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Fictional Ideology
"The party would like to remind you this ideology has never existed" - Ingsoc
This article is about a fictional ideology and has no foundation in real life political movements.

"Drugs are so fucking good that they’ll ruin your life."

Soulism, formerly known as Ego-Communalism, is an off-the-compass Libertarian-left ideology that believes that the individual should be able to fulfill desire through limiting suffering and reverse-engineering the universe, simplifying it to a state where suffering is minimized as much as possible, and all hierarchy is abolished.

Furthermore, Soulists believe in the abolition of all property, private or personal. Soulism derives it's ethics from objective truth, however, Soulism opposes the truth, as the truth is dark and nihilistic.

Soulism believes that the ego is everything and it's ego is the soul, and desires have to be fulfilled in order for liberation to be achieved and this can only happen through reverse-engineering.


Soulists believe that everything has an ego within it, believing that reality came from a state of nothing known as Nirvana, and now resides in a fractalized state known as Naraku, and that there is a quantum reality that supersedes the physical universe. If minds do not share Soulist values, they can still be loved, and through free thought, can be taught to reach concordance with the truth.

All animal lifeforms, objects, plants and all artificial intelligences possess no intrinsic value, that nothing can be truly ‘better’ than anything else, opposing humanism and biocentrism. This cultural part of Soulism is known as ‘Alienism’, Alienism opposes dogmatism, nepotism, authoritarianism, while promoting freethought, rationality, nihilism, and radical inclusivity, and embracing differences.

Soulists see the limiting of suffering to be done through the abolition of hierarchies. Hierarchies are unfair by nature, unfairness limits will, this broadens suffering. Soulism also sees desire as a force of good, as desire is fulfillment of oneself in existence, and fulfillment strengthens the soul. Soulism believes free will to be a distortion, and therefore must be rejected.

Soulists are also Communalists, believing Communalism to be the economic system that will remove the excesses of institution and hierarchy. Private property is abolished, currency is abolished, no one can ‘own’ anything. Soulists believe this to be the optimal form of economics that can co-exist with the individual, as the collectivisation of property is not a spook, due to the Soulist belief that no one can possibly own anything.


Classical Soulism

Does nothing except being on drugs all the time and enjoying life. Often lives in his lucid dreams (mostly doing orgies with fictional characters from various media, visiting fictional worlds for curiousity or just enjoying vacation on various theoretical space megastructures like Ring-Worlds/Bishop Rings/O'Neil Cylinders...), while downshifting in reality, or even sleeping all time in anabiosis pod with autonomous energy, liquid food and anti-aging drugs supply. If he is threatened by someone, he simply shifts his mind to a safer dimension without a threat source.

Scientific soulism

Scientific soulists wants to liberate from laws of nature and physics by advanced technology (transhumanism, abolishing need of eating or sleeping by technology, genetic modifications that could for example immunize humans for many illnesses, going into cyberspace and becoming digital beings, and so on). They also are interested in stuff like wormholes, time travels, teleportation, mind uploading, quantum physics, additional dimensions and pocket universes.

Esoteric Soulism

Esoteric soulists wants to liberate from boring reality by spiritual ways like spiritual enlightenment or occultist practices, or even leaving body and becoming mental/energetic soul. It can be considered as ideology of many shamans.


Serious Soulism

Serious Soulism is a version of Soulism based on posts from the reddit community r/serioussoulism, which is a community for serious, meme-free discussion of Soulist ideology. According to the posts, one of the ways to abolish the laws of the universe would be through transhumanism and posthumanism and supporting the 2045 initiative, claiming that it would not be a realistic and non-absurd way to achieve soulism, as well as being neutral towards determinism. of the universe, but still supporting the exploration of the Milky Way.

They also support a new kind of energy through self-copying robots, opposition to things said to benefit capitalism, anti-binarism, rise in philosophy, science and engineering, communitarianism, opposition to communist authoritarianism, opposition to polcompball, extraphisism, divineism, total freedom, influence of post-left authors (Max Stirner, Deleuze, Guattari, among others), a universe like a sandbox game and total power to individuals.[2]


Just a memes-related subreddit with surreal jokes.

Personality and Behavior

Perpetually stoned off his balls. If not stoned, then mostly sticking with VR gadgets. Wishes to rid himself of a physical form.

Often sleeps and lucid dreams about utopian places and favorite fictional universes, while listening to psytrance.

Likes talking with aliens in the astral plane (and sometimes get new knowledge and technologies from them).

Escapes from all problems, responsibilities, and threats by simply "Shifting" his consciousness to a safer universe.

Very apathetic, and hates anything related to dynamic things like working, careerism, ambitions, workaholism, material hedonism (because they cost money), and "rat race economics".

How to Draw

Flag of Soulism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill the ball in with a lighter shade of black,
  3. Draw a triangle in the middle in light green and fill it in with the same color.
  4. Draw a rectangle cutting through two sides of the triangle with an outline of lighter black.
  5. Add the eyes and you're done!
  6. (Optional) Make the eyes pink (#FFC1D6) to highlight the fact that Soulism is as high as a kite.
Color Name HEX RGB
Soulism Abyss Blue #0C0C13 12, 12, 19
Soulism Green #00DA00 0, 218, 0
Pink #FFC1D6 255, 193, 214



  • Anarcho-Egoism - Self is most important.
  • Communalism - Thank you for sharing drugs with me.
  • Anarcho-Communism - Cool, but hasn't been to space.
  • Anarcho-Transhumanism - Semi-trustworthy fellow travelers.
  • Ego-Communism - My acid dealer provider.
  • Indigenous Anarchism - Taught me how to smoke pipes and use peyote and ayahuasca. We go on spiritual journeys together.
  • Neozapatismo - My OTHER smoking buddy... Anyone who is against authority and hierarchy and is into smoking pipes is my friend! Respect for your indigenous roots is also a big plus.
  • Pagan Theocracy - Oh fuck, I am seeing spirits alright, these Psychedelics are the shit.
  • Acid Communism - Fellow acid doer. I can help you imagine new futures *wink* *wink*
  • Post-Leftism - Talks too much but we agree on a lot. Pretty much me but not on every drug 24/7. Why won't you take the anti-gravity pill?
  • Illegalism - You said "to communalize material wealth, to individualize spiritual wealth." is very based!
  • Social Libertarianism - Duuuude I can use the $1,000 dollar UBI to buy weed, sweet.
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - Cool that you pushed the space frontier further, but you need to try the psychological plane too, we won't be able to free ourselves in this universe.
  • Anarcho-Frontierism - Another space friend.
  • Postgenderism - They want to abolish body terror through technology, cool.
  • Technogaianism - Technological liberation of not only humans but also animals? Cool.
  • Lunarpunk & Archeofuturism - My moderate variants. Keep improving both technologically and spiritually, until singularity!
  • Anti-Realism - Reject reality, embrace spirituality/ virtuality/ dreams.
  • Post-Anarchism - My pessimist sibling, that hates drugs and often reads books. But your analysis as well as your Notable Theorists are really grounded. I like Hakim Bey very much.
  • Situationism, Autonomism and Communization Theory - Tolerable Marxist, while other types are just too authoritarian and collectivist.
  • Insurrectionary Anarchism - Hey, bro. I agree with the deal, and despite our possible disagreements you are still the best partner to do mutual-aid with together that I have ever met.
  • Nomadology - Deterritorialization of desire? Cool,You are the best philosopher in the world.

IDK, man

  • Transhumanists - Cool beans, man. But many of your variants are oppressive.
  • Kakistocracy - That kid on one hand is too stupid to understand the meaning of the universe and consciousness, but on the other hand, he believes in magic and supernatural things because of his childish mind.
  • Post-Humanism - While I’m doing my peaceful meditations, tantric orgies, and lucid dreams, robots protect me from violent reactionary thugs. Still, your science fiction variants like Deus Ex Machina, SkyNet GladOS, Allied Mastercomputer or Roko's Basilisk are very oppressive and violent.
  • Avaritionism - I don't want to pay for my weed, and you usually just murder people to steal it from them anyway, or even make them wage slaves. Welp, time to permanently shift my soul to safer dimension I guess, so you and your friends can't get me.
  • Sikh Theocracy & Hindu Theocracy - Not a fan of religion or government, dude. Spiritual, but not really religious. You're telling me I can reincarnate!?
  • Christian Theocracy & Christian Anarchism - You're telling me that the son of God got absolutely wasted, died, came back 3 days later, and finally ascended into a higher realm? Sounds pretty awesome, but again, not a big fan of monotheistic religion.
  • Mercantilism - Not a fan of his economics but he sells me opium he couldn't sell to the Chinese, so we're cool.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Greed is a spook, man. At least you say you are nonviolent and not a statist, so that's cool. I always buy drugs from this guy.
  • Fordism - I don't like how you're capitalist and statist, but that soma stuff is pretty good and you are fun at the orgies.
  • Scientocracy - What do you mean that the astral plane is pseudoscientific bullshit? But thanks a lot for the new drugs, floating pods and VR tech.
  • Posadism - Dude, you're genuinely pretty fun for a statist; like wow.
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - I may understand you, but it's better to just take weed and escape enjoy life. If you’re really bored of this universe, you can shift your mind to another, more desirable one, and you can stay there permanently!
    • - I try but even your drugs don’t work for longer than an hour.
  • Progressivism - I understand your enthusiasm for a better future, but your narrow-minded material hedonism holds you back spiritually and burns all your wealth into nothing. Why not try spiritual hedonism, like eating all your favorite foods in lucid dreams or having orgies with imaginary characters in the astral realm?
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Same as above, but man, you're a little too much of a mob and collectivist fanatic. (But your egoist and post-left variants are very based)
  • Progressive Conservatism - A tolerable elder, but still pretty restrictive and forces me to work. If only he understood that magic mushrooms, weed, DMT, and LSD are harmless soft drugs.
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - Bro, it's really cool that we go into spiritual space with psychic substances in shamanic ceremonies, but I hope you realize that technology can also help us.
  • Pacifist Feminism - I don't know, I would normally appreciate the love of "shifting" and "embracing spirituality" and stuff like that, but it seems like you're just using those things to look cool on Tumblr, Twitter, TikTok or whatever other stupid trendy website you love so much; and stop stealing from concepts and cultures you don't actually understand to seem hip; like c'mon you just look cringeworthy man.
  • Alien bros/foes - I often contact them in the astral plane. Someone of them are really friendly and want to share wisdom and knowledge through telepathy (that's why I have better technologies than the rest of the other balls combined), but others are either hostile scumbags who just love to scare me or arrogant pricks that ignore me.
  • Anarcho-Collectivism - A Friend who I give drugs, You are very cool collectivism and nihilism in the world, But you are Seems a bit anti-Semiticism. is kinda uncool man.
  • Marxism - My scientific variant likes you very much, but my esoteric variant dislikes you, but overall, you are ok.
  • Nietzscheanism - I don't like hierarchies, but individual liberty is very based, and your thought, art, and perspective on desire is so cool.


  • Ingsoc - Nah.
  • Capitalism - Nah dude, sorry.
  • Feudalism - Nah man, I’m very sorry.
  • Hive-Mind Collectivism - Sorry, I don't watch Star Trek.
  • Social Darwinism - Peace and love, man.
  • National Capitalism - Dude, uncool.
  • Combatocracy - Nah dude, not interested.
  • Kraterocracy - Really uncool, dude.
  • Conservatism - "Find a job, quit drugs, and be a normal citizen"? Sorry old man, but I'm living inside my own lucid dreams while downshifting in reality. And after that, every material thing becomes boring and uninteresting.
  • Technocracy - He calls me irrational, boring. If only he understood that lucid dreams inspired famous philosophers and scientists to invent scientific methods!
  • Astral demons - Oh no, those nightmarish eldritch abominations still scaring me in the astral plane!
  • CRINGE incarnate - My arch-enemy who's really obsessed with unjust hierarchies, dumb laws of anything, and pointless caste systems. One "day" I will annihilate him in the astral realm. Because fighting with you in physical realm causes paradox[3].
  • Mediacracy - Your news is really boring compared to the surreal non-existent anime that I watched with my harem in the astral plane.
  • Esoteric Socialism - Fake leftists, fake humans (I see their demonic nature with my spiritual third eye), and fake anti-capitalists that like money and banks.
  • Cultism - Pseudo-spiritual power-hungry and money-loving prick that gives spirituality a bad name.
  • Capitalist Transhumanism - You can't hide your technologies blueprints because I have the ability to spy through remote viewing! But actually I don't need your low-tech products, because aliens through astral give me a lot nicer blueprints of nano-factories.
  • Reactionaryism - How the hell is your civilization supposed to be stable and fundamental when it's literally only lived 1% of human history? Like, are you aware that the other 99% was just people chilling in the stone age not having to worry about all this 'family values' garbage? You know nothing about history, and your religions are dogmatic unspiritual garbage made for the elites to control the masses.
  • Corporatocracy - Why do I need to buy material and temporary luxuries when I can just lucid dream and have anything I want? Even if I want a material thing, I just shift my mind to other dimensions where I already have it.
  • Satanic Theocracy - There is no hell in the afterlife, only the astral realm. And your dumb cruel rituals can't help you achieve demonic powers. Thanks for giving me your female servants, non-material bro.
  • State Atheism - Quit killing people who reject your hardcore materialist mindset. At least you like my scientific twin.
  • World Federalism - Sorry, but humanism is outdated.
  • Humanism - I. Said. You. Are. OUTDATED!
  • Police Statism - How the hell is taking harmless psychic substances a crime? Also, I don't have enough money for paying fines.
  • Neoluddism - Dude, I'm kind of at a loss for understanding what you can do for yourself just by opposing technology. Yes, all jobs suck, but destroying machinery and screwing others is not a solution!
  • Ochlocracy - Collectivist morons that just give people the impression that anarchism equals violence.
  • State Liberalism - Dude, bigotry sucks yeah, but violently obsessing over who is and isn't a minority so much is just the definition of fighting fire with fire, and a lot of what you're doing really makes me wonder if you actually care about minorities. Also why are you pointing a gun at me?
  • Right-Wing Populism - Yes, reptilians exist. Yes, they control humanity, but honestly, how is your ideal world really any better?
  • Industrialism - Nah, f*ck all jobs. If I want something, I'll just shift my mind to someplace else.
  • Marxism-Leninism - Collectivist materialist maniacs who murder anyone they disagree with.
  • Nazism - Oh no, not these crackhead genocidal lunatics! At least we both like meth.
  • Illuminatism - You are cold-blooded aliens in a human disguise (just spied through astral remote viewing). But you are too powerful for overthrow, so I'll just wait for your hierarchical capitalist system to fall from its own weight. Wait. Why someone at midnight knocks on my door? And what the hell do I see black helicopters?! Are they knowing something about... *kidnapped*
  • Death - You can kill others, but you NEVER catch me! *Concentrates his mind* Time to permanently shift my awareness into my younger self in ten, nine, eight...
  • Social Authoritarianism *Executed for drug use*
  • Crusadism - Oh sh*t it's the astral plane cops, I have to hide the succubi.
  • Reactionary Modernism - ASTRAL FEDS, OH SH*T, OH F*CK, I WON'T GO FOR YOUR VR PRISON.
  • Death Worship - What, bro?! Death is enemy, not a "person" for worshipping. Stop this madness! And drop that gun, or else...*Shooting sound*... Well. He killed himself.
  • Counter-Enlightenment - I see the nature of all beings and their souls, but you are the first one I met with none at all. Stay away from me.
  • Neoreactionaryism - Imagine being like him, but also capitalist, hierarchical and kraterocratic. You are the worst. Wait, you actually will help me to escape your regime?

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  1. Despite starting out as a LARPer ideology, an attempt has been made by certain users online to create a form of Unironic Soulism, whether this makes it now a legitimate ideology or still a form of ideological LARPing is now debatable:
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