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"God does not judge you according to your bodies and appearances, but He looks into your hearts and observes your deeds."

Islamic Theocracy, or Muslim Theocracy, also known as Islamism, is a culturally right, authoritarian and economically variable ideology. Political aspects of Islam are derived from the Qur'an, the Sunnah (the sayings and living habits of Muhammad), Muslim history, and elements of political movements in the Islamic world.

It should be noted that there is a difference between the Sunni and Shia interpretations of Islamic Theocracy. With Sunni Muslims believing in the rightfully guided caliphs (Rashidun) who were elected via consultation (Shura) following Muhammad`s death. Whereas Shiites reject this interpretation and instead believe Ali (the 4th Caliph) and his descendants are the only rightful rulers (Imamate).


Three Caliphates

The first Islamic Theocracy is commonly thought to be the Rashidun Caliphate. It was founded in 632 after the death of Muhammad. But, before the Rashiduns, there was the Medina Islamic Government which was ruled by Muhammad. During the leadership of Muhammad, the Medina Islamic Government conquered much of pre-Islamic Arabia. After Muhammad died in 632, Abu Bakr became the first Rashidun Caliph. The Rashidun Caliphate would expand in pretty much all directs, expanding the Islamic religion far and wide. After the collapse of the Rashidun Caliphate in 661, the Umayyad Caliphate was created. The Umayyads are mostly remebered for conquering Iberia with the helps of the Berbers and Moors. After the Umayyads, Islam split into multiple Caliphates. The main one was the Abbasid Caliphate, which was eventually conquered by the Mongols in 1258, but came back into existence in 1261. The Abbasids were also the Caliphate that existed during the Crusades. The Abbasids lost their last lands in 1517, after which the title of 'Caliphate' was passed to the Ottoman Empire.

Iberia and Reconquista

Alongside the Abbasids, there were a few split-off caliphates as well. Most notably was the Caliphate of Córdoba which existed in Muslim Iberia for a few hundred years. It itself eventually collapsed into multiple smaller Islamic states. This weakened the Islamic presence in Iberia and led way for the Catholics to Crusade south and forcefully destroy the Islamic presence in the region in what is known as Reconquista .

Ottoman Caliphate

In the period after the fall of the Abbasids, the 'Caliphate' was given to the Ottoman Empire. From 1517-1924, the Ottoman Empire was also referred to as the 'Ottoman Caliphate' (though some people suggest they are different entities for some reason). The Ottomans were considered the head of Islam for centuries, especially after the Persian Empire fell into dissary, leaving the Shia version of Islam without an effective leader. The Ottomans went on a long period of decline however, officially collapsing in 1922 in the aftermath of their defeat in World War I. The Ottoman Caliphate would be officially dissolved two years later, with the title of 'Caliphate' now going to, well, nobody.

Middle East Cold War

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, most of Arabia was conquered by al-Saud, the ruling family of Nejd. The went about conquering Shammar, a pro-Ottoman clan in the north, and Hejaz, a pro-British kingdom in the west. After these conquests, they established the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz, which was recognized by the League of Nations as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a few years later. Meanwhile, Persia was still collapsing. In 1925, the Sublime State of Persia was dissolved and the Imperial State of Persia was founded. In 1979, Persia collapsed due to the Iranian Revolution. In it's place, the Islamic Republic of Iran was formed. Iran and Saudi Arabia became natural enemies as Iran represented Republicanism and Shia Theocracy, whilst Saudi Arabia represented Monarchism and Sunni Theocracy. This resulted in a cold war in the Middle East between the two over who was the rightful leader of the Islamic world.

Arab Spring

From 2010-2012 the Arab Spring begun. In almost every Arab country, revolts sprung up to depose dictators and monarchs all over the Middle East. This scared Saudi Arabia as it was an absolute monarchy. Iran supported these rebellions in an attempt to get some allies, whilst Saudi Arabia supported the governments. The only exception to this was in Syria and Iraq where Iran backed the governments and Saudi Arabia the rebels.

Arab Winter

Following the Arab Spring, mass violence occured throughout the Islamic World. This was known as the Arab Winter. Civil wars raged, violence increased, and jihadists started taking land. This came to the benefit of the Islamic State which took over huge chunks of Syria and Iraq, declaring themselves a new Caliphate. They were promptly defeated in 2017 though. In 2021, the coalition force left Afghanistan, causing the Taliban to promptly re-took Afghanistan and re-establishing the emirate in the nation.


Sunni Theocracy

See also: Sunni Theocracy

Sunni Theocracy is a school of thought of Islamic Theocracy that believes Sunni Islam should be the dominant religion in government. Sunni Islam differs from Shia Islam in the succession of Mohammed (PBUH) after his death, religious hierarchy and views on the afterlife.

Zahiri Islam

Zahiri Islam is a very liberalist Islamic school of thought, that believes everything is halal (allowed) as long as it is not explicitly forbidden in the Koran.


Wahhabism is a Sunni denomination that believes for a purification of Islam, and rejects Islamic theology and philosophy developed after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, Wahhabism also believes in a very strict adherence to the letters of the Koran (the Islamic holy book). They maintain a strict and puritanical view of religious rites.

Shia Islam

See also: Shia Theocracy

Shia Islam is a Muslim denomination in which they believe that Ali Ibn Abi Thalib is the rightful successor of Mohammed (PBUH), they differ from Sunni Islam in ritual prayers, religious hierarchy, and more.

Ibadi Islam

Ibadi Islam is a moderate Islamic denomination that mainly focuses on devotion to god and being a traditional individual, they also reject the veneration of saints, unlike other denominations. They believe that Imams do not need to rule the entire Muslim world, and that Muslim communities are considered capable of ruling themselves.

Muslim Brotherhood

The Society of the Muslim Brothers, is a transnational Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt by Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928. Al-Banna's teachings spread far beyond Egypt, influencing today various Islamist movements from charitable organizations to political parties.

Initially, as a Pan-Islamic, religious, and social movement, it preached Islam in Egypt, taught the illiterate, and set up hospitals and business enterprises. It later advanced into the political arena, aiming to end British colonial control of Egypt. The movement's self-stated aim is the establishment of a state ruled by sharia law–its most famous slogan is "Islam is the solution". Charity is a major aspect of its work.

Today, the primary state backers of the Muslim Brotherhood are Qatar and the AKP-ruling Turkey. As of 2015, it is considered a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Islamic Theocracy is usually portrayed as a rather traditional Muslim individual. Being very strongly against anything that is prohibited in Islamic Text. He also pretends to be Islamic Democracy for votes.

How to Draw

Fact: As funny as it is to say, the star and crescent didn't even originate from Islam. They had origins in Ancient times when they were used to represent Luna and Diana, moon goddesses from Greek Hellenism mythology, which was influenced by the Sumerian gods Sin and Ishtar. The sun and crescent were later adopted by the Ottomans.

Flag of Islamic Theocracy
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Color it green.
  3. Add a yellow star and crescent.
  4. Draw the eyes.


Color Name HEX RGB
Green #296609 41, 102, 9
Yellow #FDC82F 253, 200, 47



Shubhah (Mixed)

  • Neoconservatism - Ah NATO, my good old friend, but you also work with this pig.
  • Sikh Theocracy - Fellow halal Muslim or haram pagan? I don't understand but he's still my son. Oh well, many of your people are nice and helped us out a few times before.
  • Buddhist Theocracy - Not Islam, but not haram either.
  • Islamic Feminism - Ban polygamy, not wearing hijab in public, female Imams and equal rights between men and women? Have you actually read the Quran, the Hadiths and the Sunnah sister? Otherwise, We're the first religion to give Women rights and supporting their financial independence.
  • Black Islamism - All human race is equal!! and definitely you haven't read Quran!
  • Dengism - Thanks for giving us funding to kick the Soviets' asses out of Afghanistan but keep those investments coming and we'll approve your handling of the Uighur situation for now you dirty commies. Why so friendly towards this thing?
  • Islamic Democracy - While indeed all in the Ummah should have a freedom to say what They want, I'm starting to think that you have been influenced from those Infidel Westerners' theories, which actually explains why you are too liberal and some of your beliefs aren't really enough for an Islamic ideology like you... You're good as a recruitment tactic though...
  • İttihadism - You were right on a reforming Ottoman, but why you Secularized and Nationalized Turks, and this is why Arab revolt happened!
  • Jihadism - We are all Muslims, but you are a lot more extreme, and you make us look bad. You remind me of kharijite, and honestly - prophet commanded us to kill those dogs of hell without hesitance!
  • Financialism - Usury is haram, and Sharia-compliant banking is the best solution!
  • Satirism - MEMRI TV despite being run by Israel, Halal memes and r/arabfunny made me laugh. On the other hand, Charlie Hebdo, Scandinavia and the World[1] and some South Park episodes (like 200 and 201) offended me due to their blasphemy.
  • Gaddafism - My Libyan child, he took many of my ideas, and he respects me, but STOP PUTTING YOUR IDEAS ABOVE ISLAM! At least you supported me in the Philippines.
  • Ba'athism - الله،سوريا و بشار، but you are secular, and you tolerate Kuffars, at least Saddam eventually became me after he started fighting him.
  • Arab Socialism - Secularism is Cringe but at least you tolerate the existence of some Sharia Laws, also you did well against Him
  • Jewish Theocracy - Our theology is very similar and we protect you during medieval times, but WHY MANY OF YOU BECOME LIKE HIM
  • Christian Theocracy - Brother we don't always have to have conflicts we both believe in Allah. Isa isn't his son though, in my opinion.
  • Islamic Fascism - Isn't It too extreme? Thanks Mussolini.
  • Manosphere - I don't think you should go way too far when you complain too much about women and use my religion to justify your misogyny. I'm telling you that because I'm the first religion to introduce women's rights, but unfortunately, people say that I'm a misogynist because Muslim-majority countries don't treat women like the Prophet Muhammad expected. According to the Quran, men are supposed to be defenders of women, not their enemies, abusers, killers or whatever I'm talking about. However, congratulations to Andrew Tate and Sneako for converting to Islam, but still...


  • Zionism - YOU ARE THE REASON FOR THE CONFLICTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, AND YOU ARE JUST A PUPPET OF HIM, BY ALLAH ISRAEL WILL CEASED FROM THE MAP!!! some Muslim countries recognize you, but they still prefer Palestine
  • Hindu Theocracy - PAGAN KAFFIR NEEDS TO BE CONQUERED AND ISLAMISED!! Thanks, many of you working as expats in Gulf Countries
  • Pagan Theocracy - You must not worship other idols other than Allah, that is shirk!
  • Satanic Theocracy - The only end for followers of Iblis is in Jahanam!!!
  • Hoxhaism - You made Albania a godless hellhole!
  • Progressivism - Degenerate who wants to give rights to homosexual sodomites.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - Life isn't meaningless, your beliefs are! Stop insulting our faith!
  • Alcoholism - STOP DRINKING! Alcohol is haram for a good reason! Stop!!!
  • Soulism - Same with drugs, you filthy neo-pagan junkie!
  • Esoteric Fascism - Shirk and delusional racist scum. Even zionists are better than you!
  • White Nationalism & Alt-Right - RACIST INFIDELS!!



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