result of a Intercultural society would be than Brazil, and that end result is catastrophic. Hundreds of different cultures and races gone extinct just so a failed mixed race progressive-conservative project could replace them instead. It is, in nature, a genocidal project and the best way to fight against it is, if you're a minority like myself, to preserve your culture and genes and let everything else around you collapse on itself.
  3. "Rules-based international order" in which only the Third World has to follow them is not a fair system.