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"I will not rest until the last stone from the last church cast down on to the last priest." - Emperor

"Purple color of my ideology is nothing to do with gender stuff, i chose it because of combination "red (socialism) + blue (technologies)"" —


"I have a strong competitive spirit. I can't stand other people's success. I hate almost everyone. Sometimes I look at people and see nothing pleasant in them. I want to earn so much money not to see anyone. I only see the bad in people. I don't need to look to see everything. Hatred has been building up in me for a long time. Drop by drop." — Daniel Plainview

Some takes

Technological Determinism

One of the facts that the intellectual majority ignores is that technology directly affects and deconstructs society itself at the root. And that means that progressive ideas like men's liberation are unpopular in backward places. For example, why is the idea of ​​gender equality unpopular in rural areas? Not, because of some reactionary governors in that places (they are a product of their backwarded environment), but because they are technologically at the level of the 19th century, and because of this, the division of labor occurs in a very rigid and hierarchical manner. In such an agrarian society, it is hard for men to feed dozens of children working in the field from dawn to dusk, and for women to lead a dull household without prospects of independence from the burden of motherhood and obedience to a man. So the Industrial Revolution, despite all the shortcomings, freed women from the oppression of a large family, thereby creating a new bourgeois type of family - the nuclear family. And if automation and mechanization is in full swing, then it is quite possible that in the future it will not even be necessary to be a wife as such - since the gynoid nanny robots that copy the appearance of biological parents will take very good care of the children, while the mother will be engaged in self-development and intellectual activity. In a nutshell, you can put it something like this: New technologies change the way of production -> a new type of production changes the structure of the family (just try to support a large traditional family in an industrial capitalist society - you will not succeed, since you cannot support 8 children with one salary, especially if you are working class) —> a new type of family directly affects the development of the next generation —> the changed generation already perceives the world differently and thereby changes culture, law and other phenomena of the superstructure.

Four sector economic model, and why automation should be from first to forth

Simply: 1.Agriculture and mining industry sector —> 2.Material processing, manufacturing, building and general industrial sector —> 3.Sevice sector (by androids with gynoids + smarter AIs) and final 4. Education and administrative sector (by superior androids and ASI + most of peoples employing in this sector).

Digital existence is much cheaper and better than material one

Because material human needs various kind of expensive (in energy usage) things like clean air, clean water, millions of food variations, house, specific spectrum of temperature (from -6°C to +28°C), thousand types of material goods and list goes on, while virtual humans that exist on carbon (buckyball) based computronium MOTEs only needs four things: protection from radiation, stable electricity for power, regular maintenance (done by robots) and more computing substrate (for expanding amount size of virtual goods). Information about Buckyball MOTEs you find here: [1]

/ Both culture focused progressives and conservatives are morons

Because they don't know about techno-economic determinism and determinism in general. They simply think that humans shape environment, but it's actually opposite - social environment shapes human behavior, while scientific, technological and economic growth shapes society itself. Bonus points - SJWs and religious nuts both leeches off from rational industrial society while giving nothing to back, except more poverty with crimes (from religious subhumans that reproduce too much (8-9 childrens, really?), while being ungrateful towards industrial scientific society)/useless hedonistic snowflakes with small name and big ego (from social progressives side - they are ungrateful too).

The market will exist as long as there is a scarcity and the economy is controlled by imperfect people

And we have it before invention of personal nano-factories and shifting industrial and infrastructural structures from profit orientated to self-sufficient Autotopias[2] which is controlled by AIs. So, if you want to end capitalism, invest into technological growth and forget about a class warfare and other socialist outdated crap! You can't change economic structure by simply changing human culture, you need something more fundamental in scientific-technological base!

AI driven global omnicide and nuclear holocaust - great thing for destroying all outdated cultures

We should strive for WW3 and destroying all those annoying outdated patriarchal religious cultures through force by killer machines, nuclear weapons, nano-weapons and more deadly hi-tech WMD. Anyone who resist that - is a counter-revolutionary pacifist pussy faggots, that should be brutally executed for their traitorous thoughts against utopian future. Because - Utopia Justifies The Means.

IT would be great if Vatican, Mecca and Jerusalem was nuked into oblivion

You can cry, you dumb SJW leftoid multiculturalist traitors (they would be executed in future), but I just hate abr*hamic religions with ALL GUTS, and I really pray for destruction and extinction of those abr*hamic pests around the world. Semitic people are truly deranged with their desert cults.

Relationships (Ideologies) V2.0

(Only 10 ideologies for each side, while users doesn't count)

Authoritarian Left

  • Marxism - 5/10. Some takes are based, while others is outdated and have no meaning in current post-industrial digital neoliberal society.
  • TEB - 7/10. Not a fan of communism and mainstream leftism, but just supporting your struggle.
  • Ky Panda - 7/10. Marxian communist views is kinda meh, but I like your hatred towards mainstream liberal feminists and some ironic (or not?) support for Posadism. And final advice from me - Stay away from those scums - Unironic misandrists and Black-pilled defeatist betas .
  • No more authleft ideologies, because I don't want write a long essays about "Inefficiency of centrally planned economy" for each red ideology.

Authoritarian Right

  • Neoliberalism - 2/10. I'm not a marxian commie, but really - your global capitalism is too idealistic. I don't want taco trucks in every street, I want a stable and safe society with fully automated post-work infrastructure.
  • Corporatocracy - 0/10. Private corporations are byproduct of capitalist liberal society. Also - end the corporate welfare!
  • Fordism - 5/10. Artificial wombs, sexual freedom and abolition of family? Great and based + only progressive way to solve demographic trap. Caste system and eternal consumerist stagnation without expansion to space? Awful and cringe.
  • State Liberalism - –∞/10. If Twitter was a government. Even average marxian communist countries was waaaay better than this pink colored oligarchy.
  • Authoritarian Capitalism - 1/10. Only good side - more tech, development and automation (but that society can't reach complete automation), but still awful.
  • National Capitalism - –999/10. Oxymoron, because either you only care about your profit rates, or support native families that have 3-8 childrens with welfare and social benefits. Even original nazis know that fact.
  • Fascism - 2.5/10. Totalitarian hierarchial lunatics. Only good side - hatred of liberal pacifism, while other sides are very awful. But compared to nazi degenerates and ML commies classical fascism killed less people! Also Sansepolcrismo is semi-based gemmy!
  • Esoteric Fascism - –∞/10. Maybe I should call to mental hospital, because that psycho definitely escaped from it.
  • Nazism - –∞/10. I just repeat conservative's words: "Anyone with brain hate you!", because it's obvious how much pain and misery you caused across the world. And your racial views is really confusing and contradictory nonsense.
  • Capitalism - 5/10. You are only single non-cringe ideology of this quadrant, and I really like your pro-industry and economic focused mindset. Still needs some regulations tho. Also, this ideology becoming outdated by each new technologies. More automation = more centralization of capital and unemployment, which is very harmful things for market based society, And UBI is temporary solution. We need a global reboot for building a better society.
  • Khomeneism - 4/10. Is that a another Fourth Theory, but from islamic side? Score would be lower, but I respect his polite behavior in this site (unlike some screamy and harrasing idiots), so +3 for that. Otherwise - not my typo.

File:Brazillib.png KillerKitty - 8/10. Moderate modernist authright. No other comments, because he is moderate.


(Mostly cultural ones)

  • Progressivism - 2/10. Some few takes are based (especially related to gender equality), but HOLY CRAP - majority of your followers are beyond deluded and emotional naive hippies. Also - can you please stop supporting awful patriarchal religions like Islam? And other note - not all new ideas are good for society. For example I strongly oppose a childfree and VHEMT movement, because those anti-breeding liberals just hurting their countries while benefitting hostile and violent outsiders.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - 1/10. Even more deluded and violent. But hey, you have one good side - hatred towards all religions. Still a violent impulsive manchild tho. I prefer your global and more unfettered type over your. Good luck for killing tradcucks and luddites, social progressive.
  • Progressive Conservatism - 4/10. Lets be honest - you are a really reasonable and chill type, compared to those culture war extremist idiots. But gender roles is still becoming obsolete each decades, so we need a global revolt.
  • Conservatism - 0/10. Islamo-Judeo-Christian (and other religious) values are fake and artificially constructed harmful memeplexes, that created for maintaining made-up totalitarian and oppressive hierarchies for upper class patriarchal and power hungry mens. Not to mention how "nuclear family" is really a harmful type of family made by bourgeois capitalists, and because of that western and other industrialized nations going to collapse, caused by declining birthrates and increased amount of mentally ill peoples. Your civilizations are very unstable, and it would be collapsed in the long run, caused by internal contradictions of society.
  • Reactionaryism - 0/10. Traditional values my ass! Did this boomers even know that Earth is waaaay older than humanity, and most part of humanity's history is basically a tribal stone age with awful population growth and max level baby mortality? And don't forget about fact, that traditionalist patriarchal values leads society into extinction. How you say? Well, lets just see: Very fertile trad village raises it's population into town with millions of residents —> due of human nature that wants more material possessions and more knowledge, new generation develops machinery and starts a industrial revolution —> Industrialization leads to urbanization, which means that raising next generation will be expensive —> Population slowly and gradually losing fertility until hitting bellow replacement level —> Social crisis, when society have a lot elders and very low young workers for providing them —> Gradual collapse back to low-life village or even worse - civil wars with millions of victims. Basically a patriarchal societies acts like Uroboros - despite accusing all types of minorities, they are destroying themselves without realising it. And I don't see any way to reverse declining birthrate back to 2.3-3.0 with traditional ways (even islamic countries facing demographic trap in future between 2045-2065). Only way forward - second sexual revolution with sex-robots, artificial wombs and highly collectivized childcare.
  • Interculturalism - 10/10. Dear multitards, cultural relativism is regressive and counter-revolutionary, and we should assimilate newcomers by abolishing their families! And all outdated cultures like Islam should die, or at least adapt into more progressive ones. So, my honest take - offsprings of migrants from africa and middle east should be feminized from childhood, compulsory isolated from their reactionary r*ligious parents (if they oppose, they should be silenced and transported into re-education camps for being against communization) and teached about how bad and oppressive "banks, religions, business, families and governments" are.
  • Cancer of social progressives - –∞/10. Some cultures are superior and better than others. And scientific, futuristic industrial cultures are better and more productive than traditionalist agricultural religious shitholes that parasitizing on scientific cultures. Anyone who chooses second is naive romanticist retard that should be left in jungle without all human achievements -clothing, tools, gadgets, vehicles...
  • Radical Apoliticism - 0/10. Why you opposing politics so much? As long social problems exist, politics will be relevant to humanity.
  • Class Dealignment - 0/10. Economics is one of most fundamental problem of humanity. So simply - NO.
  • Scientocracy - 10/10. Scientific mass consensus would be a great tool. But those scientists should be always sceptical towards everything and every side, for more unbiased view.

Libertarian Left

  • Anarcho-Communism - 4/10. Ideal, but too idealist and can't create something advanced.
  • Mutualism - 3/10. Very old and utopian as other fake anarchists.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - 1/10. Yes, i know civilization and agriculture is ruined Earth from neolithic revolution, but idealising prehistoric times is other form of utopianism.
  • Queer Anarchism - 1/10. I don't hate queers, I just dislike their movement and activists. Also, most of them are just rich middle class LARPing virtue signaling idiots.
  • Total Liberationism - 4/10. Your hippie narrative is cringe, but you still better than anrpims and luddite faggots. Also, 3d bio-printed meat is good for environment and liberatory for animals.
  • Utopian Socialism - 4/10. Do you really think, that upper classes willingly share their property and wealth with others without force? But yes, marxism is kinda meh.
  • Left-Wing Market Anarchism - 6/10. Anarchist markets? Some way based.
  • Libertarian Municipalism - 3/10. You are leftist twin of him.
  • Anarcha-Feminism - 5/10. Listen here ladies - most of this ideology followers are those // shitheads under fake anarchist mask.
  • Post-Anarchism - 10/10. True anarchy is endless process of individual opposition against government, all social institutions and society. Any "anarchist" ideology that have end-goals and fixed narratives about "how society should function" is a libertarian/communitarian/minarchist but not a freedom fighter.
  • KryptoLock - 9/10. We have a lot similarities. (But my views more into absurdism than existentialism).

Libertarian Right

  • Agorism - 9/10. Most honest trading person, unlike other moralist hypocrites. One minus - I still dislike your synthetic drug and alcohol dealing.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - 4/10. Semi-Individualist, but still moralistic and end-goal driven and biased towards propertarianism.
  • Austrian School - 4/10. Pseudo-economic sect of corporate simps, that unironically believes that corporate monopolies can dissolve magically by themselves. - "All monopolies are temporary" = - "State will wither away".
  • Hoppeanism - 0/10. Your moralistic views are hyper-cringe, and idea of millions tiny states are dangerous, because more states = more wars. No wonder, why Hoppe is very contradictory figure for libertarians, just like Deng for commies.
  • Objectivism - 3/10. Even other libertarians think, that she is very deranged and her movement is a weird contradictory sect. But I agree that primitivism is shit.
  • Minarchism - 8/10. At least you are admitting, that you are not anarchist.
  • Libertarian Feminism - 8/10. Individual sex-workers should protect themselves with guns from abusive pimp freaks and asshole clients. But your E girl phenomenon is idiocy made for desperate loner males with money. But I love Vtubers, especially Neuro-sama, Kizuna AI and indie ones. Another minus - stop opposing development of sex-robots!
  • Neo-Libertarianism - 2/10. Freedom is good, but please - STOP BOMBING MIDDLE EAST, because of that you radicalizing those arabs into more islamist shit and other forms of tradcuckery feces!
  • Panarchism - 5/10. I don't know about this ideology so much. But one conclusion - too idealistic.
  • Classical Liberalism - 7/10. Outdated, but still helped western nations become a major developed countries, which is good for technology and science!
  • 2x2Master - 8/10. Decent person with modernist right wing views, that's it. (But seriously what happened to your page? I miss those animated arrows)
  • Fsclander256 - 0/10. Multiculturalist, pacifist cuckbert, that loves religions and outdated cultures. His pacifism and passiviness makes me vomit. Even average authright neocon warhawks is better, than this weakling with "violence is bad, diversity good" crap. Hope, your lolbert institues will be erased around the world with nuclear war.


  • Accelerationism - 5/10. Good for ruining and destroying this awful CR world, but stay away from my DR world (because I still like stability).
  • Contrarianism - 7/10. Good for trolling and pissing off intellectual majority, but your dogmatism is cringe.
  • Cyberocracy - 10/10. I'm tired of mortal human politicians and monarchs, so why not a nearly immortal and ubiquitous AI? Also, I wish that kind of future like in Orion's Arm with those transapeint minds.
  • Manosphere - 2/10. Lets be honest - 99% of your followers are just really misguided and narcissistic faggots that wants to date with attractive girls (yet you ignore non-attractive ones). But 1% is some way based, especially those, who fund to sex-robots and artificial wombs.
    • Radical Manosphere - –∞/10. Go fuck yourselves, manchild terrorists. And ironically, being a aggressive and violent retards makes womens disgusted towards them, which is justified.
  • // Fake "PickMe" feminism - 0/10. I wish for painful and slow death for those femcels. They claim that they oppose traditional gender roles for womens, yet they force mens to follow a "High salary hard working traditional men" stereotype. Also, opposing legalization of sex work directly harms womens who already has that type of service job, by turning them into marginalized group. And carrying about boob size of fictional female characters seems to be retarded and first world tier problem.
    • Radical Feminism - 0/10. Stfu please, you dirty and unwise misandrist femcels. Blaming all mens is pure idiocy (and what they planning to do with them with current level of technology?) and projecting their shitty toxic feminity.
  • Transhumanism - 10/10. Because being a homo sapiens with limited lifespan sucks. Also: Sex-robots and artificial wombs is the way, for ending those cringe sex wars.
  • Post-Humanism - 9999999.../10. Why humans should stick with their fragile organic bodies, if they can become a godlike digital beings that live inside large Matrioshka and Jupiter brains?
  • Voluntary Human Extinction - 0/10. Soy-pilled hippie greenie ideology with naive belief, that humans will off themselves by simply not reproducing. If only they know, that libido is way stronger than mortido. Involuntary extinction through nuclear wars and asteroid impact is much faster and more efficient.
  • Gift Economy - 10/10. My favourite economic system. Shame it doesn't work in this century, but it perfectly work in next century (via advanced nanoro otics, AI infrastructure management, abundant energy source from Dyson ring and 99% efficient waste recycling).
  • World Federalism - 0/10. UN is useless and inefficient bourgeois organization with lots of bureaucratic mess. Also, those scumbags wanted to ban lolicon hentai and put extreme gaming into mental illness, which itself violates a freedom of expression. #AbolishTheUN!

Off Compass (my favourite)

  • Hive-Mind Collectivism – -∞/10. Get away from me, you bugman abominations!
  • Ingsoc - 1/10. Really awful future. Only good side - erasure of the past, especially religions. Also, I'm pretty sure that they erased non-whites from existence.
  • Kraterocracy - 4/10. Unironic pro-slavery advocate + stone age brute mentality. But lets be honest - all states are kraterocratic by nature.
  • Communalism - 0/10. I will never share my personal stuff to anyone, especially for those strawman communists!
  • Senatorialism - ?/10. *No comments*
  • Social Darwinism - 0/10. There is a reason, why marxists dislikes neo-darwinism and called it a reactionary "Weismannism-Morganism". But yes, egalitarianism is a myth.
  • Soulism - 10/10. Basically this ideology brough me into Polcompball, and probably one of my personal beliefs. But unlike original ideology, I dislike drugs and don't believe in complete egalitarianism.
  • Anarcho-Egoism - 9/10. This "ideology" influenced me a lot, and thanks to Stirner for shifting my beliefs away from moralism. One bad side - too obscure even for post-leftist standards (despite being one of first founders of post-leftism).
  • Avaritionism - 2/10. Terrible, but I like larping as you, for pissing off moralists and humanists. But if I meet unironic avaritionist filth, i will burn them alive with flamethrower and take their property.


I'm living in this universe for temporary amount of time. And, because of really awful and boring life in post-soviet country with increasing inflation, poor health, low salary and high rent, I decided that living in this world is not worth it. No, dont worry - I'm not trying to suicide. I just planning to shift my personal awareness from this universe to another one PERMANENTLY - into really early childhood in 2004 year. What happens after with my CR body, mind and life - I don't know and don't even care about it (Simply - I'm respawning). Just keep it your minds - If my account is inactive entire month, it means, that I successfully shifted. Good luck with your political climate and prosperity, ladies and gentlemen.Sometimes I return for checking what goes on in this Universe, so don't be surprised for sudden returnings.


  • - How I look in my DR
  • - Another Picrew portrait
  • - Cool side view


  • User:Khomeinism - Hello, please add me, I will add you too.
    • Done.
    • TEB - Hey I just wanted to explain the flag/emblem. I got it back when I was still into Prussian shit (this was prior to me joining PCB). Although I am Agnostic I kept it because the colors were goated.
    • Ok, I will change opinion.
  • Killer Kitty - Add me
    • Done.
  • Daniello - Add me.
  • Thugtholomew - Add me?

Archive 02

Glencoe- what the fuck is DR?

  • DR - Desired Reality. Basically a parallel universe , where my alternate self always existed from birth. CR - Current Reality, or just this universe.
  • TEB - I added you, took long enough. Now care to add me please?
    • Ok. (See in authleft section)
    • TEB - Thanks!
  • KryptoLocks - Please add me, I'll add back here shortly.
  • Yo, just want to say fairly based ideology, and the post-leftism is also epic, even if I find hating ancom as a 1/10 to be way too far. Based take on Manosphere as well, as most of them are cringe, even if some of them are less cringe than others. Also, radical menslib is based, though even moderate technocracy is soy IMO, and being a mythology enjoyer myself, being against all religion is kinda cringe, because even though you are correct in many ways the could have held people back, to say they have no merit whatsoever or have no potential for revolutionary action is ridiculous, as anti-colonial spiritualist movements that reclaim their indigenous faith and mythology can serve the revolution just as much as any secularist movement, if not far moreso, and your focus on assimilationism and hating on immigrants is kinda cringe, however based for hating on the antichr- I mean the UN, and while I am not one for hentai, to see a person who doesn't send death threats over fictional anime drawings that hurt nobody is based in my book (The wiki discord threatened to rape and murder me and my family because I said that committing violence against people who like fictional 17.9-year-old anime girls is cringe, I wish I was joking. So much for "protecting the children" when they unironically wanted to rape and kill my siblings) That being said, identifying yourself as "Kodomosexual" unironically because of fictional anime is literal dogshit optics, it's like labeling yourself "beastiophile" if you're into furry or "incestious" if you have an incest fetish for fictional characters. Though with that aside, I feel that I need to say that after reading your page, I am concerned about the final note that you left behind, specifically when you were talking about how you were going to "shift" yourself out of here, and that we would never see you again. All I can say to that even though you may never read this, I hope that wherever you are, you're living your best life, and that you will find true freedom from the constraints of the forces in society that burden you. -AnAnonBoi123
  • Ky panda - Bro is insane also is everyone going to ignore the pedophilia but add me (unless you made it to another universe lmao).
    • Because "Pedophelia" is when 17.9 year old fictional anime girl... amirite? I don't want to get into a fight over it since I don't even like it, but just like furries, fictional incest, or other niche fetishes, the irrational hate and threats of violence towards what is essentially a victimless crime even within "libertarian" spaces is just depressing. I don't care what they like, as long as they leave me and every other non-consenting person out of it, then we shouldn't care. More power to them I guess. Also, you like and defend Assad; a person who never gave a shit about the rights of children and had no moral restraint against bombing and gasing them and countless other innocent civilians, so honestly STFU about "protecting kids", because we know you're full of it.
  • KaiserEmperorOfCheeseEmpire - Holy God! Top Tier Delusion! Wake Up! Wake Up!
  • - Demographic posadism won't end capitalism. Who needs many humans in a world with automation?
    • I know that libright ones always survive. But still it's make those authright regimes go to massive "seething and coping". Just look Afghanistan under Taliban - those dumb religious faggots already starving, and I really celebrating🎉 that. Islamic Iran's fertility rate is bellow fertility rate, and it really frustrates those fundies. But one problem that humans is still breeding too much, and we need a massive global nuclear war to restarting it. I will even support development of killer robots for killing even more "useless lumpenproles that breeds to much".
    • It's weird that the states who believe "human shortage is a problem" also use the death penalty a lot (Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.), causing this "shortage" by their own hands. I agree with you that religious, low-tech societies will fall apart once they run out of manual laborers. But a high-tech society like ROK or Japan will not.
Archive 01

Glencoe13- 1. You’re insane 2. You’re a Sociopath and 3. You’re right about relationships not mattering.(Also if you somehow succeed in Universe Jumping can you tell me how)

  • - About (moderate) sociopathy - because of my young naive and empathetic past, i being manipulated by others for entire years! And after that i gain a conclusion - f*ck this manipulative humans, I'd rather care only myself. So, no more taking care of others, only - myself and my little properties. But no, i'm not a homicidal psycho that wants harm others. I'm a literally opposite - asocial and fearful NEET, that avoids contact with others as long as possible.
    • Glencoe13- So you have Sociopathy-Nomadic Subtype?
    • I dont know, really. Maybe some sort of apathetic schizoid syndrome, but totally NOT a "angry and misanthropic psychopathy".
    • Glencoe13- the best way to answer this question is to ask the question do you feel remorse when you hurt someone?
    • Partially, and it depends which type of people. If that person is bad from my subjective perspective (islamist for example), I don't feel any remorse, and hurting and killing them feels like average tedious job - no sadistic pleasure nor empathetic pain. Just small sort of proudness about acknowledging fact, that I punched/killed my personal enemy.
    • Glencoe13- Definitely Sociopathy-Nomadic Subtype then with some schizoid elements mixed in.
  1. Current World Order
  2. After global restart of humanity
  3. It means that I have love with peoples in my lucid dreams