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Maoism–Third Worldism, also known as MTW or Neo-Maoism is an economically far-left ideology that argues for the centrality of anti-imperialism to the victory of global communist revolution.


He insists a global people's war is a necessary military strategy for bringing an end to the historically unequal relationship built between the First and Third Worlds. This strategy includes the systematic delinking of the exploited economies of Third World countries from the parasitic First World, and the unification of international forces to deprive the imperialist countries of resources and wealth extracted from Third World countries. To break this relationship Maoism–Third Worldism proposes a joint-dictatorship of the proletariat of oppressed nations (JDPON) to work as a centralized organization to defeat the First World.


The idea of Third Worldism in Marxism has its origins in the Tatar communist and Bolshevik Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev, who devised a Colonial International, independent of the Comintern that would defend the anti-colonial struggle of countries in Africa, Asia and America.

The concept would be taken up by Che Guevara in his writing, Message to the Tricontinental, of 1967, where he criticized the role of the United States in Asia (giving Vietnam and China as examples), Africa (with the Congo, Mozambique and Angola), Middle East and America (citing Cuba and talking about the guerrillas in Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Bolivia and Brazil).

In a 1965 speech, Long Live the Victory of People's War!, the Chinese Maoist Lin Biao mentions Asia, Africa and Latin America as places where the revolutionary movement has grown and where the world revolution depends and mentions that socialist countries must support their fight.

The MTW's best-known (and somewhat infamous) writing is Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat, written by the Japanese-American Maoist J. Sakai, which argues that the white working class is petty-bourgeois and reformist, and that they are the colonized (black and indigenous) those who are the true American proletariat.


  • Leftier than thou
  • Will constantly tell people to read Settlers
  • He's probably a white Westerner.
  • Consider race more important than class.
  • Admire revolutionaries from countries like Africa, Asia or Latin America.

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  • Socialism - Like um, but they won't end the exploitation of the Third World. Please read Settlers.
  • Mao-Spontex - Anarchism will get you nowhere, brother.
  • Marxism–Leninism–Maoism - He's my brother but he thinks I'm "strange".
  • Ethnocacerism - I didn't mean literal genocide of First World inhabitants dammit!
  • Trotskyism - A fellow internationalist and globalist. Even though you're a revisionist, I still like your idea of Permanent Revolution.


  • Liberalism - Woke First World piece of s***.
  • Dengism - Disgusting capitalist under a mask!
  • Hindutva - Even if I don't get along with him, I hope he can kick your ass.
  • Neoliberalism - Neocolonialists!
  • White Supremacy - FOR THE LAST TIME, You are not part of the proletariat, but you are part of the colonizing labor aristocracy, Read Settlers!
  • Capitalism - The third world will thrive when the first world bourgeoisie are kicked out!
  • Reactionaryism - You uphold harmful structures and you must be evaporated.
  • Neoconservatism - DIE!!!!!
  • Western Imperialism - Burn in hell.

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