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Centralism is a non-quadrant ideology that advocates for a Unitary State. A unitary state is a state in which political power is held by a single central government, instead of it being spread amongst states, provinces, federations, or the like. Despite wanting centralized power, it is not inherently authoritarian, as one can argue a libertarian central government, or even an authoritarian decentral government. It can be seen as the opposite of Federalism and Confederalism.

How to Draw

  1. Draw a ball
    Flag of Centralism
  2. Fill it in red
  3. Draw a government house in black
  4. Finish with the eyes!
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #F44133 244, 65, 51
Black #1C1C1C 28, 28, 28



  • Jacobinism - The original unitarist.
  • Absolute Monarchism - Long live the king!
  • Fascism - I love how most of your supporters are unitarist.
  • Nazism - Don't know much about you, but I love how you turned Germany de facto unitary for once. Also, based hater of Switzerland, and an impressive try to annihilate the Soviet Union. It's a shame that Germany became federal before and after you.
  • Francoism - One based Spaniard. Pity your successors reverted your policies on those insolent Basques and Catalonians.
  • Peronism - "We establish a centralized government, an organized State and a free people."
  • Maoism & Xi Jinping Thought - Based Chinese ideologies.
  • Saddamism — I like how you centralised Iraq. It's a pity that damn neocucks overthrew you.
  • Ingsoc - You can be extreme sometimes, but overall you are awesome.
  • Kraterocracy - You are quite awesome as well.


  • Autarchy - Every man a state... What? But at least individual sovereignty ensures unitarity for the individual himself.
  • Globalism - World unity would be amazing but some of your types advocate it in a federal form.
  • Marxism–Leninism - You might've made the USSR federal, but I'll give you a pass for still making it so centralized. And I'm glad you didn't make any of your satellite states federal too, well except for Czechoslovakia.
  • Nordic Model - I love most of your domestic policies, but I don't like how Denmark gives autonomy to Greenland and Faroe Islands, and that 3/5 of you joined the European Union.
  • Dengism - Extremely based, but why do you have to keep your so-called "autonomous zones"?
  • Patchwork - On one hand, you are sometimes a disgusting supporter of decentralization. On the other, independent city-states are too small to have any autonomy in the first place.


  • Federalism - My archenemy.
  • Confederalism - States' rights my ass. No states, no rights.
  • World Federalism - The worst child of Federalism that is on a global scale. Stop saying I am a bad form of government!
  • Feudalism - The HRE and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth are but two outstanding examples of why decentralization is stupid!
  • Helvetic Model - Pathetic. Can't even decide on anything without a referendum! Liechtenstein is a tad bit better though.
  • European Federalism - Why the hell was it decided that the EU should be federal? To make matters worse, some states within it are federations within a federation.
  • Bismarckism - Why did you have to make the German Empire federal, you jerk?!
  • Adenauerism - And why did you have to go back to federalism when WW2 ended?
  • Neoconservatism - You protect the United States and the European Union and you also made Iraq federal.Oh, wait, the USSR was federal too, same with modern Russia. So, federalist infighting?
  • Yeltsinism - Why did you continue to keep Russia federal even after the USSR was dissolved?
  • Titoism - Your time has ended. Cope and seethe!
  • Democratic Confederalism - You are stupid and pathetic, Turkey and Syria will rise!
  • Blairism - Did you know "devolution" also means "a step back", which is exactly what you did?

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