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ALL OTHER WIKI IDEOLOGIES ARE BIG GAY!!! (especially My partner in crime)

We are sorry for the inconvenience, Illegalism has been apprehended for vandalism and has been banned indefinitely until further notice. - Police Statism DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS!!!*BLAM*
Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof (We are sorry for the continued inconvenience, Illegalism has been publicly executed for several crimes.) - Stratocracy

Illegalism is an Anarchist ideology and philosophy that claims that criminality is just another lifestyle.


Influenced by

Illegalism is mostly influenced by the thought of Max Stirner and Anarcho-Individualism in general.


Horizontal criminal groups existed throughout most of history, but the first criminal groups associated with anarchism started in the 20th century. Their activity was mostly in France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.


Illegalism is considered even by many individualist anarchists as suicidal praxis, so illegalism today isn't that popular, and today more popular is Insurrectionary Anarchism. Below are mentioned most significant insurrectionary groups.


Bonnot Gang

Bonnot Gang (in french La Bande à Bonnot) was a french anarcho-individualist and illegalist informal organization, that embraced the destruction of society as a goal. It was started by sympathizers of Anarcho-Individualism, who invented the idea of breaking the law as an attempt to spread anarchist ideas and create insecurity in the government that was considered as main enemies by individualist anarchists. The leader of the gang was Jules Bonnot. The idea of the gang was inspired by Max Stirner, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Friedrich Nietzsche. In this group, there were idealistic anarchists and normal criminals.

In 1911 the gang robbed banks by using stolen cars. The week after gang members broke into a gun store, stole weapons, then killed rich industrialist Moreau and looted his body. The gang specialized in stealing cars from garages. In 1912 Bonnot gang robbed a gun factory in Paris, and then stole another car. During terrorist attacks, they killed several police officers and bankers. Gang members were the most wanted criminals, police from the whole country searched them, and combating them was the most important theme in the media. After the next attack, police funding was increased in order to hunt down the Bonnots. This resulted in the imprisonment of most of the gang members, with only Bonnot and a few others getting away. Bonnot was killed in action during a clash with the police. The rest of the members were surrounded by the police inside a building, which the former blew up, taking the cops down with them. Most gang members were sentenced to death, but some got life sentences.

Fictional Examples

The Fight Club/Project Mayhem from the titular book and its movie adaptation could be seen as a fictional illegalist group. In the beginning, the Fight Club specialized only in illegal fights, but later its members started committing vandalism and terrorism.


Insurrectionary Anarchism

Illegalism and Insurrectionism differ slightly in goals and theory. Some insurrectionary anarchists want to change society and create something better, free territories without government and capitalism, while illegalists care only about self-interests without an end goal.


When Egoism is philosophy, Illegalism is one of its potential praxis.


Renzo Novatore

Renzo Novatore was an Italian anarcho-individualist poet, philosopher and militant. He is mostly known for book "Towards the Creative Nothing". His ideology was inspired mostly by Max Stirner, Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Baudelaire. WIP

Foundations and Beliefs


As core tenets of ideology can be considered:

  • Lack of hierarchical and structured organization.
  • Criminality as another lifestyle.
  • Law is an artificial institution that has no power to over another individual.
  • Negation of authorities.
  • Opposition towards work and legal markets.


Stemming from the Individualist branch, it often uses the philosophy of Anarcho-Egoism to justify its means, which most commonly includes theft and shoplifting, however, this may be expanded to include any crime which may improve its wellbeing. Illegalists also oppose legal markets and wage labor. It is false to assume that any criminal organization (except anarchist groups with ideas) practice Illegalism, it's still an anarchist and influenced by Stirner's Union of Egoists, so it is a horizontal unity of people, while most criminal organizations are hierarchical.


Internal conflicts in ideology

Social anarchists often consider Illegalism a nihilistic and bourgeois philosophy, because of the capitalist interpretation of freedom and competition, which wastes time on selfishly committing crimes, instead of creating a better life for workers by actively attacking the government. Criticism also came from fellow individualist anarchists, as they are usually against the illegalist lack of respect towards other individuals and ethical values.

Factions in Ideology

In illegalist organizations, like Bonnot Gang there were idealistic anarchists and regular criminals.

Personality and Behaviour

Illegalism compulsively robs banks and mugs people. He has a habit of vandalizing things that he doesn't like. He loots, plunders, and kills when he wants. He can be portrayed as an anarchist, but most of the time he is just a criminal.

How to draw

Flag of Illegalism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Draw a line in near-black diagonally across the ball.
  3. Fill the bottom half of the ball with the same near-black color, and fill the top half with teal.
  4. Draw a white Anarchy symbol in the middle.
  5. Draw a big exclamation point (!) in the center of the "A".
  6. Add the eyes, and you're done!
  7. (Optional) Add a black/gray fedora and/or a black eyepatch.
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Teal #036A66 3, 106, 102
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


  • Eyepatch/Stirner's glasses
  • Gun
  • Money bag
  • Drugs



Partners in Crime

  • Anarchism - Embrace that anarchy IS chaos!
  • Anarcho-Egoism - No spooks, only our ego.
  • Anarcho-Individualism - Anarchy is just a lifestyle.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - My philosophy. Reject politics, kill authorities, fuck work!
  • Insurrectionary Anarchism - Like me but more politically minded. Keep burning down and shooting up the governemnt, brother!
  • Hydrarchy - An old friend from across the sea.
  • Soulism - My number 1 drug buyer.
  • Kaczynskism - Sending bombs via mail is based! I love your praxis.
  • Avaritionism - Member of my crime syndicate, les voleurs d’ego.
  • Queer Anarchism -They’ve been my loyal partner in crime for a long time, even if I disagree that helping the LGBT community is necessarily a good thing. Be gay, do crime!


  • Post-Leftism - Brother, you're a fool to fight for causes. And theory is for NERDS, only praxis matters!
  • Agorism - Black markets are BASED! But why do you want to ban red markets? Selling organs and stolen things is based too!
  • Libertarianism - You hate monopolies but usually follow the law? CRINGE!
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Fake individualist moralist, but has lot of stuff to steal.
  • Ego-Communism - You wanna be a selfish bastard like me but you're still a commie!
  • Communalism - I agree that if I want something I can just take it, but I will NOT give you MY property.
  • Apoliticism - You hate politics but you’re spooked by law? Cringe. I'll steal your grill and steaks.
  • Manosphere - I see nothing wrong in rape and incel shootings, but enslavement of women isn't good either.
  • Anarcho-Fascism - You’re too concerned about all this “tradition and nation” BS.
  • Anti-Fascism - I may like riots, but I am only here to loot and kill and I don't care about your selfless cause! Also, many of you are statist.


    • ...THREE, TWO, ONE, ZERO! *BOOM*
  • Police Statism - YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! *pew pew*
  • Caudillismo - Holy sh*t stop shooting at me!
  • Kritarchy - Suspend the trial! *points gun* I repeat, SUSPEND THE TRIAL!
  • Platformism - F*ck your organization, fake anarchist!
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism - When you say syndicates we think about two different types of organization, and f*ck your bureaucracy!
  • Legalism - Yes, I am motivated by my self-interest. Do you think you aren’t?
  • Hive-Mind Collectivism - No, I... I ain't talking about that freak, alright?
  • Liberal Feminism - Aah, what a beautiful woman walking alone tonight. Now, *pulls her aside* Let's take off your clothes and let the fun begin.
  • Ingsoc - Nadsat is better than newspea-*unpersoned*

Further Information

For overlapping political theory see:

Anarcho-Egoism, Anarcho-Nihilism, Insurrectionary Anarchism




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