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Not sure what I believe in (hence the username). I can't draw either.

People I Like

Test Results


Structure: Federal 39%/61% Unitary (Unitary)
Representation: Democracy 41%/58% Autocratic (Centrist)
Power: Autocratic 35%/65% Freedom (Liberal)
Intervention: Internationalism 64%/36% Nationalism (Cooperation)
Diplomacy: Militarist 30%/69% Pacifist (Non-Aggressive)
Immigration: Assimilationist 36%/63% Multiculturalist (Polyculturalist)
Economy: Collectivize 67%/36% Privatize (Social Democratic)
Control: Planned 63%/36% Markets (Regulationism)
Trade: Isolationist 45%/54% Globalist (Moderate)
Religion: Secular 51%/48% Religious (Moderate)
Culture: Progress 64%/36% Tradition (Progressive)
Technology: Accelerate 44%/55% Decelerate (Neutral)
Closest Match: Social Liberalism (Idk about this one chief.)



Political Compass

 LibLeft  (-8.0,-5.38)