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Artwork included within these pages has been identified as being some of the best art on our wiki. If you would like to create good Polcompball art, consider the following when creating it:

  1. Does the portrait have a background?
  2. Is only the page ideology shown? If it isn't are other ideologies shown unobtrusively?
  3. Does it have a sense of humor to it?
  4. Could it theoretically be in a PCB comic and not feel out of place?
  5. Is there text, and does it serve some aesthetic or comedic purpose?
  6. Does the ball have a unique pose/does it feel dynamic?
  7. Are the beliefs of the ideology somewhat shown?
  8. Is the personality of the ideology somewhat shown?
  9. Does the art have a 1x1 ratio?
  10. Does the art use traditional cel shading?