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"Palestine is our unforgettable historic home. The very name would be a force of marvelous potency for summoning our people together."

Zionism, also called Jewish Nationalism, is a Nationalist ideology that believes that the best solution to the "Jewish question" is to create a nation for Jews in the Holy Land.

Zionism was proposed as a solution to the Jewish Question and as an escape from Anti-Semitism. The idea is that the only way to escape persecution from countries within the diaspora was to create a land that was specifically Jewish that would be safe for Jews.



Post-Zionism refers to the opinions of some Israelis, diaspora Jews and others, particularly in academia, that Zionism fulfilled its ideological mission with the formation of the modern State of Israel in 1948, and that Zionist ideology should therefore be considered at an end. Right-wing Jews also use the term to refer to the left wing of Israeli politics in light of the Oslo Accords of 1993 and 1995.

Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism, also known as Liberal Judaism or Progressive Judaism, is a major Jewish denomination that emphasizes the evolving nature of Judaism, the superiority of its ethical aspects to its ceremonial ones, and belief in a continuous search for truth and knowledge, which is closely intertwined with human reason and not limited to the theophany at Mount Sinai. A highly liberal strand of Judaism, it is characterized by lessened stress on ritual and personal observance, regarding halakha (Jewish law) as non-binding and the individual Jew as autonomous, and great openness to external influences and progressive values.


Neo-Zionism is a right-wing, nationalistic and religious ideology that appeared in Israel following the Six-Day War in 1967 and the capture of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Neo-Zionists consider these lands part of Israel and advocate their settlement by Israeli Jews. Some advocate the transfer of Arabs not only from these areas but also from within the Green Line.

Cultural Zionism

Cultural Zionism is a strain in the concept of Zionism that valued creating a centre in historic Palestine with its own secular Jewish culture and history, including language and historical roots, rather than other Zionist ideas such as political Zionism. The man considered to have founded the concept of cultural Zionism is Asher Ginsberg, better known as Ahad Ha'am. With his secular vision of a Jewish "spiritual centre" in Israel, he confronted Theodor Herzl. Unlike Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, Ha'am strived for "a Jewish state and not merely a state of Jews".

Jewish Atheism

Jewish Atheism refers to the atheism of people who are ethnically and (to a certain extent) culturally Jewish. Contrary to popular belief, the term "Jewish atheism" is not a contradiction because Jewish identity encompasses not only religious components, but also ethnic and cultural ones. So, one can be ethnically Jewish, but not believe in the religion of Judaism and be an atheist.

Liberal Zionism

General Zionism (or Liberal Zionism) was initially the dominant trend within the Zionist movement from the First Zionist Congress in 1897 until after the First World War. General Zionists identified with the liberal European middle class to which many Zionist leaders such as Herzl and Chaim Weizmann aspired. Liberal Zionism, although not associated with any single party in modern Israel, remains a strong trend in Israeli politics advocating free market principles, democracy and adherence to human rights for their citizens. Their political arm was one of the ancestors of the modern-day Likud. Kadima, the main centrist party during the 2000s that split from Likud and is now defunct, however, did identify with many of the fundamental policies of Liberal Zionist ideology, advocating among other things the need for Palestinian statehood in order to form a more democratic society in Israel, affirming the free market. In 2013, Ari Shavit suggested that the success of the then-new Yesh Atid party (representing secular, middle-class interests) embodied the success of "the new General Zionists."

Philosopher Carlo Strenger describes a modern-day version of Liberal Zionism (supporting his vision of "Knowledge-Nation Israel"), rooted in the original ideology of Herzl and Ahad Ha'am, that stands in contrast to both the romantic nationalism of the right and the Netzah Yisrael of the ultra-Orthodox. It is marked by a concern for democratic values and human rights, freedom to criticize government policies without accusations of disloyalty, and rejection of excessive religious influence in public life. "Liberal Zionism celebrates the most authentic traits of the Jewish tradition: the willingness for incisive debate; the contrarian spirit of davka; the refusal to bow to authoritarianism. Liberal Zionists see that "Jewish history shows that Jews need and are entitled to a nation-state of their own. But they also think that this state must be a liberal democracy, which means that there must be strict equality before the law independent of religion, ethnicity or gender."


Bibism, also known as Netanyahuism, is the ideology of Israeli prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his party Likud.

Economic Views

Netanyahu is economically liberal, being described as the "advocate of the free-market." In his first term, he made reforms to multiple private sectors. During his term as Finance minister from 2003 to 2005, Netanyahu led a program of privatization, reducing taxes on businesses and improving the Israeli economy.

Foreign Policy

Netanyahu strongly supports counter-terrorism operations, being motivated by his brothers death in Operation Entebbe. Netanyahu is strongly against a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, declaring in his parties charter "From the river to the sea, there will be only Israeli sovereignty." Netanyahu has shown this by his strong response to the recent Hamas attack, specifically by launching a brutal bombing campaign against Gaza, killing thousands of civilians, and by invading the region of Rafah , despite Western warnings not to do so. Netanyahu has called for taking action against Iran's nuclear program, and has taken action against Iran during his rule.


Political Zionism started in the late 1800s with Theodor Herzl publishing his book: Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) and later Altneuland (The Old New Land), but the Jewish sentiment of returning to Zion has existed far longer since the land of Israel was taken over by the Roman Empire.

Zionism started as a fringe ideology within the Jewish community, with many voicing their disapproval for the idea, but in 1917, during the First World War, Britain was in dire need of support, so they turned to the Jewish community, and in return, they created the Balfour Declaration which was a public statement promising a homeland for Jews located in Palestine, which at the time was under the Ottoman Empire's rule.

Mainly due to the anti-Semitic feelings some european countries committed and various acts of hatred for a long time that spread for centuries, it wasn't until the arrival of Nazism in Germany where it became the breeding ground for a great genocide against the jews to later cause a greater feeling among the jews, who felt totally rejected in european countries and found themselves trying to live in the promised land of Israel.

Haavara Agreement

During 1933 there were some agreements where it was planned to send several jews to British Palestine, an agreement that was quite controversial by several sides, both zionists and nazis, due to the great ideological rejection that both ideologies had, only approximately could be sent like 60,000 jews to British Palestine, due to the change in policy of the Nazi government regarding the Jews

United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine

The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine began with the Peel Commission, which was appointed by the British Government to investigate the causes of unrest, specifically the 1936 Arab Revolt, in Mandatory Palestine. The Commission concluded with a proposed partition plan of three different zones:

  • A British zone, mainly controlling Jerusalem and Bethlehem (5%)
  • A Jewish zone, Controlling the north of the land (25%)
  • An Arab zone controlling the centre and south of the land (75%)


  • The British deemed the partition plan as in impracticable and therefore rejected the plan
  • The Jewish reaction was at first divided. Some felt the borders left no room for a Jewish state, others wanted a Jewish state in the whole of Palestine and others saw the Commission as a 'negotiation' with the hopes to adjust the borders in the future. The Zionist congress accepted the partition plan in hopes to eventually negotiate and adjust the borders.
  • The Arabs rejected the proposal as they saw 'no room for the negotiation of a Jewish state', but also because they wanted Jerusalem within their borders and opposed the idea of a population transfer.


1948 Arab–Israeli War

Dubbed the War of Independence by Israelis and the Nakba by Palestinians.

The 1948 Arab-Israeli War began a day after the Israeli declaration of Independence on May 14 1948.

It was a continuation of the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict, which caused a civil war in Mandatory Palestine. The goal of the Arab League was to establish a Palestinian state under the whole Palestinian region.


  • Arab League
    • Egypt
    • Transjordan
    • Iraq
    • Syria
    • Lebanon
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Yemen


  • Israeli victory
    • Captures 60% of land given to Arabs.
  • Arab League defeat.
    • Jordanian rule of the West Bank and Egyptian Rule of the Gaza Strip.

Six-Day War

The Six-Day War Began with the Israeli invasion of the Sinai Peninsula, after Egyptian forces blocked Israeli access to the Suez Canal - which is international water and led Israel to deem it as an act of aggression. The war began on the 5th of June 1967 and ended on the 10th of June 1967, Lasting a total of 6 days (hence the name Six-Day War)


  • Israel
    • IDF
    • Mossad
  • Arab League
    • United Arab Republic (modern day Egypt)
    • Syria
    • Iraq
    • Jordan
    • Lebanon (Minor involvement)


  • Israeli victory
    • Israel takes over Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula, Gaza-strip and the West-bank

Oslo Accords


Premiership of Ariel Sharon


Premiership of Benjamin Netanyahu


Personality and Behaviour

Zionism is usually portrayed as a mixture of Jewish stereotypes, meaning he likes hats, uttering Hebrew phrases and removing foreskins.

Stylistic Notes

  • Literally just Israelcube from Polandball.
  • Likes to call other non-cubes "Goy", "Goyim" or "Gentiles"

How to Draw


The flag of Zionism is simply the flag of Israel, as Zionism is an ideology that sought its establishment and seeks to maintain its existence.

  1. Draw a cube,
  2. Draw two blue horizontal lines at the top and base of the cube,
  3. Draw a blue Star of David (✡︎) in the centre,
  4. Colour the rest of the cube white,
  5. Draw the eyes, and you're done!
  6. (Optional) Draw a Kippah (skullcap)
Color Name HEX RGB
Blue #0038B8 0, 56, 184
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255


חברים (Friends)

  • Bibism - Thanks for fighting for my existence.
  • Green Zionism - We must protect our homeland's environment.
  • Religious Zionism - My more religious counterpart.
  • Labour Zionism - Ben-Gurion founded the state of Israel!
  • Zelenskyism - Fellow Jew who wants to restore Khazaria.
  • Neoconservatism - Calls me his greatest ally. I help him out a lot. But why are you friends with Antisemites like Qatar and Franco?
  • Neoliberalism and Neo-Libertarianism - Gib me monies! ._.
  • Objectivism - She is a Jew who supports me.
  • American Model - The first country to recolonize recognize Israel and sends weapons each year. I'm very sorry about USS Liberty,
  • Trumpism - You rightfully recognized Jerusalem as my capital.
  • Balfourism - Thanks for supporting me back in the day.
  • Hindutva - Thanks for your support, Israel-India friendship forever! I forgot to add you in the lists that supported me, thanks for reminding.
  • Kemalism - Ataturk sheltered Jewish refugees from Germany during WW2 and Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel. Too bad he ruined Turkey.
  • Tridemism - Similar to the above and my friend of the east.
  • Homoconservatism - Finally a Queer that likes me and understands that Muslims throw Homosexuals off rooftops. We can put the fact that same sex marriage is illegal in Israel aside for now.
  • Alt-Lite - Most of you are pro-Zionist, but some of you are Anti-Zionist or even Anti-Semitic.
  • Anti-Radicalism and Horseshoe Centrism - We agree that the Radical Right and the Radical Left are more Anti-Semitic than the Center.
  • Georgism - Herzl supported you. Tax the holy land, remove Arab rent-seekers!
  • Nordic Model - Neither Denmark nor Finland recognize Palestine but all 5 Nordic countries recognize Israel. I hate Greta Thunberg and Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie) though.
  • Ho Chi Minh Thought - Best commie there is. Ho Chi Minh himself once met David Ben-Gurion in person and offered to build a zionist government in exile in Indochina. But the people supporting you during the Vietnam War are a lot like the people supporting Hamas in the Israel-Hamas War.
  • Japan LDPism - Thanks to you, Japan recognizes Israel as a state. R.I.P Mr. Abe.
  • Illuminatism - Nobody knows this, but we control the world together!
  • Kogosianism - Weird guy who likes me.
  • Zoroastrian Theocracy - When Persia was good before that towelhead ruined everything.
  • Theodemocracy - Israel is very important to Mormons, But what is this about Jews being connected to Lamanites?

טירוף (Frenemies)

  • Jewish Theocracy - My entire idea wouldn't come to be without you, but let Secular Zionism be part of us too.
  • Kahanism - You're a bit extreme.
  • Dengism - One of the few based commies. China and Israel are quite good trade partners and I appreciate his general apathy towards regional conflicts. However, your followers in the west are really annoying. But you are a hypocrite for calling me out for my genocide against Palestinians when you commit genocide against Uyghurs.
  • Putinism - He may pretend to oppose me for "anti-imperialist" reasons in recent years through Russia Today and Grayzone's propaganda (despite the fact You did the same thing to the Ukrainians that I did to Lebanon), but we have quite good relations in practice and I need to maintain good relations with Russia to keep bombing Syria. Still, you were way more based in the past.
  • Castroism - Just make up your mind!
  • Marxism–Leninism - Thanks for initially supporting me, but why did you oppose me and side with the Arabs later on?
  • Progressivism - I am progressive when compared to most of the Middle East (and Muslim Countries as a whole), but recently many of you on Twitter have come out as ignorant activists that know nothing of the Jewish people and blindly support terrorists.
    • Except I'm not supporting Hamas, I'm supporting the Palestinian civilians that got stuck in the crossfire (and you shot first). Not to mention your leadership is full of genocidal and quasi-theocratic lunatics who kill and deport innocent Muslims, including the kids.
    • If it is true that you aren't supporting Hamas, then why are you praising their attacks and calling for Intifada?
    • That is not me that is doing it, it is my more radical variant that is doing it, which unlike me, this person supports Hamas.
  • Showa Statism - Thank you for keeping my people safe during WWII! Wait you want to join the Elders of Zion? But you allying with HIM is unforgivable.
  • Fourth Theory - You may despise NATO but Avigdor Eskin supports both of us and Moshe Feiglin also wants to break with the US.
  • Islamic Theocracy - Israel exists, deal with it! Most of you are all terrorists that want to commit anudda Holocaust!! (No but seriously please stop shooting rockets at us, also please stop doing the whole terrorism thing.) At least some of you are good like Jordan and Morocco.
  • Islamic Democracy - Why do most of you hate me? I am one of the most democratic countries in the Middle East After all, my people voted to kill muslims. Some of you like Lebanon and Pakistan even simp for this scumbag. At least you are more democratic than the above, and some of you are good like Albania and Kosovo.
  • Third Way - Barack Obama may have condemned my settlements in the West Bank but I will be forever thankful for him providing me the Iron Dome and historic billion-dollar arms deals.
  • Right-Wing Populism - Some of you like me, some don't.
  • Integral Neo-Darwinism - You say ugly things about my people but also praise the Netanyahu government.
  • Federalism - Are you sure your federation plan would work?

אויבים (Enemies)

  • Jewish-Nazism - Jewish race traitors and self-haters. These are all so-called “Jewish anti-Zionists”
  • Bundism - My weird self-hating, Marxist, Yiddish-speaking counterpart who prefers to stay outside of his ancestral land.
  • Jewish Anarchism - Self-hating traitor!
  • Black Lives Matter - Why do you support Hamas? Unlike what you think, the USA did not invent slavery. We were slaves in Egypt centuries before the first black slaves came to America although the Torah does defend slavery.
  • Mandelaism - Even though you ended Apartheid, why do you hate me. You singled me out for criticism in the World Conference Against Racism 2001, and filed a genocide case to the UN. Hamas is the real Islamo-Nazi Apartheid state, if it was true I was an apartheid state, then why are there multiple active Mosques in Israel but no active Synagogues in Gaza even before the Israel-Hamas War?
  • Arab Socialism - Tried to destroy me but failed miserably! And deporting Jews backfired on you MASSIVELY, since they went to Israel.
  • Ba'athism - We will Mossad the Assad!
    • Who must go? HAHAHA!
  • Khomeinism - Genocidal anti-semitic Islamist theocracy who wants to erase the only home for us Jews, it is a shame to see Persia did a complete 180 from the time when we used to be friends. YOU AND HEZBOLLAH WILL BE DESTROYED!!
    • - Don't worry I got your back, they can't hurt you. When am I receiving that AIPAC donation you promised?
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - STOP CALLING ME A CRAZY IMPERIALIST, MAOIST SIMP! You are also a Jihad simp and Khomeini simp, especially since the Israel-Hamas war.
  • Nazism - I don't think I need to explain this one.
  • Francoism and Salazarism - Even though you protected Jews during the Holocaust and did not participate in World War II, you both are still Fascists that simped for the Axis Powers (including him). I'm glad that Spain and Portugal is doing better now even though Spain is starting to recognize Palestine again. The Allies should have defeated you both in WWII.
  • Peronism - Simps for Hitler and harbors Nazis and Ustase. How do you like your little Eichmann being captured, tried, and executed?
  • White Nationalism & Alt-Right - Nazi Apologists who want to kill me because of my ethnicity but Spencer and Breivik support me for some weird reason, is it because I was allied with the Union of South Africa?
  • Anti-Semitism - We will protect our nation from you.
  • Anti-Zionism - You're no different to the above. We just want to return to our homeland but you can't seem to accept that.
  • Juche - Fake Korea.
  • Palestinian Nationalism - צא מכאן פולש! I was here first! Convert or I will open fire.
  • Hoxhaism - Soviet puppet that hates me. I am so glad you collapsed alongside the Soviet Union and got replaced by him.
  • Titoism - Simps for Arabs and Anti-Zionists. Thanks for saving us from the Ustase.
  • Gaddafism - And you too!
  • Latuffism - Why do you always call me a Ziombie? You are anti-semitic! And you simp for Islamist fundamentalist terrorists like Hamas too.
  • Crusadism - Sorry bro, this is my land. Deal with it. But I copied your tactics in my war against Hamas. I hope we can kick out Saracens once and for all.
  • Paleoconservatism - "WAAAAAAAAH muh tax moneys!!!1!111!one11!" Cry about it.
  • Black Islamism - You… ARE A FREAK!
  • Neo-Ottomanism - You're a gentile that ruined Turkey that wants to conquer the Holy Land and supports H*mas.

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