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  • Pan-Turkism - TURAN!
  • Kemalism - Long live the Republic
  • İttihadism - God Homeland Honor Unity
  • Emir Timur - Live to glorify Turkishness, break the hand that raises a sword against Turks.
  • TSK - Mercy belongs to God! Break the hand of those who oppose the Republic But what did they do to you?


  • Ottomanism - It is an excellent idea to concentrate the state on a nation, but not on a state like the Ottoman Empire. also Enver Pasha was supporting you that's why
  • DragonRed - We don't have much in common other than nationalism, secularism and progressivism. You are a communist. The fact that the communists in Turkey are generally against the principles you support makes you based (compared to other communists) and rare. Also, if you define yourself as a Marxist, Marxism and Nationalism are very different things in most respects.


  • Turkish Idealism - These men are the people who cause the greatest harm to the state. Being a Turanist doesn't change anything, you are already an Islamist, you cannot trust an idealist, we have seen this many times.
  • Islamic Theocracy - Oh, those men, those men are the ones who made us be in this situation today, those men assimilated us, those men made us forget our Turkishness.
  • Kaypakkayaism - Nationalism is fascism for those who have no homeland.

Favorite Historical Figures

  • Metehan
  • Attila
  • Tomris Hatun
  • Kürşad
  • Sultan Alparslan
  • Osman Gazi
  • Orhan Gazi
  • Yildirim Beyazit
  • Emir Timur
  • Conquer Mehmet
  • Suleiman the Magnificent
  • Mahmud 2
  • Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
  • Talaat Pasha
  • Djemal Pasha
  • Enver Pasha
  • Ziya Gokalp
  • Namık Kemal
  • Bulent Ecevit
  • Kenan Evren
  • Cemal Gürsel



  • Türkleşmek, İslamlaşmak, Muasırlaşmak - Ziya Gökalp
  • Türkçülüğün Esasları - Ziya Gökalp
  • Türk Töresi - Ziya Gökalp
  • Türk Medeniyet Tarihi - Ziya Gökalp
  • Felsefe dersleri - Ziya Gökalp
  • Nutuk - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
  • Osmanlı tarihi - Namık Kemal
  • Atatürk Ne İdi? - Falih Rıfkı Atay
  • Atatürkçülük Nedir? - Falih Rıfkı Atay


  • Atatürkçülük, milliyetçilik, sosyalizm - Doğan Avcıoğlu

Gonna Read

  • Türklerin tarihi - Doğan Avcıoğlu
  • The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx
  • Devlet ve Fert - Ahmet Ağaoğlu

Long Articles

Idealism and Turanism (ENG)
Idealism And Turanism (TR)

Short Articles

There is no racism in Ziya Gökalp's Turkism. If we were to put Ziya Gökalp's Turkism in one sentence, he would be protecting his homeland. Contrary to Turkism, Turanism is generally defined as those who are proud of being Turkish and say that the best direction for Turks and Turkish states is the unification of Turkish states. Racism is divided into two in Turkish racism. Rıza The racism of people like Nur and the racism of people like Türkeş. Racists like Rıza Nur say that Turks are the only superior nation, and they are not Muslims. Türkeş racists are those who see Turks wearing Muslim masks as superior. The issue of republic and Turkism is already intertwined. The Republic of Turkey depends on Atatürk's Turkism. Atatürk is the essence of Turkism. Namık Kemal The issue of Republic and Racism is a bit cold because racism is prohibited in Ataturk's Republic and no one should be subjected to different treatment because of things like race and religion. The public case opened by the Republic to catch racists and racist writers is the case of Racism and Turanism. The case involving people like Nihal Atsız and Türkeş ends most importantly with the arrest of Atsız and a few others.

About Nationalism

One of the fundamental ideological elements of the Committee of Union and Progress was nationalism. The movement aimed to create a unifying national identity in the challenging conditions of the Ottoman Empire. It adopted a nationalist understanding to embrace different ethnic groups and strengthen the empire.

About Constitutionalism The Committee of Union and Progress aimed to establish constitutional order in the Ottoman Empire by advocating for constitutional governance. This ideology, aiming for increased public participation and the transition of the state to a democratic structure, was seen as a step towards the modernization of social order.

About Modernism The movement supported efforts to modernize the Ottoman Empire. These efforts, including economic, military, and political reforms, aimed to strengthen the empire and enable it to compete with other major powers. Modernization emerged as a significant element of the Committee of Union and Progress's ideology.

The Committee of Union and Progress, which I would like to add, extended the lifespan of the Ottoman Empire during its most challenging times with the principles it upheld, and not only thwarted Turkish traitors but also elevated the state to the extent that they could rejuvenate and invigorate a nation facing Turkish adversaries from different ethnicities.


  • Vynism- How in Obama's name do you get culturally left secular lgbt from enver pasha!?!
    • - I support Enver Pasha's nationalism, and the March 31st events, I am secular and cultural left, because I love Ataturk.
  • Add me too. I also support the March 31 incident. If the reactionary rebellion on March 31st had not disappeared; All the progressive democratic achievements of the Constitutional Monarchy would be eliminated. Turan may only be suitable for Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan. It does not suit Turkey. Because for us; We do not have a land border with them. I am against the European Union. The European Union is the structure that exploits us. We are their cheap labour. We are their gendarmerie. Instead of being enemies with Russia and China, we should make friends with them. We must create alternative policies with them.
    • Turan is for all Turkish states. Also, we have a border with Azerbaijan, so it won't be that big of a problem. I think you have forgotten the anti-Turkish policies of states such as Russia and China. In addition, the European Union is currently the alliance that defends the most freedom, rights and democracy in the world.
      • We also have a border with Azerbaijan, but we have a small border. We have no border with Central Asia. We must first lower our own limits. The European Union is an organization of diplomatic bullies.
        • The European Union is the best way for us right now. We should unite with states that are open to more economic growth, instead of states like Iran and China.
          • What do you mean when you say, "The fact that communists in Turkey are generally against the principles you support makes you fundamental and rare (compared to other communists)?"?
            • Kaypakkayaists, whom I call other communists
  • I am not a Kaypakkayaist. I am against them.
    • In general, I called the communist in Turkey Kaypakkayaist and I called you more rare and based compared to them.
  • - Hello.

İ am DragonRed.change my comment. I used to be both leftist and nationalist. I realized that the overwhelming majority of nationalists do not like leftist leaders. So I decided to give up nationalism. I am now an anti-nationalist socialist.


This user is Nationalist.

"Blood and soil!"

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"Debate me, but you will lose."

This user actually believes the earth is four and a half billion years old.

"I swear you can actually trust a uranium date!"

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