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"Turk is the sword of Islam"

Turkish Idealism is a far right Turkish ultranationalist ideology. It is the ideology of the Turkish militant/political group Grey Wolves. Turkish Idealism believes in Irredentism and Imperialism, as it believes in restoring the glory of the Ottoman Empire. It is, like other fascists and ultranationalists, very xenophobic towards non -Turks, such as Greeks and others.


Ottoman Empire

The roots of Turkish idealism can be traced back to the intellectual developments in the late Ottoman Empire, which was undergoing significant political and social changes. Turkish intellectuals and thinkers, influenced by Western philosophy and political thought, sought to reconcile modernity and traditional Islamic values.


On May 3, 1944, the publicist Nihal Atsiz, his younger student Alparslan Türkeş and other right-wing extremists had to go to court because they were accused of wanting to overthrow the Turkish government. Since this day May the 3th is a special day for Turkish Idealists.

Years later their paths diverged as Türkeş, when founding the MHP party , heavily emphasized the Islamic element while Atsiz embraced Tengrism. During the Cold War in particular, the Grey Wolves carried out assassinations against Socialists , but also against Alevis .

Cumhuriyetçi Köylü Millet Partisi (Republican Peasant Nation Party)

Cumhuriyetçi Köylü Millet Partisi (Republican Peasant Nation Party) Is the first party in Alparslan Türkeş's political life and the first party he opened. When the party was founded, there was only Turkish nationalism in the ideology of the Party, since there was no such thing as Turkish idealism. They accused him of being a supporter of Nazism and Hitler. According to some defendants, they wore SA clothes and saluted Hitler at the association's myths.

How to Draw

Flag of Turkish Idealism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it in cyan.
  3. Draw the white Grey Wolves logo
  4. Add the eyes
Color Name HEX RGB
Blue #49a1dc 73, 161, 220
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Dostlar (Friends)

  • Imperialism - Time to go east and unite with our Turan brothers (Kazakhs, Azeris, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Uyghurs, Kirzigs, Yakuts) by force.
  • Pan-Turkism - Make Turan Great Again. Turks have no friends other than Turks
  • Fascism - We're the same!
  • Nazism - You are right about nationalism, patriotism and imperialism.
  • Turkish-Islamic Synthesis - The best version of him.

Nötr (Neutral)

  • İttihadism - You were right on a lot of things, for one, fuck armenoids and gayreeks, but you were still very incompetent.
  • Pan Islamism - You see even though many Turks are Muslim, and you are an occasionally useful tool, you are ultimately an Arab religion. And I don't like sharia laws, secularism is justified.
  • Atsizism - You are the thought leader of us. But you broke up with Türkeş because you're shamanist and anti-Islamic. However, you're still respected within our movement. Türkeş betrayed you in court, but okay
  • Kemalism - I respect you for your contributions to the Turkish War of Independence and your nationalism is very based, but why did you reject Turanism/pan-Turkism and support westernization? But I kinda like Peker.
  • Neo-Ottomanism - You're not perfect but I would rather support you than those cringe liberals and succdems.
  • Alt-Right - Online fascists who tend to agree with me on the Jews and Nazism, but many in the west are anti-Turksh.

Vatan Hainleri (The Traitors)

Further Information





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