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This user is Male

"Proceeds to die in a war."


Yo Yo Yo its me B to the A to the C to the O to the N Wobbuffet.

I'm a Moderate Conservative except when I have bipolar

I'm cool and stuff. Remember: if you want to kill me look me in the eyes. :)

I like Chicken Nuggies.


I joined this wiki cuz i was bored



ComradeShrek - May Allah/God bring Blessing to you my brother. Also you are the most non christian based person

PoliticalFactMachine - You are a Major Amigo and HISPANOCAP GANG!!!

Poland is great - You are Kewl and very much based

OthodoxLeftist - My Bestest Friend in da whole wide world.

Kimila6 - You are the most nicest person ever.

Pirate Tails - Although you are a liberal and a femboy you are a fellow shitposter and amigo.

YankeeDoodle71 - My real Best Friend.

LogicalGrey - My bestest friend. You will never be forgotten

SamChrry - I never got to know you but you are nice.

NazBolGang12 - We got off to a rocky start but your cool. Also very based with consoc without the soc.

YugoslavPartisian - You seem nice :) and you're based economically but you are culturally left

MapOfFish - You are a real homie especially for a progressive.

TypicalFan1 - Mi amigo from Mexico. HISPANOCAP GANG

TheImmorxy - May Allah/Gog bless you my brother from Algeria. But I'm Jewish so you hating Israel makes it awkward. Also you're a socialism which is kina gae.


Only Death May Die - You seem somewhat cringe in the ideology but are okay in personality.

Hydro567 - I have no opinion on you. But you're Ideology is bringe.

SpoonInADeepFrier - Ideologically you a cringe but in the personally you are cool.

TheGhostOfInky - I have no problems with you. But can you please not take down other wikis.

Soy Boys

ThisIsMyUsernameAAAA - I don't want to say it, but your Ideology sucks. I can't say much good about your personality. I'm sorry If I said any thing to offend you

Barack Obama - I know your a Nazi in a Civil Rightmen's Clothing.

MaoistVanguard - You complain too much


-----------> -----------> -----------> -----------> (I thought Trump was Kinda Funny) -----------> -----------> -----------> -----------> -----------> /

Anarchy - It's bad. We need strong rules.

AnCap - U succ just a bit less then AnCom

AnCom - I don't like it. NOT ONE BIT

Black Nat - My N*gga in the hood

Capitalism - I like Muniez.

Christian Theocracy - We both love jesus.

Communism - Good on paper. Bad in actuality. All of you commies are kind though.

Conservativism - I love our traditions.

Democracy - Ur Nice but we shouldn't let just anybody become president.

Dengism - DENG u succ.

Egoism - I have a huge ego.

Environmentalism - I don't want the Planet to die. BUT MEAT TASTES SOOOOOO GOOD.

Feminism - I'm sorry for thinking you were all radical. Please accept my apology.

Gerontocracy - We should respect our elders.

Homonationalism - No Comment

Ingsoc - Big Bro, I sure love strong governments. :) (slowly weeps because gun is pointed to head)

Islamic Theocracy - You are pretty cool. I love your sand people.

Kakistocracy - Ur an Idiot (but in a good way.) :)

Libertarianism - You seem cool.

Liberalism - Get off of twitter and Live a little.

LGBT - You're fine I guess. But why do ya have to all be atheist It never said anything about gay people in the original Hebrew bible it's just people making stuff up.

Monarchy - Long live the King.

Nationalism - I love my Country!!!

Nazism - What is wrong with you. You killed the Judes and the Gypsies. You are Satan Himself

Oligarchy - If you could only vote on a small group of people that'll be great!

Progressivism - An SJW. Worse than Liberalism.

QueerAn - No Comment.

Radicalism - RADICAL DUDE!!!

Trumpism - Build a wall? That's Awesome! But you became crazy in 2020.

Patchwork - I've always been more of a Suburb person.

Vegananarchism - I Had bad experiences with vegans. Did you know Jello has Meat in it

  • Veganarchism: (spits out Jello)

White Nationalism - Racist. Nah jk I really don't give a [removed].

Xenofeminism - I like my dick (even if its 3 inches) and my race.

Yellow Socialism - You seem okay to me.

Zionism - שלום שבת