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"The basic principle of subversion is to screw up the perception of reality of your enemy to such an extent that he does not percieve you as an enemy. And your system, your civilization and your ambitions appear to him as an alternative. You cannot subvert an enemy who does not want to be subverted."

Contrarianism is an economically, culturally, and socially variable ideology whose only defining feature is opposing any currently prevailing political ideologies and their respective policies. Contrarianism does not have any distinct policies of its own, sometimes taking an opposite stance to the powers that be, but often providing no alternative at all, merely leveling criticism without offering any substitute.

In practice, Contrarianism only works when holding an existing government to account, typically proving unelectable. It is a prime example of an ideology that makes for a much better opposition than it does an incumbent.


Contrarianism believes solely in berating and lamenting existing political norms, whatever they may be. Whilst this often sees it occupy left-wing or progressive territory, there are no fixed Contrarian ideals, and under a left-leaning regime, Contrarianism could also function as a vehicle for reactionary right-wing thought.



Dramacracy represents the ideology of Encyclopedia Dramatica, a general contrarian, satirical online community centered around a wiki that acts as a "troll archive". Its primary purpose is to write satirical articles about internet phenomena in the most vulgar and lulzy way possible. Anything is mockable from left to right, so long as the article strives for "lulz", then it is acceptable. The culture bears familiarity with early internet culture, especially that relating to 4chan.


Spencerism is based on the thoughts of American political figure Richard B. Spencer.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America on May 11th 1978 while his father named Rand Spencer was an ophthalmologist and his mother named Sherry Spencer/Née Dickenhorst was an heiress to cotton farms in Louisiana. Richard B. Spencer grew up at Preston Hollow in Dallas, Texas but later he attended St. Mark's School of Texas and then moved to Colgate University for one year before transferring to the University of Virginia at which in 2001 he received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature & Music.

In 2003, Richard B. Spencer received a Master of Arts in the Humanities from the University of Chicago but later in 2004, he voted for Democrat John Kerry instead of President George W. Bush during the United States presidential election because he knew that Bush stood for war. From 2005 to 2007, he was a PhD student in Modern European intellectual history at Duke University and then joined the Duke Conservative Union in which he met future then president Donald Trump's senior policy advisor named Stephen Miller but later Spencer spoke about the Duke Lacrosse rape case in which David Evans, Collin Finnerty & Reade Seligmann were accused of rape while credits it with changing the course of his career.

From March to December 2007, Richard B. Spencer was the assistant editor of a Paleoconservative magazine called "The American Conservative" but founder editor Scott McConnell fired him because his views were considered too extreme and from January 2008 to December 2009, he served as the executive editor of a Libertarian online magazine called "Taki's Magazine" in which run by Taki Theodoracopulos. During the late 2000s, he was involved in the Libertarian Party and during the presidential election of 2008, he supported Libertarian Republican candidate Ron Paul for president while hosting him at his discussion club called the "Robert Taft Club" but later he disavowed Libertarianism as incompatible with White Nationalism.

In 2010, Richard B. Spencer moved to Whitefish, Montana in which he splits his time between this location and Arlington, Virginia but also he married a Russian Canadian women named Nina Kouprianova with whom he has two children. He was invited to speak at Vanderbilt University by the "Youth for Western Civilization (2008-2012)" while in March 2010, he founded a website called "" in he edited it until 2012.

In January 2011, Richard B. Spencer became president mixed director of a White Nationalist think tank that was founded by William Regnery II 1941-2021, called the "National Policy Institute (NPI)" after the previous leader Louis R. Andrews have died since he was in control of this institute in 2005 and then Spencer was invited to speak at Providence College in 2011 by "Youth for Western Civilization" again.

In 2012, Richard B. Spencer founded the "Radix Journal" as a biannual publication of the Washington Summit Publishers while contributions have included articles by Kevin B. MacDonald, Alex Kurtagić, & Samuel T. Francis and then Spencer hosted a hosts a weekly podcast called "Vanguard Radio". In 2013, the "Anti-Defamation League" called Spencer a leader in White Nationalist circles while he said that after leaving The American Conservative magazine he rejected mainstream Conservatism because he believed it adherents can't represent explicitly white interests and he had a dispute with Neoconservative lobbyist Randy Scheunemann at the Whitefish Mountain Resort at Montana in which drew public attention but later in December the "National Policy Institute (NPI)" launched a website called the "Radix Journal" in which describes itself as a periodical on culture, race, metapolitics, critical theory & society even it received a grant from the "Pioneer Fund" a ethnic pseudo-scientific organization.

In 2014, a Liberal Progressive group affiliated with the Montana Human Rights Network rallied against Richard B. Spencer's residency in Whitefish but the city council in response approved a non-discrimination resolution and Spencer decided to go on a tour in Hungary but he was mocked by a Hungarian newspaper called "Népszabadság" for his call for a White Imperium through a revival of the Roman Empire along with his claim to be a Racial European while Prime Minister Viktor Orbán condemned Spencer by banning him in Hungary along with Poland in which banned him for being National Socialist, Anti-Polish and Anti-Slavic.

In 2015, Richard B. Spencer despite his opposition to same-sex marriage barred people with Homophobic views from the National Policy Institute's annual conference and in 2016, He was interviewed for "Time Magazine" in which he said rejected White Supremacy along with Slavery of Non-whites preferring to establish a White Ethnostate in America or in Europe but Jason Wilson in The Guardian newspaper has argued that Spencer and other White Nationalists are appropriating some elements of Socialism because of Capitalism as a Jewish stereotype. While in 2016, Twitter suspended the accounts of the NPI including Spencer in which he said about execution squads across the Alt-Right while accused Twitter of Corporate Stalinism but his Twitter account was reinstated several weeks instead of the account of the NPI and in April 2016, It was later reported that Spencer had given the Nazi salute at a karaoke bar. In October 2016, Spencer has separated from wife Nina Kouprianova while in November 2016, he delivered a speech about Donald Trump while quoted National Socialist propaganda in the original German to denounced Judaism along with 200 audience members in which they give a Nazi salute when he says "Hail Trump, Hail our people, Hail victory!" and he calls Donald Trump's 2016 presidential election "The Victory Of Will", a phrase evoked a German propaganda movie called "The Triumph of the Will" (1935). During the 2016 presidential election Spencer has said about Steve Bannon being "the best possible position to influence policy" when he was promoted to chief White House strategist along with senior counsellor by Trump and then Spencer has tweeted about women should not be allowed to make foreign policy while saying in a interview with "The Washington Post" stated that women should be returning to traditional roles as child bearers or homemakers in an American white ethnostate. During November 2016, an online petition to prevent Spencer from speaking at Texas A&M University in December 6th 2016, while it was signed by thousands of students, employees, & alumni in which led to a university organized counter-event that held to coincide with Spencer's event but later In December 2016, Republican Representative Ryan Zinke, Republican Senator Steve Daines, Democratic Senator Jon Tester, Democratic Governor Steve Bullock & Republican Attorney General Tim Fox condemned Spencer for Neo-Nazi march that had been planned for January 2017 and also Spencer announced he was considering an independent run for Montana's congressional district in the 2017 special election but he ultimately did not enter the race. The NPI has raised $50,000 in late 2016 and early 2017 from an online fundraising drive while has solicited donations to be sent to its Arlington, Virginia post office box.

In January 15th 2017, during Martin Luther King Jr's birthday Richard Spencer launched the "Alt-Right Corporation" with Daniel Friberg & Jason Jorjani in which its headquarters is based in Alexandria, Virginia while the site is a Right-Wing Populist for the members of the Alt-Right and it was owned by a Swedish Identitarian publishing company called "Arktos Media" while its headquarters is based in Budapest, Hungary. On January 20th 2017, Spencer attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump as he was giving an impromptu interview on a nearby street afterwards but he was punched in the face by a masked man who is part of "Antifa" while it was caught in online video that went viral leading to "Punch A Nazi" meme and leading to divergent views on whether the attack was appropriate. On February 23th 2017, Spencer was removed from the "Conservative Political Action Conference" in which he was giving statements to the press even the a spokesman said he was removed from the event because other members found him repugnant and then the "Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services" had listed the National Policy Institute (NPI) as not authorized to solicit in Virginia but in In March 2017, it removed the NPI's entry from its public database of non-profits while announced that it was reviewing the group's status. In April 2017, Spencer said in which he along with his divorced wife were not separated or still together while some days later he came into conflict with Libertarians after reportedly attempting to mess up an "International Students for Liberty conference" while the NPI had leased a townhouse office space on King Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia at which it maintains its headquarters today and the City leaders of Arlington & Old Town Alexandria acknowledged the groups right to operate but denounced it's views but it lead to several protests in the town. On May 13th 2017, before the Unite The Right Rally of 2017, Spencer led a torch-lit protest in Charlottesville, Virginia against the vote of the city council to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee who is commanding general of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia during the American Civil War (1861-1865) while himself & David Duke were among those who led the crowd that are chanting certain slogans and Michael Signer who is the mayor of Charlottesville, called the protest horrific while he stated that it was either profoundly ignorant or intended to spread fear among minorities in a way that hearkens back to the days of the Klu Klux Klan. In July 2017, Evan McLaren became executive director of the NPI but He resigned in April 2018, while As of January 2020 he has not been replaced and sources indicate that Spencer has leaked texts with Jason Kessler & Eli Mosley because of the Nazi salutes at the karaoke bar in April 2016.

The Unite The Right Rally

In August 11th, 2017, Richard Spencer & Jason Kessler has organized the "Unite The Right" rally at Charlottesville, Virginia after July 11th 2017, in which a another similar rally was held but this time by the "Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan" in which they protested against the removal of the Robert E. lee Confederate statue as well in which it was planned by the Charlottesville City Council after the wake of the Charleston Church shooting of 2015 and efforts were made across the South to remove Confederate monuments from public spaces along with renaming the streets honouring notable figures from the Confederacy and these efforts faced a backlash from people concerned about protecting their Confederate heritage.

Right-Wing Individual Participants
Right-Wing Group Participants
Left-Wing Individual Participants
Left-Wing Group Participants

In the evening of August 11th, 2017, a group of 250 Alt-Right protesters gathered for an unannounced march through the University of Virginia's campus towards the lawn while many of them carrying tiki torches in which they say "You Will Not Replace Us", "Jews Will Not Replace Us", "White Lives matter", "Blood And Soil" & "Whose Streets Our Streets" and then encountered a group of about 30 Leftist counter-protesters who are mostly UVA students who had locked arms around a statue of Thomas Jefferson that lead to people on both sides getting reportedly pepper sprayed or encountered brawls at the Rotunda. The Alt-Right protesters began swinging or throwing their tiki torches amid the chaos but several minutes later Virginia State Police came to break up the brawl and they have been in contact with Eli Mosley along with Christopher Cantwell & Robert "Azzmador" who are being interviewed by Vice News while Mosley claims the university officials has ignored the warnings relayed by their own faculty six hours before the torch rally. Meanwhile the Clergy led a pre-planned ecumenical Christian & Interfaith prayer service at St. Paul's Memorial Church on University Avenue in opposition to the Unite the Right rally.

In August 12th 2017, The Alt-Right protesters along with the Leftist Counter-protesters begin gathering at the Emancipation Park in 8:00am during the anticipation of the rally in which lasted at 5:00pm and the Alt-Right protesters are still chanting the same slogans along with some new ones like "The Goyim Know", "The Jewish Media Is Going Down" & "Jews Are Satan's Children" while they are wearing MAGA hats or waving any-type of Confederate/Right-Wing flags even they are carrying shields with batons/sticks. The Leftist Counter-protests during the "Unite The Right" rally including the clergy such as Rev. Seth Wispelwey linked arms together prayed with each other while sang songs of peace such as "This Little Light of Mine" but then chanted slogans including "We Have Already Won", "Black Lives Matter", "Antifascista", "No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA", "We're Here, We're Gay, We're Fight The KKK", "F*** You Fascists" "Punch A Nazi In The Mouth" & "Kill All Nazis" and they are wearing hoods and carrying Black Nationalist/Left-Wing flags but also carrying shields with batons/sticks just like the Alt-Right Protesters.

The Alt-Right protesters in the morning targeted Jewish Sabbath worshippers at a synagogue called Beth Israel in which lead them exit out of the back door for safety while carrying the Torah Scrolls but then the Alt-Right protesters moves to Lee Park to protect the Confederate statue from the Leftist Counter-Protesters along with being protected by Right-Wing militia groups like the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia, the New York Light Foot Militia, the Virginia Minutemen Militia, and the Three Percenters.

Many Alt-Right protesters along with Leftist Counter-protesters come in brutal conflict with each other in which lead 14 people in both sides being injured in street brawls while Richard W. Preston who is a self-identified Imperial Wizard caught on video shooting a pistol at Corey A. Long who is carrying an aerosol can whose spray he'd lit and U.S. Marine Vasillios Pistolis who is a member of the terrorist group Atomwaffen Division was assaulting a transgendered woman named Emily Gorcenski while carrying a modified version of the Confederate flag but also DeAndre Harris who is a former special education instruction assistant from Charlottesville was beaten up by six Alt-Right protesters in a parking garage in which lead to Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia to declared a state of emergency for public safety while at around in 11:22am before the rally was scheduled to begin Virginia State Police declared the gathering an unlawful assembly via megaphones along with riot police clearing 100 Alt-Right protesters away from the scene.

After the "Unite The Right" rally have been aborted while at around 1:45pm, James Alex Fields Jr. drove his car into a crowd of Leftist counter-protesters hitting them before reversing for safety to escape before being arrested in which 35 Leftists are injured and 32-year-old Heather D. Heyer was killed while at 4:40pm a Bell 407 helicopter owned by the Virginia State Police crashed into the ground of Charlottesville killing two state troopers who were on board even one of them was a pilot.

After The Unite The Right Rally

After the "Unite The Right Rally" Richard Spencer has been denied speaking at the University of Florida after opposition from students or locals of Gainesville, Florida for safety reasons but Floridan lawyer Gary Edinger threatened to sue the university for violating the First Amendment of the U.S Constitution and also Spencer has been denied speaking at the Louisiana State University & the Michigan State University. In October 19th 2017, Spencer spoke at the Curtis M. Phillips Centre for the Performing Arts on grounds of the University of Florida with Eli Mosley, Mike Enoch & Matthew Heimbach since it reached an agreement with Edinger but the security of the event costs about $600,000 and it drew about 2,500 loud protestors in which vastly outnumbering Spencer's supporters while later that day three of them who were residents of Texas are arrested while charge with homicide along with the Ohio State University rejected Spencer for speaking for safety reasons. A few days later the "Washington Post" ask Spencer on his opinion on American women having the right to vote but he said it was not a greatest thing after he stated that he was not terribly excited about voting in general and in November 2017, his twitter account was removed that made him to create a another acount later on Gab.

In July 2018, Richard Spencer was detained at Keflavík Airport in Reykjavík, Iceland on route to Sweden while then ordered by Polish officials to return to the United States of America that arises from the Schengen Agreement but then in August 2018, he moved out of Alexandria, Virginia and then in October 2018, his divorced wife accused him of emotional abuse, financial abuse & violent physical abuse even when he is four months pregnant or frequently in front of his own children and according to media reports, the recordings or thee text messages showed that Spencer tell his wife that he will break her nose, encouraging suicide and apologizing for previous incidents of physical abuse but he denied this while being not charged with a crime but then in November 2018, Spencer told his followers about Donald Trump not being the best president he hope for.

In a July 2019, Richard Spencer was interviewed on CNN in which he called Donald Trump's tweet about four congresswomen (telling them to go back to where they came from) racist while believed that Trump was practicing a con game in not clearly developing a White Nationalist agenda with tweets that are meaningless or cheap and in November 2019, Milo Yiannopoulos who is an Alt-Right person released an audio recording allegedly of Spencer using racist slurs immediately after Unite the Right rally of 2017.

In 2020, after following the assassination of Qasem Soleimani in which lead Richard Spencer criticized President Trump's administration for escalating tensions between the United States & Iran while he blamed the traitorous elites for it and he advocated for the United State to pull out of NATO while he called Russia the "A Sole White Power in the world" even his divorced wife referred to herself as a "Kremlin troll leader" along with Spencer who has ties with Aleksandr Dugin.

In late June 2020, Richard Spencer's National Policy Institute (NPI), David Duke, Stefan Molyneux & the American Renaissance magazine were banned from YouTube for not following the website policies on hate speech and in June 2020, Spencer was at court with Judge Norman K. Moon presiding over the Sines v. Kessler civil rights lawsuit that stemmed from the violence at the "Unite The Right rally" while his lawyer named John DiNucci allowed him to withdrawl from the case but Spencer still fined with $500 along with two weeks in a county jail in Montana if he did not pay over $60,000 that he owed to his divorced wife or legal guardian representing his children's interests but Spencer ultimately avoided going to jail after settling the debt. In August 2020, Spencer said that he planned to vote for Joe Biden with the straight Democratic ticket in the 2020 Presidental Election while Joe Biden campaign renounced his support while in November 23th, 2021, he was at court again but this time he was found liable on two counts such as civil conspiracy under Virginia state law & race-based harassment or violence but then the jurors awarded more than $25 million in total damages with Spencer personally liable for $700,000 in punitive damages. In January 16th, 2022, Nick Funtees released an audio recording of a phone call about Spencer ranting after being called a child molester in Twitter and in February 24th 2022, he supported Ukraine after the Russian Federation declares war on this nation while in June 14th 2022, he was on a dating website called "Bumble" as a Moderate instead of a White Nationalist.

Richard Spencer's Political Views

Health Care : Spencer supports legal access to abortion but in part because he believes it would reduce the number of Black or Hispanic people in which he says would be a great boon to White people and he also supports a national single-payer health care system because he believes it would benefit white people.

Religion : Spencer was an Secular Atheist but he also believes that Christianity had previously held some pragmatic value that helped to unify the White population of Europe but also he opposes traditional Christian values as a moral code due to the fact that Christianity is a universalizing religion rather than an ethnic one and he references his views on Christianity as being influenced by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche while Sean Illing from "Vox News" along with other certain news sources such as "The Week" & "The Courier-Journal" believes that Spencer's theory was incorrect. Spencer has promoted Paganism in the "Radix Journal" and also he described himself as a Cultural Christian.

Nazism : Spencer during the conference in which he held celebrating Trump's election mentioned the mainstream media as Lügenpresse also known as the lying press or the press of lies in which it was a term used by Joseph Goebbels and he also admires George Lincoln Rockwell who is the founder of the "American Nazi Party" for using the quote called "shock as a positive means to an end" but also he admires Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey & the German Conservative Revolution that included Carl Schmitt.

Ethnonationalism : Spencer now claims to be a White Zionist while parsing Israel's Jewish Nation-State law and he said "Jews are once again at the vanguard of rethinking politics and sovereignty for the future by showing a path forward for Europeans" even the Alt-Right does not support Zionism. During an interview with the Cable News Network (CNN) he said defined Syrians as white in the context of Steve Jobs's role in developing the iPhone but described them as a non-white presence in Europe in the context of the Syrian refugee crisis of 2011 and in 2016, Spencer expressed support for the Multi-National bloc as a potential racial empire and an alternative to "American hegemony" stating that he has "Always been highly sceptical of a certain group so-called 'Euro-Skeptics".


The Free Polcompball Wiki, otherwise more commonly known by it's initials, FPCB, is a Miraheze wiki presented as an alternative to the main Polcompball Wiki and to Polcompball Anarchy, and an infamous part of the Polcompball community, known for hosting many banned users, most of them banned for supporting extreme ideologies such as Fascism, Nazism, National Bolshevism or National Capitalism, making the wiki's main userbase Alt-Right.
While not all members of FPCB are banned, in fact most of the community is only on FPCB as well as the main part of the community (Ie: The main wiki and the Anarchy Wiki) as a way to have a larger scope on the community.

Notes on the Drama

We should note you that you shouldn't give more attention to FPCB and the Drama, as it's a quite heated topic in the community. So please view them at a safe distance. And please don’t go after or harass any of the Alt-Right users there. You won’t achieve anything Besides the Alt-Right isn’t as well-hated as it used to be


Whether anyone else says an opinion or even an objective fact, Contrarianism goes out of the way to say the opposite, no matter how absurd or illogical it is.

Basically, the person who hates on <insert popular thing here> because everyone is talking about it, usually without even digging into why it's popular. They just hate it because they think it will make them a much cooler person.

How to draw

  1. Draw a ball,
  2. Fill it with white
  3. Add four diagonal arrows in the corners pointing toward the center
  4. Fill the top-left and bottom-right arrows with red
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  7. Add the eyes, and you're done!
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Critical Thinkers


  • Revolutionary Progressivism - I like how you make things change, but if the government gets too progressive, I will have to become a reactionary, and then we can't be friends.
  • Reactionaryism - I like how you make things go back to a golden age. But if the government gets too reactionary, I will have to become a progressive, and then you can't come to my birthday party.
  • Neoreactionaryism - Geek son of above.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - And also his moderate son who's mildly more pro-status quo.
  • Radical Apoliticism - We both think that the status quo sucks, but we don't need to kill all ideologies.
  • Fascism - You used to be part of the status quo during the Second World War but now you're not even mainstream anymore.
  • Radical Centrism - Yes, every side can be wrong... Wait, why are you embracing certain status quo ideas?! Stop that!
  • Paleoconservatism & Classical Conservatism - The past was better than the present (still opposed it).
  • Progressive Conservatism - What? Make up your mind already!
  • Soulism - You hate current reality with the status quo, and you just... escape from it by shifting to your personal utopia? Why you are such a defeatist?
  • Manosphere - Go against feminism? Depends on which country we're talking about. If the country we're talking about is pro-feminist, I'm with you, but if it's anti-feminist...
  • Radical Feminism - That means it's RadFem time!
  • State Atheism - We usually get along except when he succeeded which fortunately is not very common.
  • Left-Wing Populism & Right-Wing Populism - Good opposition, but unfortunately you have become the establishment in some countries; but at least they usually still oppose the supranational entities that conform the current thing.
  • Welfare Chauvinism - Synthesis of the two above but you also have your moments of being part of the current thing.
  • Paternalistic Conservatism, Left-Wing Nationalism, National Communism, and Conservative Socialism - Also the opposite of the global status quo, but are or have been the local one.
  • State Liberalism - Are you or are you not part of the status quo?

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  1. "Everyone's an NPC except me" and similar monologues.
  2. Most of FPCB are Banned Polcompball Users.
  3. After Borker added ads to FPCB
  4. Kennan was a "Neocon" with anti-democratic views who opposed military interventions and the arms race and wanted to defeat communism through diplomacy with the Soviet Union and other AES regimes.


  1. "Nihilism", Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  2. While Spencer used to praise Israel's ethnostate status as a Jewish state. After the Hamas attack in October 7th and Israel's subsequent response he denounced Israel's hawkish policies, alleged ethnic cleansing, bombardment of Gaza and ultimately Zionism itself.
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