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"Atomic war is inevitable. It will destroy half of humanity: it is going to destroy immense human riches. It is very possible. The atomic war is going to provoke a true inferno on Earth. But it will not impede Communism."

Posadism is an authoritarian and economically left ideology based off the ideas of J. Posadas. He's the "crazy cousin" of the leftist family, and holds very unorthodox views. He holds the belief that socialism can only be achieved after the collapse of society after a global nuclear war.

He also believes that socialist alien civilizations with advanced technology exist, and will help humanity rebuild earth into a utopia after the nuclear collapse and that humans can communicate with dolphins and probably other animals too, saying that work in the area would lead to "the harmonization of human relations with nature".

Other beliefs he holds include a fervor for water birthing and the belief that humans will ultimately end up reproducing asexually "like amoeba", curing "miserable, abominable sexual excitement", however, many Posadists argue against the latter.


Life of J. Posadas


Leader of the Latin American 4th International


Breakaway from the 4th International


Cultism in the Fourth International Posadist



Nuclear War towards Communism


Extraterrestrials in Space



Posadism has an eccentric personality, he is a self-described "ufologist", claiming to have been possibly abducted, and may or may not have regular sexual relations with dolphins (which he vehemently denies). He is extremely high 90% of the time. He is a conspiracy theorist through and through, and his paranoia will often get in the way of logic, especially when aliens are involved. He also has an impulse disorder related to explosions and will bomb things regularly for the fun of it. He can also be found reading and sometimes watching The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, watching Star Trek, and listening to space rock groups. He is considered as retarded and rejected by everyone.

How to Draw

Flag of Posadism
  1. Draw a red ball.
  2. Draw a yellow circle on the red ball.
  3. Draw a black nuclear symbol inside the yellow circle.
  4. (Optional) On the Nuclear symbol draw things relating to Aliens, Dolphins and Trotskyism, the placement doesn't have to be specific.
  5. Draw eyes.
  6. (Optional) Draw alien antennae on it's head.



☊⍜⋔⍀⏃⎅⟒⌇ (Comrades)

⎎⍀⟒⋏⟒⋔⟟⟒⌇ (Frenemies)

  • ⋔⏃⍀⌖⟟⌇⋔ - “Means of interpretation superior to Marxism will arise, not because Marxism is incorrect, but because humanity will reach a better understanding. The dialectic will be part of some superior tool. All these people who accept the existence of flying saucers do so without the impulse or the will to develop scientific understanding, but simply because they are obliged to recognize a real event for what it is.” -J Posadas
  • ☊⏃⌇⏁⍀⍜⟟⌇⋔ - We helped you in Cuba [3], but why did you ally with tankie?! You also denounced us at the 1966 Tricontinental Conference. Also, didn't you kill Guevara?! YOU [Censored] WE WERE SO CLOSE TO A FUTURE SOCIALIST UTOPIA BUT YOU HAD TO CANCEL THE NUKES REEEEEEEE
  • ☍⍀⎍⌇⊑☊⊑⟒⎐⟟⌇⋔ - Same as above but you really terrify those Yankee imperialists with the Tsar Bomb.
  • ☌⍜⍀⏚⏃☊⊑⟒⎐⟟⌇⋔ - At least you gave us Chornobyl, a sample of the posadist utopia.
  • ⍀⟟☌⊑⏁-⍙⟟⋏☌ ⌿⍜⌿⎍⌰⟟⌇⋔ - Annoying right-winger... who likes cults and lizard conspiracies??
  • ⏃⎐⏃⍀⟟⏁⟟⍜⋏⟟⌇⋔ - Psychopathic capitalist... That wants nuclear war? What?
  • ⟊⟟⋏☌⍜⟟⌇⋔ - Reactionary useful idiot, that can be used for accelerating status quo system towards world war 3.

⟒⋏⟒⋔⟟⟒⌇ (Enemies)

Due to being a post-apocalyptic ideology, a lot of ideologies have negative views on Posadism, including most leftist ideologies. This hatred is mutual, because of culturally noveltist views this ideology hates mainstream leftists for not being progressive enough.

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  1. J. Posadas had led 'revolutionary morality movement' to ban any sexual intercourse that is not aimed at reproduction. J. Posadas argued that sexual intercourse will be replaced by technology after communist system is achieved.
  2. He was expelled from the Revolutionary Labour Movement
  3. https://www.marxists.org/archive/posadas/1960/06/cuba.htm