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About Me

Hey there!

I'm Juh, I've been in this community for a while but now I'm trying to help with the art around here :)
I'll leave some of my drawings that I uploaded to wiki pages in here, and preaphs in the future write a little more about me? idk, maybe...
Want to know more about how I think? Check my self-insert page on PCBA Iberian Communism!


WARNING : Making a drawing of some ideology does not mean that I endorse it in any way, I'm just here to make art for pages in need, no matter the ideology!


  • Ky panda - your so based (i also love your art) add me on discord
  • File:ExpSocialTech.png TheGreatSocialTechnocrat - Yo sorry for the accidental edit to your self-insert, was coping some of the code and thought I was editing my own self-insert