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"They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought the senate, the congress, the state houses, the city halls, judges and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get more for themselves and less for everybody else. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking."

Left-Wing Populism is an economically and (usually) culturally left-wing ideology that emphasizes the popular frustrations of the working class (e.g. lack of healthcare, poverty, unemployment) for political gain. Its proponents either advocate some form of Socialism (typically Democratic Socialism) or just Social Democracy. It saw a rise after the events of the Financial crisis of 2007-2008 and the Europe debt crisis, leading to movements like Occupy Wall Street. It believes that it is the only viable way to fight off Neoliberalism and that Right-Wing Populism will only make it stronger. Like its brother, it also opposes the EU for the most part, but is usually more open to reforming it rather than abolishing it.


Centre-Left Populism

Centre-Left Populism is a left wing ideology that is at times hard to find, as it looks similar to regular left-populists or social democrats because of its fiery rhetoric but moderate left wing policies. It is essentially populist social democracy, generally seen marching with people for things like universal healthcare and free tuition however many also take centrist positions on social issues in particular on self-ID and immigration, or might just not talk about social issues that much, in order to push for more left wing economic policies. Many are also soft euroscepts due to the European Union pushing neoliberal policies and oppose globalisation but mostly not with protective tariffs. Neil Kinnock was possibly the most famous centre left populist before converting to Third Way although modern politicians such as AOC and Bernie Sanders could also be described as centre left populists as they have no connection to hard left socialism, such as nationalisation or worker ownership, but are still decidedly left wing and populistic.

Dirtbag Leftism

The Dirtbag Left is a style of left-wing politics that forgoes civility and things associated with the left-wing in the United States like identity politics and political correctness to convey left-wing populist and anti-capitalist messages. The movement has been described as anti-fascist, anti-conservative, anti-centrist, anti-inequality, and anti-liberal. It shows support for redistributive economic policies and the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. The media associated with the dirtbag left includes podcasts like the Chapo Trap House.

Left-Wing Euroscepticism

Left-Wing Euroscepticism is a version of Euroscepticism that focuses on the issues the left has with the European Union. Leftists criticize the European Union as being an undemocratic neoliberal elitist empire that has contributed to the rise of wealth inequality within Europe through the use of its austerity monetary policies and free-trade agreements. To the extent leftists oppose the European Union is seen within the ideology. Moderate socialists usually hold soft-eurosceptic views while communists and other hardline left-wing ideologies hold hard eurosceptic views. But that doesn't mean that they oppose the idea of the European Union, some support a communist version of the European Union.

Radical Left-Populism

Radical Left Populism is an ideology based around democratic socialism while adding in populist principles such as referendums and citizen action. It is also typically concerned with civil liberties and the planet often involved in protest movements to defend Palestine, Kurdistan, oppose police injustices and brutalities, climate action, worker and union strikes, new wars being manufactured and other such issues. They are also strongly motivated on the issue of corruption and dedicate lots of their time and energy in making various structures in society (such as socialist party leadership) more democratic and transparent. They can sometimes be critical of immigration (particularly labour immigration), free trade and the European Union and single market. One of the most famous Radical Left Populists is Dennis Skinner who was the Labour MP for Bolsover from 1970 till 2019 despite this immensely long length of service he was never appointed minister by any Labour leader even in shadow cabinets due to both his radical leftism and his opposition to patronage. Though Corbyn did offer him a post to reward him for his support of his candiacy, Skinner refused.


United Kingdom

Corbynism is based on the political positions of British MP Jeremy Corbyn, who was also a former leader of the opposition, former leader of the Labour Party and former chairman of the Stop the War Coalition, also responsible for a left-wing political fandom called "Corbynmania". He has already stated in an interview that he read Marx, but not enough to be considered a Marxist. Its ideals are based on protecting working people of the UK as well as the environment with strong environmental regulations, salary of 10 pounds an hour, re-nationalization of vital industries and public services(rail, mail and water), increase yearly public spending by £98 Billion, Create a National Education Service, subsidising regional development, an inclusive ownership fund for large companies, recovering losses from tax evasion and reducing tax benefits by around £93bn.

Other positions could be Republicanism (personally, does not want to actually remove the monarchy), legalization of abortion, opposition to the Anglo-Irish Agreement, being in favor of a united Ireland, opposition to Separatism in Scotland (but in favor of self-determination), pro-same-sex marriage, making protesting outside the abortion clinic a criminal offense, end of tuition fees in education, a lite Euroscepticism, as he has praised the EU a few times. One of the best known positions is his pacifism, in which he is in favor of nuclear disarmament and the end of NATO, because according to him the end of the Warsaw Pact negates the need for NATO to exist, he also opposes the invasion of Iraq and blames NATO for the Russian invasion of Ukraine . He supports Palestine and has even talked to members of Hamas and Hezbollah, he is also against Kosovo, sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers, against sanctions on Iran, joint administration in the Falkland Islands, in favor of the autonomy of the Chagos Islands and the Kurdish people in Iraq and Iran, support for diplomatic relations with North Korea, support for Fidel Castro in Cuba, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Cristina Kirchner in Argentina. He has also been accused of anti-Semitism.

United States

La Follette Progressivism

La Follette Progressivism is an economically left and culturally left political ideology based off the Wisconsin progressive movement under Governor, Senator, and Representative Robert M. La Follette. La Follette led a political dynasty in Wisconsin, which was continues by his sons Robert Jr. and Philip, who were Senator and Governor respectively. Wisconsin’s progressive movement saw its peak in 1924, when La Follette’s third party presidential run won nearly 17% of the national vote and carried Wisconsin.
Aspects of La Follette’s political thought included state ownership of railway, cheap credit for farmers, outlawing child labor, laws promoting union interests, protection of civil liberties, ending American imperialism in Latin America, and a referendum before any president could lead the nation into war. La Follette initially supported the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War, but later became anti-communist after visiting the young USSR.
It is important to note that this ideology is distinct from the Bull Moose Progressivism of Theodore Roosevelt. The progressivism of La Follette was populist in nature and appealed to Midwestern and Western farmers, while Roosevelt’s progressivism was more elitist and appealed to Eastern urbanites. La Follette was also harshly critical of Roosevelt, considering him as not adequately progressive. He was also a critic of the Taft Administration. La Follette opposed both in the 1912 elections, voting for Socialist nominee Eugene Debs (though he did not formally endorse any candidate).


Sandersism is an ideology based off of the American social democratic independent candidate Bernie Sanders. It is economically center-left to left-wing, anti-establishment, internationalist, environmentalist, and culturally progressive. Being a left-social democrat, he supports strong government intervention in the economy, trade protectionism, worker co-operatives, and unions. Socially, he supports abortion rights, racial equality, feminism, drug decriminalization, secularism, criminal justice reform, and other policies associated with the cultural left. He is associated with the Vermont Progressive Party and Left-Democrats.


Mélenchonism is an ideology based on the views of the French politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He was a member of the French National Assembly and a member of the European Parliament. In the 2022 elections, he came close to making it to the second round of the presidential election, with 22%.


In Spain there is a political party called Podemos that supports Democratic Socialism, Anti-Austerity measures, Feminism, Anti-Neoliberalism, Direct Democracy, Federalism, withdrawal of Spain from NATO (formerly) and the implementation of a Republic in Spain.

Podemos was founded thanks to the protests of the 15-M Movement, which took place from a protesting in 2011 for a more direct democracy against the two-party system of PP and PSOE. The party ran in the 2015 Spanish general elections.

In 2016 was founded the coalition Unidos Podemos, whose name was changed to Unidas Podemos in 2019. This coalition was led by Podemos and other left-wing parties such as Izquierda Unida, Alianza Verde, etc.

In the 2019 Spanish general elections, the PSOE (led by Pedro Sanchez and winner of the elections) and Unidas Podemos (led by Pablo Iglesias) made a coalition government to rule in the country, making Pablo Iglesias one of the vice presidents of Spain for a certain period of time and some politicians of Unidas Podemos as ministers.

During the Madrid Assembly Elections of 2021, Pablo Iglesias decided to run as a candidate for Unidas Podemos in the Community of Madrid after resigning as Vice President of Spain. The elections ended up giving winner to the PP with 44.76%, so Pablo Iglesias decided to retire from politics.

In 2023 Unidas Podemos was replaced by a new coalition called Sumar, headed by Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor and Social Economy and member of the Communist Party of Spain.


Lulism is based on the political positions of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, who is a member of the Brazilian Workers Party. Lula is of working-class origin, As a teenager, he worked as a metalworker and joined Labour Union. During the Time of Military Junta Dictatorship in Brazil , he led major workers' strikes between 1978 and 1980, and helped form the Workers' Party in 1980, during Brazil's democratisation. Lula was one of the main leaders of the Diretas Já movement, which demanded democratic elections.








Personality and Behavior

Left-wing populism loves holding protests signs and browses Twitter for current issues. Sometimes may act as a champagne socialist (even though he claims those are the people he despises) and its personality is similar to that of figures like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jeremy Corbyn or Jean-Luc Melenchon, very gruff and hot-headed but still genuinely cares for the working class and minorities, even if they're not what they expected the working class to be. He is often confrontation of what he sees as bourgeois, elitist, imperialist or white privileged takes by other leftists. He uses a million different hashtags such as; #ForceTheVote, #StopCopCity, #FreeAssange, #FreePalestine, #OccupyWallstreet, #WeAreThe99%, #BernieWouldHaveWon, #HandsOff(Insert Nation Here) #DefundThePolice, etc. He really likes Punk Rock and RATM as well as comedians like George Carlin, Jimmy Dore, Lee Camp and John Oliver (Except his segment on Venezuela and Jill Stein). He is very paranoid of the CIA coming after him.

Left-wing populism is used as a strategy in some cases, by growning socialist political parties. In order to bring together members from all left-wing views, common values of them are emphasized and pro-people discourses are adopted. DSA in the USA and Syriza in Greece are left-wing populist political parties with like a left-tent structure. Some political parties, although they have left-tent characteristics, are closer to one of the ideologies they adopt. PLO is closer to left-wing nationalism and Die Linke is closer to democratic socialism in their main lines.

Many left-wing individuals or groups from social democracy, democratic socialism, eco-socialism, left-wing nationalism, libertarian socialism, Marxism-Leninism and anarcho-communism, unite under these political parties.

How to Draw

Flag of Left-Wing Populism
The symbol of left-wing populism is a white fist (representing the power of the common people) on a red background (representing economic and cultural leftism).
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Colour it red.
  3. In the center, draw a white fist coming from the base.
  4. Draw some eyes and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #ED1C24 237, 28, 36
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


The People

  • Populism - Power to the people!
  • Social Democracy - I like how you represent the common people.
  • Socialism - We are the 99%!
  • Libertarian Social Democracy - End government tyranny! End corporate tyranny NOW!
  • Eco-Socialism - Looking out for the environment is just as important as caring for common workers!
  • Alter-Globalism - Economic globalization is only making lives of the poor worse.
  • Syndicalism - Striking is based.
  • Left-Wing Nationalism - A bit of nationalism never hurt anybody.
  • Democratic Socialism - I really wish we had better electoral success, but we're not giving up on democracy.
  • Libertarian Socialism - Socialism from Below!
  • Longism - Every man a king! Share the wealth!
  • Socialism of the 21st Century - Solidarity with our Latin American comrades.
  • Eurocommunism - You're what they should have been.
  • Sandersism - Thanks for making socialism more popular in America.
  • Piratism & E-Democracy - Democratise the Internet? BASED!
  • Semi-Direct Democracy - Using citizen's vote referendums to legalise marijuana, get free healthcare and minimize the power of supranational entities among other things in my country? BASED!
  • Agrarian Anarchism - Fuck Monsanto! Fuck GMOs! Only Buy Organic!
  • Maoism - You fixed the elitism of Lenin, Mass Line is based! (Still be less authoritarian please.)
  • Chavismo - For all his faults Chavez was still based as hell, RIP. And good job Maduro at trolling Trump for the neocon fake populist he is.
  • Ho Chi Minh Thought - Mobilising and Arming the Peasantry & Working Class, Fighting Neocons and Imperialists, Being the enemy of my enemies and being led by a Working Class Anti-Imperialist? I love this, (please be more democratic tho)
  • Democratic Confederalism - Your ideology is very based, but we still are going to need to pull troops out, No hard feelings? Hope you good luck tho


  • Marxism-Leninism - I understand some of your values, but you are too totalitarian and elitist. And do we really need to kill all of the upper class? Let's boycott them instead.
  • Ron Paul Libertarianism - Abolishing the Fed, cutting corporate bailouts and ending the wars and surveillance is based as fuck, but don't cut welfare or social security!
  • Alex Jones - I hate the neocons and Hillary Clinton too, and also believe 9/11 was a inside job but CHILL OUT DUDE
  • Regulationism - You're necessary but boring, we need a champion of the people for electoral success.
  • Keynesian School - Same above.
  • Right-Wing Populism - I like your style brother, but you're going in the wrong direction. And its the CIA creating a New World Order not the United Nations.
  • Social Libertarianism - You are a populist (mostly) and vaguely on the left but you are way too capitalist. However Yang is very based.
  • Alt-Lite - Zoomer brainwashed by my brother and his friends, at least his style is a bit better but still on the wrong path.
  • Paternalistic Conservatism - Like how you use left-leaning economics as a way to help people, idk about the whole social conservatism though.
  • Conservative Socialism - Similar to above, Many of you are also populists, Jimmy Dore is based, but I don't know about this whole conservativism thing
  • Anarcho-Communism - I am glad you see us as allies, but your ideals are just impossible to achieve, just vote for the politicians that help the people, and that way we can enact change.
  • Anti-Authoritarianism - I mostly agree with you domestically but stop cooperating with this fascist abroad, And I will support anti-west dicta- I mean Anti-Imperialists whether you like it or not
  • Antifa - We had fun in 2020, which my brother hated me for, but free speech is important that the ACLU and me fought hard for that in the 1960s.
  • One-Nation Conservatism - Welfare is kinda cool but still too lame, also let immigrants in! Solidarity!
  • Welfare Chauvinism - STOP STEALING OUR BASE! However you're still preferable to economically right-wing/neoliberal conservatives and nationalists though.
  • Jacobinism - You no doubt set the groundwork for modern-day leftist movements but why did you have to kill so many innocent people?
  • European Federalism - The EU isn't a fundamentally bad idea, it just really needs reform so it works more for the people. Also, I'm not too keen on the whole "United States of Europe" thing.
  • Social Liberalism - The New Deal was kinda based, but aside from that he's just way too moderate for me. Plus I don't like how much you compromise with them nowadays.
  • Social Authoritarianism - I swear I don't know this guy!! I will admit that Vargas was quite based tho.
  • Paleoconservatism - At least you're not the neoc***servative and I'll work with you to end the wars but I still oppose with you on pretty much everything else.
  • PRIsm - You corrupted the revolution! Especially Calles but Lázaro Cárdenas was Basado.
  • Putinism - ANTI-IMPERIALIST AND ANTI-FASCIST HERO! But Why don't you like gay people? What they ever do to you?
  • Zelenskyism - STOP SENDING OUR TAXES TO NAZIS! WE NEED THEM FOR- Oh your legalising weed you say?
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - I had high hopes for you but you just had to support Israel, you traitor.
  • Dengism - YOU DESTROYED EVERYTHING MAO CREATED! But, at the very least, you fight western imperialism. (Give High-Speed Rail.)
  • Ba'athism - WHAT? I AM TOTALLY NOT A SUPPORTER OF YOU! *Goes on to repeat every single talking point of his* Please be nicer to Kurds though, you could destroy Turkey and Saudi Arabia with them on your side.


  • Neoliberalism - I hate everything about you.
  • Corporatocracy - Stop hogging the welfare, stop bailing out taxes, stop spending money on foreign wars, and STOP THE DAMN LOBBYING! God, you are everything I hate.
  • Corporatism - Are you not just Corporatocracy again? No? Well, you still suck, you 3rd positionist.
  • Third Way - This "ideology" is more then an invention of the liberal elite, designed to divert support from REAL leftists, infiltrate their parties, and set up the elite's puppets.
  • Hayekism - Another ri*ht-libtard, at least you support some welfare...
  • Austrian School - Worst lolbert.
  • Neoconservatism - NATO is just the military branch of liberal elite. AND STOP SPENDING WELFARE MONEY ON WAR CRIMES!
  • Capitalism - The people will never be free as long as you are around!
  • Pink Capitalism - No, I don't wanna kiss on the gay anti-homeless bench you shill.
  • Liberal Feminism - Stop calling me a Bernie Bro and focus on actual policy for once.
  • National Conservatism - Accuses us of being spoiled but literally gets payrolled by oligarchs.
  • Trumpism - You're nothing more than a fake populist and thief. You said you would be anti-establishment and yet you bombed Syria, tried to coup Venezuela, put in Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, gave massive tax cuts to rich people. You are no better than Clinton!
  • Liberal Conservatism - Whether or not you support LGBT rights doesn't matter, you still very much hate the poor.
  • Democratism - Damn corporatocrats, really thought we had a chance with Bernie before you completely sabotaged him.
  • Fiscal Conservatism - If you cared more about the population and not "fiscal responsibility", we wouldn't have gotten Trump.
  • Libertarianism - You really believe that Laissez-Faire Capitalism is good for us? You gotta be kidding me.
  • National Libertarianism - His natcon son, I don't know if that is worse or better.
  • Posadism - I guess you’re a leftist, but you have serious issues.
  • Neo-Libertarianism - And his neocon son, I don't know who is worse.
  • Classical Liberalism - You're the seed of evil .
  • Gaullism - Students need freedom! Never forget Mai 1968!
  • Reactionary Liberalism - Outdated sexist Bourgoisie! Also, I'm glad B*lsonaro is gone! LULA LÁ!
  • Pinochetism and Fujimorism - Agents of the liberal elite who committed white terror.
  • Neoreactionaryism - I really hate these geeks bigots specially Thiel.
  • Radical Centrism - Just a fake alternative libtard.
  • George W. Bush Thought - I KNOW YOU DID 9/11!
  • Reactionary Modernism - I won't become cybernetically-modified serf! DESTROY 5G TOWERS AND MICROCHIPS.

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