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"There cannot be peaceful coexistence in the ideological realm. Peaceful coexistence corrupts."

Revolutionary Progressivism also called Ultraprogressivism, Neo-Jacobinism, and Neo-Progressivism is a culturally and (most of the time) economically left ideology that believes in the radical restructuring of existing society through violent means in the vision of modern progressive ideals. The ideology ultimately sees that strict conservative cultural norms are holding back societies from developing into the modern era and that there is no point in preserving them.

Because of its stance on abolishing traditional or oppressive social structures, it has been deemed as a culturally far-left ideology (or Alt-Left by some), meeting friends among the way such as Jacobinism, Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, and other or left-anarchist or socialist ideologies.


The history of all revolutionary causes is associated with Progressivism, which expanded in the era of the Enlightenment. However, it wasn't until the organization of the Jacobin Club rooted the ideas credited to Revolutionary Progressivism.

Red Shirts and Tomás Garrido Canabal

Red Shirts (or in Spanish Camisas Rojas) was an extremist left-wing and anti-religious group founded in 1931 by Tomás Garrido Canabal, in his tenure as governor, the name is because members wear red shirts. The group aimed to follow the orders of Canabal, which was mainly anti-clerical as articles of 1917, in which it destroyed several church buildings.

The group's ideals consisted of attacking things that "hindered progress" like religion and alcohol, as well as having a bias towards Marxism and Leninism (with an extra focus on Leninism), in which their anthem was the internationale and many were based on the Bolsheviks and were even accused of being "fascists" and "indoctrination shock troops for the intense campaign against God and religion". The group disbanded in 1935 after Canabal ordered them to kill Catholics and Cardenas arrested 62 members.

  • Tomás Garrido Canabal - Tomás Garrido Canabal was an anti-religious military politician and governor of Yucatan and Tabasco in Mexico and his ideology was Garridismo. Even before taking a role in politics, he was expelled for demonstrating against Porfirio Diaz in his first year of high school.

He became known for his administration as governor of Tabasco (1920-1935), in which he promoted some social advances such as women's suffrage and public education, but was accused of authoritarianism and brutality, especially for his anti-religion campaign, having as focus on Christianity, in which he founded Camisas Rojas to persecute and destroy churches in Tabasco. He justified his religious persecution by saying it was a way of "seeking the freedom of the people", he had banned masses and religious images were burned in public, in addition to having encouraged satirical plays mocking Christianity. Another important aspect was socialism, in which he founded several socialist organizations, the best known being Camisas Rojas and he was very fond of Lenin. He also banned alcoholic beverages (except beer) and executed criminals without trial, causing crime in Tabasco to decline.

Described as socialist tyranny by Martin C. Needler, in 1934 he had Catholic youths shot in Coyoacán Square, generating indignation among the population. He left in 1935, after the arrival of Lázaro Cárdenas, went into exile in Costa Rica, dying in California in 1943.

Foundations and Beliefs

Revolutionary Doctrines and principles


On Tradition

Revolutionary Progressivism believes that traditions are to be removed from society through quick graduations. The cultural revolutions in France, Paraguay, USSR and China helped solidify the decline of conservative norms as the traditions being conserved were outlawed and banned, and those practicing them were persuaded to be re-educated. Afterward, new cultural ideas would be left to the once-oppressed workers to clean up, implementing a proletarian culture.

But in the case of more anarchist or anti-authority ideologies such as Queer Anarchism, it focuses on collapsing the state, the upholding force of the current social structures. It believes once the state is destroyed, nothing will enable oppression, therefore any radical social change is achieved by a sense of liberty.

Most groups and followers of revolutionary progressivism, have followed generally left-wing and socialist economic values, such as the Black Panthers Party in the United States, the Socialist Unity in the United Kingdom, and the United Red Army in Japan. This is most likely due to either oppressed groups rising up in a revolutionary manner, which lends itself to economic left-wing, as that is the oppressed workers rising up.



Noveltism, also called Hyperprogressivism is an Ideology created by Polcompball User K-Tech to describe the off-compass cultural left, it believes that anything that isn't new is taboo, and must be constantly replaced by something new every day, it sometimes includes Posadism and/or Transhumanism into its beliefs. It's also the more extreme and literal version of Futurism.

Personality and Behavior

Despite having similar ideas to Progressivism, RevProg is different as he is more prone to violence. He feels as if the current society was always oppressive and/or anti-egalitarian and that a huge revolution will inevitably come and change everything. He read into revolutionary ideas about insurrection, abolishing classes, gender structures, and more, and may carry or smoother revolutionary books. He has a hot-headed personality. He is not afraid to get out his pistol and start shooting or attacking people.

His tactics are frequently employed by anarcho-communists and other leftists. Reactionaryism is his biggest rival as they both like to use violent tactics to further their respective ideologies and are on opposite sides of the cultural spectrum.

When analyzing historical leaders, he judges them based on today's times rather than the times that they lived in. This may result in him calling for the removal of statues, citing slave ownership, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. He may do so by protest, vandalism, or even destruction.

Stylistic Notes

Revolutionary Progressivism can be drawn with any kind of handheld weapon and isn't afraid to use it. He sometimes wears a red bandana too, to show his loyalty to revolutionary or proletarian societies.

How to Draw

Flag of Revolutionary Progressivism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it in with neon green.
  3. Draw a green stripe going through the ball, starting from the top right and ending on the bottom left.
  4. Draw a dark green arrow in the middle.
  5. Draw the eyes.
  6. (Optional asset) Give the left eye a pink scar going behind it.

You're done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Neon green #42FF20 66, 255, 32
Green #289313 40, 147, 19
Dark green #103A07 16, 58, 7


Progressive Comrades


  • Progressivism - You've got the right ideas, dad. But stop being such a wuss and pick up your flamethrower, incinerating cultural counterrevolutionaries will change history for the better! Also why are many in the west reformists?
  • Enlightened Absolutism - One of the monarchists that act as a progressive force, but you're not even revolutionary, just enlightened. Plus most of us prefer republicanism.
  • Neoliberalism - People like Kagame are progressive forces for countries of such conditions, sure, but you and your ideology are imperialist, exploitative, and sometimes conservative. Overall, it is about time that you, as the current status quo, must go and be replaced! Also, Thatcher and Reagan were homophobes who supported Apartheid and Operation Condor. At least Macron defunded the boomers.
  • State Liberalism - Like the above but on steroids.
  • Fordism - Like the above but on Soma.
  • Social Democracy - What happened to you?! You used to be one of the most based Marxists but now you became a moderate reformist! Also never forget about you killing Rosa!
  • Democratic Socialism - Good direction, but you can't use parliamentary means! We must be a revolutionary class! No negations!
  • Civil Libertarianism - Allowing reactionaries to speak out? Not sure...
  • Secularism - Why do you want to tolerate religious people, who are insane pseudocrats?
  • Kemalism - I love how you revolutionized Turkish society and got rid of the old Ottoman crap and theocracy and modernized Turkey into the most secular and progressive country in the Islamic world. But why is reformism in your core principle? Don’t you know that the revolution is the best way to beat reactionaries? You should also have removed Islam rather than enforcing the thing above.
  • Tridemism - Sun Yat-sen’s revolution was a progressive force for China against reactionary elements of the society. But again, Chiang Kai-shek was gigacringe and most of your modern-day followers are cringe conservatives. Still, I like Left-KMT members who are socially progressive and revolutionary.
  • Anarcho-Pacifism - You're weak. Peaceful protest will never solve our problems!
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism - Many of you are like the above and too reformist, though you were also mostly based historically. I also like what Durruti said about churches.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Getting rid of the old Tsarist society and defeating the fascist scum were based moves, and many of you are very progressive! However many of his states are now reactionary, but he claims that they are revisionist and have nothing to do with him.
  • Pol Potism - You initially claimed to be me, but you became so obsessed with removing the old culture that you ended up becoming a reactionary, ultranationalist, agrocuck.
  • Ho Chi Minh Thought - You did have a revolution against your colonial oppressor France and kicked out the above guy (in turn acting as a force for progressive change). However, your successors have become more and more reformist/conservative.
  • Pink Capitalism - You may claim to be progressive, but you seem to be more concerned with money and aesthetics than actual cultural issues. And NAP is bullshit.
  • Black Nationalism - We will fight for you, but some of your variants don't seem to get along with me.
  • LGBTQ+ - We will fight for your rights. Just don't be like them or we will turn our backs on you.
  • Progressive Fascism - The ONLY good fascist. (Still a fascist).
  • Reformism - You too! Aren't you just a Progcon??? You better not, since progressivism and conservatism are inherently incompatible.
  • Anti-Authoritarianism - Not fully sure. A strong state may be needed to defeat Conservatives and Reactionaries. Lu Xun was still based tho.
  • Contrarianism - Opposition to conservative norms is based but why are you criticizing me?
  • Anti-Centrism - So you support me? Amazing! But why do you also support the far-right? Though I do appreciate your hatred toward those pesky centrists and your commitment to revolutionary change..
  • Castroism - A fellow comrade but what's up with the mistreatment of queers? You dislike theocratic institutions but also tolerate religion. That isn't enough for me. At least you are making rapid progress now and recently passed one of the most progressive laws for the LGBTQ+ in Latin America.
  • Titoism - I like how you pitted and battled fashoids and Nazi garbage and revolutionized the Yugoslavian culture, but you were also a bit too soft on the church and didn't fully decriminalize homosexuality, though at least Yugoslavia still became relatively tolerant of the latter during the 70s.
  • Honeckerism - DDR was pretty progressive on LGBTQ+ rights back in the days, but why did you associate yourself with the filthy conservative Brezhnev?

Reactionary Scums

  • Conservatism - You should shove "mUh tRadItiOns!1!" up your ass.Your "traditions" are the product of habits, you only limit us with your meaningless norms. It's revolution time!
  • Reactionaryism - Your "glorious old days" will never come back, keep dreaming.
  • Horseshoe Centrism - No!!!! Stop saying Kaczynskism and Revolutionary Conservatism are the same thing as us!
  • Radical Centrism & Dead Centrism - They are actually conservatives in disguise who claim to be "centrist".
  • Apoliticism - If you want things to be right, you must be politically involved, whether you like it or not. If you remain apolitical, then I will grill you.
  • Radical Apoliticism - Ignorant dumbasses that think not contributing to anything will benefit our new society.
  • Religious Rejectionism - You are still reactionary.
  • Moderatism & Anti-Radicalism - Society reform will never be achieved if you're so moderate about it!
  • Centrists - You are all conservatives because conservatism means maintaining the status quo, which is what you stand for.
  • Progressive Conservatism - Your attempts to be "tolerant" and preserve "cultural balance" while remaining a c*nservative won't work, take off that mask and pick a side already! Support to my Progressive Traditionalist comrades, though.
  • Trumpism - I can't wait till you get assassinated, fucking reactionary scum!!!
  • Bidenism - Just because you are not Tr*mp, does not spare you because you are a moderate boomer who worked with racists in the past.
  • American Model - All your politicians are either pathetic normies or slowpokes who did not obliterate enough heritage. Both parties will fall! I especially hate Texas and Florida.
  • Bull Moose Progressivism - Sure, you were sort of a progressive figure and force at home, but just because you gave (white) women rights doesn't make up for the fact that you're still a bigoted, racist imperialist who colonized and oppressed lesser developed countries like the Philippines and those in Latin America. You're just a progressive in name only. Wilson especially was bad.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - You don't care about the revolution huh? And you prefer anti-society insurrection! GET THE GUILLOTINE!
  • Shapiroism - Facts don't matter when there's fucking justice to be had.
  • Liberal Conservatism - And you, too! You may claim to hate him, but you are still c*nservative.
  • Rockefeller Republicanism - I don't care if you brand yourself as "moderate".
  • Anarcho-Conservatism - You really think being an anarchist will save you? Conservatism, authoritarian or not, must be purged from existence ASAP
  • Conservative Feminism - You claim to be a fighter of feminism, yet you support hierarchies that oppressed women for ages.
  • Maternalism - Get out of the kitchen, NOW!!!
  • Traditionalism - Fuck you, your """traditions""" and your "back in my day" shit, ya son of a bitch. It's 2024 now and you should not behave like this.
  • Silver Legionism - I find it laughable that you even think you could defeat me in battle! Prepare to meet your downfall, you old pipe-smoking, spiritualist lunatic Christcuck!
  • Neoreactionaryism & Reactionary Modernism - "Modern" reactionaryism. What an oxymoron.
  • Jihadism - F*ck ISIS.
  • Conservative Socialism - Fuck you for running the USSR into the dirt, Brezhnev!
  • Welfare Chauvinism - ConSoc without the mask. Also, social fascism??? Really??
  • Reactionary Socialism - Fake socialist.
  • Paternalistic Conservatism - You cannot bribe me into following your outdated values with welfare. I'd rather take that money off your corpse.
  • Authoritarian Conservatism - Thanks to you, you f*cker, you turned countries like Russia to garbage!
  • Neoconservatism - Your stupid wars have led to so many people getting killed for oil and you could at least allow more women, LGBT people, POC, and disabled people in the military. At least you oppose Putin, ISIS, Khamenei and Xi
    • - I do hire minorities. Race is no matter to me, only markets.
  • Manosphere - DIE, SEXIST SCUMBAG!!!
  • Religion - I've had enough of your superstitions and brainwashing enabling cons. Ready to meet your god, asshole?!
  • Religious Nationalism - Tribalism fueled by spiritualism.
  • Khomeinism - What is this!? you are kind of a revolutionary conservative (that's exactly my opposite). One day I will take revenge on you for the cultural revolution you did.
  • Cultural Nationalism - "No!1!1! You can't destroy stanistani great culture"? It will be funny to smash your head to the ground and burn your paintings.
  • Alt-Right & Alt-Lite - They're both worthy competitors, I'll give that, doesn't change the fact that both of them are rightoid chuds.
  • Racial Nationalism - Show some fucking tolerance to people other than your own you chud!
  • Ethnonationalism - And you too.
  • Nazism & Fascism - Your downfall was one of the best moments of my life!
  • Pagan Theocracy, Odalism, and Esoteric Fascism - Pagans are even more reactionary than Abrahamics, hang them all! My Aboriginal spiritualist friends will get a pass, though.
  • Theocracy - Rule by a strong religious class? CRINGE!
  • National Capitalism - The worst kind of capitalism.
  • Conservative Liberalism - If only I could feed Peterson to lobsters and Prager his own urine and feces.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - Even more stupid than Cucklib.
  • Korwinism - Stay away from children.
    • - Stay away from animals!
  • National Bolshevism & Fourth Theory - Not that "Alt-Left"!
  • Radicalism - John Brown was cool, sure. But you are not "radical", you are nowadays just a moderate soclib who thinks this is the 19th century. And I am not him.
  • Eco-Conservatism - The environment will burn if it means tradition dies.
  • Homoconservatism -You will never be accepted in the LGBT community, you are just a conservative who advocates LGBT relationships only within the framework of “traditional values”.
  • Homofascism and Stransserism - OMG! This does not make any sense at all. Like him, you are both traitors!
  • Libertarianism - You are just a crypto-conservative pig. You better start running.
  • Libertarian Conservatism & Paleolibertarianism - Wow, the two of you are LITERAL conservatives! Get ready for your executions, bigots!
  • Reactionary Libertarianism - Bruh.
  • Radical Feminism & National Feminism - Contary to whatever crap people might believe, in reality I support real feminist movements who fight right for their rights, not FUCKING FASCIST REACTIONARIES WHO HATE MEN!
  • Hoppeanism - The one who gets physically removed is you!
  • Jewish-Nazism - What an oxymoron! You are traitors against your own kind! I will hunt you down!
  • Right-Wing Populism & National Conservatism - "The Elites" won't destroy the traditional way of life. I will.
  • Washingtonism - George Washington owned black slaves. TEAR DOWN HIS STATUE!
  • Gerontocracy - The youth shall rule! Old leaders tend to be more elitist and care less about change anyway.
  • Dengism - Stop undoing my work and I'll never forgive you for the arrest of the Gang of Four!
  • Xi Jinping Thought - Worse than the above, as you brought back the traditions that Mao tried hard to get rid of!
  • Brezhnev Doctrine - Same as above as you turned the USSR into a consoc hellhole!
  • Putinism - Worse than the above! I can't wait for the day you get assassinated, fucking rashist scum!
  • Counter-Enlightenment - *gets torn to shreds by a mob of Sicilian peasants*

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Online Communities



  1. A lot of Furry Twitter bash Christianity regularly, or say that all conservatives "want to kill trans people"
  2. It is also very important to note that Debord participated in and played a very crucial role in the May 68 movement.
  3. The Young Patriots, despite using confederate flags, were not racist or neo-confederate sympathisers.