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Not to be confused with Eco-Anarchism

"Geoist communities would join together in leagues and associations to provide services that are more efficient on a large scale, such as defense, if needed. The voting and financing would be bottom up. The local communities would elect representatives, and provide finances, and would be able to secede when they felt association was no longer in their interest."

Geo-Anarchism, shortened to AnGeo, is a culturally variable, extremely libertarian ideology inhabiting the bottom of the political compass that advocates for a stateless society that recognizes of the immorality of land value capture.

Geo-Anarchism is the outcome of applying the permissive geo prefix to the promiscuous anarchy. Geo-Anarchism believes all individuals have an equal right to land. Occupying land forces a cost on other individuals which should be resolved though a system of polycentric law. In this way Geo-Anarchism is the most extreme individualist interpretation of georgism.

Geoan is good friends with Geolibertarianism and generally agrees with him regarding markets, but wants even less state intervention. For Geoan, a totally free society would have no state and the issue of land value capture would be resolved in the same way any other anarchist society would resolve wrongdoing. He might be described as halfway between Left-Wing Market Anarchism and Anarcho-Capitalism due to the extra stipulation about what constitutes a violation of the NAP.

Geo-Anarchism sees geoist anarchy as the natural evolution of Geo-Libertarianism in much the same way Anarcho-Capitalism sees allodial anarchy as the natural evolution of royal (non-georgist) Libertarianism. In this case Geo-Anarchism would be a decentralized and more Voluntaryist version of Geolibertarianism.

Origin of the term

The term "geoanarchism" was coined by Fred Foldvary who also coined the term Geolibertarianism, in the so title article appearing in Land & Liberty in the year 1981, being quite a recently created term in comparison with other ideologies.[2][3]

Foldvary had theorized that ground rent, considering the absence of a centralized state in this case, would be collected by private agencies in the form of land fees, and people would have the complete right to disassociate and secede from this hypothetical "geocommunity", and thereby, consequently, opting out of their protective and legal services—if desired.[4] The common and inelastic character of the radio wave spectrum (which also falls under land as an economic category) is understood to justify the existence of this fee as a compensation for its exclusive use.[5]

In this case, contrasting with Geo-Libertarianism, instead of having ground rent of fees being extracted by a central governing body, spent on certain services and then distribute as dividends only the surplus left after, the profit under Geo-Anarchism would all to a vast majority go to dividends except for the administrative costs of these agencies which collect these fees, thus the value of the land is returned to the residents on a bigger extent than under other non-Anarchist Geo-ist ideologies.

How To Draw

Flag of Geoanarchism
  1. Fill a ball with dark green
  2. Cut in half, filling one side with black
  3. Draw a 4-squared diamond in pure white
  4. Fill in opposing halves with opposite shades of dark green from above
  5. Draw the eyes
Color Name HEX RGB
Dark Green #3F6A00 63, 106, 0
Black #141414 20, 20, 20



  • Anarchism - Hi mom!
  • Georgism - Would be perfect if it weren't for all the statism.
  • Geolibertarianism - Even better than Georgism! Thinks taxes from land values belong to the goobermet, but ok otherwise.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - We agree on almost everything but disagree that land use is voluntary.
  • Anarcho-Individualism - He's right about rent,[6] most of the time, though he did criticize my grandpa a few times as well.[7]
  • Anarcho-Pacifism - Wants to achieve its radical changes in a peaceful manner and also doesn't want a state!
  • Anarcho-Transhumanism - Might agree on georgist anarchy as a path to transhumanism and also supports human progress.
  • Green Libertarianism - A rare breed that understands the relationship between coercion and the environment!
  • Left-Wing Market Anarchism - Overly concerned with hierarchies I see as incidental but understands the difference between a free market and the current state of things.


  • Libertarian Socialism - Doesn't understand the issues it has with capitalism arise from land rents.
  • Mutualism - Also concerned with individual freedom but overly concerned with abolishing hierarchical relationships.
  • Socialism - Landlordism is still landlordism if the proceeds from ground rent come with stipulations.
  • Eco-Anarchism - Pretty cool, also against pollution, but might proactively prevent me from owning property at all.
  • Anarcho-Frontierism - Strange but loveable yee-haw brother. Anything goes when you're past the frontier! When land values rise past the margin of production though, there's gonna be trouble.


  • Timocracy - *sigh*.
  • Imperialism - The Last Boss™ of landlordism.
  • Maoism - Wants to kill landlords instead of merely funding a community trust.

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