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National Communism


Authoritarian Socialism

Bremen Left





New Economic Policy (As a means to an end)

Police Statism


Revolutionary Progressivism

Authoritarian Laicism

War Communism


  1. There will be states in the unitary state. The states will theoretically be subordinate to the central government. State authorities will have broad powers to implement economic policy. Three types of unitary local government structures are envisaged in the state. These; state, province and district. However, in practice, village administrations also exist. The highest level of local government is the state and the lowest level is the village. As a unitary state, local governments have legislative, administrative and judicial powers. Bodies are established in local government units to ensure the connection and control between the central government and local governments. In addition, local governments can create bodies according to their needs. A unified government governed by a single-party system was accepted. Since the party and the government are not independent from each other, it can be argued that local governments are also under party rule. There is a horizontal and vertical hierarchy in local governments. Local governments depend on the management of local people and also on ministries. Local governments are central states, special economic zones and municipalities. States have the authority to make laws and make decisions according to their own laws. The first level unit in local governments will be the stat ". ".
  2. What will the Authoritian Laicism order? Authoritian Laicism State; religious budget; science, industry, culture, education, arts and sports should be distributed equally. The state should confiscate the lands and properties of religious institutions and religious foundations. Land and property should be given to the people. It should leave religious institutions unsourced. religious institutions; it should become more dependent on the state and more controllable by the state. Religious shrines should be transformed into schools, hospitals, workshops, gymnasiums, etc. There will be worship in religious temples. Religious clothing will be as recommended by the secular state. The state should abolish religious education. People of different religions and sects should worship. Religious schools should be turned into vocational schools. religions; should be taught as history and culture. In schools; evolution and materialism must be taught..."
  3. I believe that the most accurate scientific nationalism is cultural nationalism. I view racist, ethnic, religious and extreme forms of nationalism as reactionary and unscientific. National Culture is an objective reality. I see national culture as the structure that holds people together. As a cultural nationalist; traditional clothing, local cuisine, folk tales, epics, folk musics, folk arts, historical works, etc. I see cultural elements as elements that hold the nation together. "
  4. "What will the feminist socialist society be like? The socialization of the means of production together; Communal institutions such as free kindergartens, cafeterias and laundries will be established. With the Civil Code, women will be given rights in areas such as work, education, marriage and abortion. It will be ensured that all kinds of facilities that can be realized by the state for women to attain their economic independence will be realized: Kindergartens will be opened, housework and education will be made collective. Pregnant women will be facilitated by practices such as maternity leave and returning to work without any difficulties after giving birth. Men and women have an equal position in the family, I will not put any pressure on women regarding the surname. Your abortion will be legalized. violence against women, child marriage will be tackled women's participation in the economy and politics will be ensured. The labor force participation rate, which indicates the ratio of female to female population, is very low and women in working life are under serious threat of unemployment. First of all, the participation of women in the workforce should be ensured. The unequal position of women in working life is also reflected in economic income inequality. Women's share of gross gross national income is lower than that of men in all countries. For this, inequality positions should be eliminated with the participation of the female population in the workforce and education, and it should be ensured that they are economically equal. The "Women's Solidarity Organization", which was established under the Central Committee and consists of women, will be established in order to put the economic and social rights of women into practice in practice. Women will be educated in schools opened through the "Women's Solidarity Organization", which consists mostly of women from peasant and worker origins. working women will generally be given a few days of paid leave during their menstrual period. For women who are breastfeeding, at least thirty minutes of paid breastfeeding breaks will be applied every three and a half hours. Rights such as 8-hour working day, milk allowance, insurance, nursery, maternity leave will be given."