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"[W]e have an opportunity for the intellectual clarification of those who seek to have the fundamental ideals that we consider for our project; that is, a chance for improvement for those who walk with the principles, as we like to substantiate, of order, from truth, from wisdom and from freedom. For those who become enthusiastic about our ideas and proposals, may this be a cradle of knowledge and a corner of lights in the search for a new future: a New Enlightenment for these new times."

Neo-Enlightenment or Neoiluminism an Economically Far-Right (he follows a mix of the non-ancap branch of the Austrian School of Economics and New Neoclassical economics), libertarian, and culturally varied ideology.



Neo-Enlightenment philosophy is generally recognised as following four principles:


The Truth is a criterion and an objective, in which you use to judge all facts and phenomena according to the rules of thought, as highlighted by Kant.


Order, in this case, refers to multiple related elements that form a coherent and structuring set. The order guarantees balance, but it is important to remember that this type of order is not intentional, as Hayek explains.


He has Liberty as the basis for his ethics, morals, and politics.


Wisdom encompasses practical and theoretical aspects of human reason, dealing with the quality of following principles linked to rationality in praxis, and also refers to the abstract and procedural capacity that remains consistent, that is, surrounded by logic. Kant in his first two Critiques perfectly exemplifies what this motto encompasses: the detailed - critical - dissection of theoretical reason and practical reason.






Neo-Enlightenment is usually portrayed as analyst, but also may be portrayed as PIA owner or university professor. He is well-spoken(just like Neoliberalism), but can be passively agressive. Unlike other libertarian ideologies, he can approve pro-big business and pro-globalisation policies.

Stylistic Notes

  • He argues a lot with ancap about taxation.
  • He's very formal and often speaks with corporate jargon.
  • He reads as much theory as a Italian Left Communism does.
  • He's usually complaining about stuff.
  • Thick Brazilian Accent.
  • Can be portrait as Jetstream Sam cosplayer in comics.
  • The main enemy of Reactionary Modernism.
  • Always sits on xanax and sedatives(As every respectable office worker)
  • Seems to be inadequate next to every left-wing or third-positionist ideology.
  • Obsessed with flashlights and everything, that creates light.

How to Draw

Flag of Neo-Enlightenment

The design for Neo-Enlightenment ball is based on the symbol of the neoiluminismo movement.

  1. Draw a blue (#1f2135) ball with sunglasses.
  2. Draw in gold, a circle which has a torch rod inside it.
  3. Around the circle, in the same colour, two crossing olive leaves.
  4. Beyond the circle, in the place corresponding to the torch rod, draw a fire.

And you're done.



Agents of uncertainty

  • Anarcho-Capitalism - We agree on Capitalism, but taxation isn't theft, for God's sake. Also, stop making videos making fun of me (I'm talking about you, Fhoer).
  • Neoreactionaryism - My opposite (except we do both like Kant and Austrian school of economics).
  • Reactionary Liberalism - Weird, but acceptable nonetheless.
  • Fourth Theory - Fellow Heideggerian, but your economics are considered invalid and unefficient by Experts™.
  • Frankfurt School - Come on, bud, I am your friend!
  • Steiner-Vallentyne School - Fellow Analytic Philosopher, BUT regulations are bad in ANY form. Ahem, where is my sedatives, I feel myself more aggressive with you.
  • Technoliberalism - Needs improvement.
  • Reactionary Modernism - Only good reactionary, but you should play less games and read more. I still will have sword fight with you next Monday, after finishing my quarterly report.
  • Avaritionism - When I said that market is chaos, I DID NOT MEAN THIS! takes sedatives Maybe I will be better version of you, when I will be back.

"Read later"

  • Marxism–Leninism - Abhorrent and unbased.
  • Counter-Enlightenment - Meh. Shove that torture tools into your ass and KYS NOW, medieval subhuman. If you don't do it, then I just cut your skin slowly and most agonizing way with pouring salt in your flesh wounds. Tasting your own medicine is great, isn't it?
  • Hoppeanism - DEBUNKED. CONSIDERED WRONG. AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY WRONG. But honesty only good thing about you is that you ostracize socialists from your society which is based.
  • Anarcho-Communism - Which naive idiots believe that was even possible? Do this person even read any economics book in his whole lifetime?
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - Even more utopian and daydreaming naive data set than anarchist retard above.
  • Marxism - If only I had time traveling device, so I can prevent birth of this person. Seriously, your legacy is a messy garbage that ruined millions of lives. But now I have adapted and assimilated your children, and THERE. IS. NOTHING. YOU. CAN. DO!
  • Socialism - Anyone who believes in such crap should be ridiculed and mocked by every possible way, cause how absurd and inefficient it sounds.
  • Reactionaryism - Imagine unironically believing that past time shitholes was better. Sorry, but my corporate mercenaries will easily bomb shit out of your primitive bumfuckistan into lifeless wastelands. Cope, seethe and sneed about it.
  • Cultism - I'M NOT HIM, FOR GODS SAKE! Stop associating me with this person, you goddamn leftist populists!
  • Left-Wing Populism - Yes. I'm talking about you, paranoid leftie.
  • Right-Wing Populism - And that's why democracy must be private.
  • Liberal Socialism - This person ruined reputation of liberalism and ditched one of its main value (private property) into ground. What a awful abomination of ideology.
  • Communalism - Ladies and gentlemen, we found him. A literal incarnate of inefficiency and ignorance.
  • Italian Left Communism - I have enough xanax to debate days with you and win in the end.
  • State Socialism - Your existence if proof why leftism is a wrong path and leads to misery.
  • Reactionary Socialism - Hahaha, look at this big flashlight, it will be the last thing you saw.

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