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"We can either passively continue on the road to utter domestication and destruction or turn in the direction of joyful upheaval, passionate and feral embrace of wildness and life that aims at dancing on the ruins of clocks, computers and that failure of imagination and will called work."

Anarcho-Primitivism (AnPrim) is an Anarchist, economically undefined and anti-technological ideology. It is based upon the belief that technological advancement fundamentally leads to a lifestyle which is either unfulfilling and/or authoritarian, and that to achieve a free society, technology must be rejected.

While often portrayed as an anprim, Theodore Kaczyński publicly called out primitivists and is actually an anarchist Neo-Luddite.


Anarcho-Primitivism formally started with John Zerzan who in the 80s broke with traditional Autonomism with his writings on civilization in which he sharply critiqued and analyzed the arising of civilization, capital, and language connecting each of these.

His beliefs would be relatively unknown except within niche Autonomist, Hippie, and student circles. It was only during and after the trial of the Unabomber that his ideas would reach the mainstream and find popularity outside of these circles.


Domestication of the Human through Capital

Former Left Communist, Jaques Camatte framed capital as a extremely totalizing force, which through training the human with work, education, and technology was able to domesticate the human towards the ends of capital, thus making any resistance to capital futile.

Personality and Behaviour

AnPrim is represented as a primitive hunter-gatherer who will act with extreme anger at any sort of technology, often trying to destroy it. He is said to worship the "Sun god" and "Moon God." He also says "Ooga" and "Booga" a lot.

How to Draw

Flag of Anarcho-Primitivism

Drawing Anprim is very simple:

  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Draw a line in a lighter shade of black (#141414) diagonally through the ball.
  3. Fill the space below the line with the same color as the line and the space above the line green (#018001).
  4. Add the eyes, and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Green #018001 1, 128, 1
Black #141414 20, 20, 20


Fellow Grugs

  • Neoluddism - Technology bad. Smash technology. Grug like Ted. But why Ted no like Grug? Is because Grug no like agriculture?
  • Odalism - Grug like Varg.
  • Autonomism - He think Zerzan very smart.
  • Tribalism - Tribe elder very wise, but tribe elder not ruler.
  • Kakistocracy - He help Grug make Anarcho-Primitivism faster.

Partial Grugs

  • Primalism - He primitive, but Grug think too primitive. But Grug can hunt tasty beast you are.
  • Eco-Fascism - He like Ted, but he want to keep state? Grug no understand.
  • National Primitivism - Fellow Grug but why keep state? And no race no nation only tribe.
  • Eco-Anarchism - He good friend, but we need kill tech to stop Sun God anger.
  • Archeofuturism - How you be robot and ooga at same time?
  • Reactionaryism - Grug think things need turn back more! And Grug think earth older than sixty hundred year.
  • Posadism - Grug like idea of destroy civilization but he want use tech to destroy whole world! Grug scared!
  • Italian Left Communism - Cammate influence Grug, but Grug not sure of this "communism" he speak of.
  • Soulism - Grug welcome shaman friend. But shaman say confusing thing that Grug no understand. Grug confused and scared!
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - He no like civilization but he no like tribal lifestyle too. Weird and sad Grug.
  • Post-Leftism - He no like state no like civilization and like Cammate and Zerzan? Me love! No like hunt or gather? Me hate.
  • Pagan Theocracy - Praise Sun God but Grug no like state.
  • Gerontocracy - Old person wisest. But old person no rule.

Non Grugs

  • Transhumanism - Grug smash! Industrial Revolution bad!
  • Industrialism - Factory bad. Raid factory. Destroy factory.
  • Agrarianism - Grug Roar! Agriculture create bad civilization!
  • Conservatism - Grug think you no traditional.
  • Esoteric Fascism - Grug laugh loud at pagan pseudo-reactionary. Grug say there no alien civilization in past, only primitive tribes. And Sun God no fake, no made by alien.

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