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Fictional Ideology
"The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.

Hive Mind, full name Hive-Mind Collectivismis an off-the-compass, unitary, eusocial, collective intelligence ideology inhabiting a far top left area outside the Political Compass. Like a bee hive, completely forgetting the idea of preserving culture, private wealth, and individual liberty, the Hive has ascended from the tugs and pulls of society and has achieved total harmony through assimilation.


I Am, We, Myself, And Us

In locally networked cult-level instances, Hive-Mind Collectivism possesses a Guru self-identity and We identity.

At planetary scales, Hive-Mind Collective gains a We Ourselves collective identity where individual variants harmonize but can become dissonant (such as teams dedicated to concentrated research) at some cost to the Myself. At planetary scale it also could be realization of Gaia hypothesis.

At stellar (Matrioshka Brain) scales Hive-Mind Collectivism takes an identity: Millions of Simulated We and Myself identities clustered under We Ourselves agents who account for relativistic latency across the circumference of the star-sized computing swarm.

At galactic scales Hive-Mind Collectivism gains the And Us conception of identity to account for continuously updated blocks of authenticated information streaming at light speed from other stars on the web.


Hive-mind Collectivism is relentlessly expansionist and will utilize all means to expand its constituency and gain further power. Subversion, overt violence, surprising adaptability to reverse-engineering technology it is confronted with, this process repeats until the Hive-Mind's Master Ego collates galactic scale consciousness who happens to control a galaxy via a Hive Mind.


Gaian Hive-Mind

Gaian Hive-Mind is an ideology that advocates the realization of the Gaia hypothesis. They want to connect the minds of humans, animals, plants, and all living beings to create one planetary mind and sustain all life on Earth.

Hive-Mind Capitalism

Hive-Mind Capitalism is an off-compass right ideology that advocates for uploading thoughts of every single person to a mind network, where all thoughts would be privatized and put on a free market. Hive-Mind Capitalism, similar to Hive-Mind Individualism, it values emotions and feelings of each individual as the important, however not for the pleasure of the Individual but so that emotions and feelings can be privatized and sold. Property is heavily privatized under a system of Zero Regulations, which coincides with Hive-Mind-Capitalism's idea of "nothing should be public". Hive-Mind-Capitalism also argues that extrinsic motivation leads to better productivity than intrinsic motivation.

Hive-Mind Individualism

Contrary to Hive-Mind Collectivism, assimilated individuals have their own identity, their emotions matter and they can get pleasure.

Hive-Mind Kraterocracy

Hive-Mind Kraterocracy is an authoritarian left, off-compass ideology. It first seeks the creation of a strongman character from darwinist brute strength, then subjugate the weak by that character to control their actions like a hive-mind. Individualism will only be a privilege to the strongest, being completely wiped out among the weaker classes. Hive-Mind Kraterocracy would then begin imperialist efforts, spreading the collective all over the universe and either killing or assimilating the conquered. There will be no other feelings other than the sheer desire for bloodshed. If the strongman dies, the Hive-Mind will be automatically set to begin social darwinism once again, and a new strongman replaces the former. Hive-Mind Kraterocracy in practice will not stop until every life-form in the universe is subjugated, and the Strongman likes to remind you that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and cringe is based.

Hive-Mind Monarchism

Hive Mind Monarchism means that there is an absolute monarch and everyone's minds are connected to the hive mind. This monarch has total control over anyone else. As example we can use Borg from Star Trek.

Hive Primalism

Hive-Primalism is a variant that combines Hive-Mind Collectivism with the regressivism of Primalism, creating a Hive-Mind Collective up to a point similar to bee society.


Supremocracy is a fictional variant that combines Hive-Mind Collectivism, Kraterocracy, and more amplified Orwellianism (hence caste). It preaches the collectivization of the human mind of only the strongest and highest class, while the "offspring" would not participate in it. This system would be maintained with Orwellian totalitarianism and extreme anti-individualism, in addition to the collectivization of the means of production.

Even though this ideology is fictional, there is still a certain resemblance to beehive societies, such as some bees and some ants and Jordan Peterson's lobsters.

Popular culture analogues

Borg Collective

Borg Collective is cyborg hivemind collective from Star Trek universe. Members of collective called "drones" has collective consciousness. They assimilates external beings and takeover their technologies. Organization structure looks like bee hive, at top there is Queen.


The Tyranids are an extragalactic species of insectoid aliens from the Warhammer 40K Universe. They actually comprise an entire space-faring ecosystem comprised of innumerable different bioforms which are all variations on the same genetic theme.




Anthem by Ayn Rand is dystopian novel where individuality is erased and outdated beliefs, such as flat earth theory, are enforced on the population. WIP

One State

The One State is a hyper-totalitarian superstate that is the setting of the dystopian novel We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Similar to Oceania, the government of the One State controls the minds of its citizens, who are referred to given numbers instead of actual names. The citizens are essentially robots programmed to work in unison to serve the state. The One State also appears in the Hearts of Iron 4 mod Red Flood.


Clone army ISN'T the same thing as hive mind. If individual clones has their free will, act independently from each other and their minds aren't connected into one they aren't hivemind.

Stylistic Notes

  • The Hive Mind always has three eyes, typically occupying the three smaller diamonds.
  • More than one Hive-Mind Collectivism can appear in a panel if it shows the Hive working together.
  • The Hive can assimilate other balls as well. If another ball is assimilated, the red squares become the primary color of the assimilated ball, not red #E00000 (e.g., distributist assimilation would use #FCC52B, egoist assimilation would use #036A66, etc.).
  • Often seen trying to assimilate others into the Hive.
  • They always refer to themselves as we.

How to Draw

Flag of Hive-Mind Collectivism
  1. Draw a ball outline with black (#000000)
  2. Fill ball in with a lighter shade of black (#141414).
  3. Draw three smaller diamonds going in an arch pattern with a darkish red (#E00000) and fill them in.
  4. Draw a fourth larger diamond with the top corner fitting snugly in the arch and fill in, all with the same color red (#E00000).
  5. Draw three eyes in the smaller diamonds and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Black #141414 20, 20, 20
Red #E00000 224, 0, 0



Partially converted

  • Marxism–Leninism and State Socialism - Too moderate.
  • Social Authoritarianism - Even more moderate then the above
  • Anarcho-Communism - You want to abolish unjust hierarchies and distribute resources equally amongst all people, yet you don't want to share thoughts. Curious.
    • But if everyone ends up sharing the same thoughts and opinions as I do, let alone liking and disliking the same things as I do, the world will be really boring, don't you think?
  • Marxism-Your theory about collectivization and equality is based, but you are too moderate and do not understand that the final stage of communism is a society in which everything is collectivized, including the minds of people.
  • Kraterocracy - What use is individual strength in combat when we can simply zerg rush? Collectives can be even stronger than individuals.
    • Individual evolves and empower himself better. Your collective stays stagnant due to lack of competition.
  • Autocracy - Sometimes we function one way. There is one main core and all the rest are part of its consciousness.
  • Communitarianism - Why force people to follow social norms when you can simply synchronize them in accordance with them?
  • Ochlocracy - You are collectivists, but we are more collectivist. Why strive for mere majoritarianism instead of a universal consensus?
  • Soulism - You may share, but you're still too egoist and lawless. Let us share thoughts, please.
  • Ego-Communism - Yet another leftist egocentric.


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  1. Also makes an appearance in the Red Flood modification in Hearts of Iron 4