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"An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity."

Reactionary Modernism is a culturally right-wing, pro-technology, and in other aspects mostly varied ideology. Reactionary Modernism believes that the rejection of culturally liberal enlightenment values and the support of technological advancement are not contradictory but rather complementary.


Reactionary Modernism in Europe

Jeffrey Herf coined the term Reactionary Modernism in order to discuss the paradoxical European enthusiasm for Totalitarianism & Völkish nationalism, yet also wanted new technological and political innovations.

Reactionary Modernism has been explored as a theme in both literature and in broader political culture in places like Great Britain, Romania, Greece, Sweden, and Spain. It has also been used to acknowledge the European philosophical, cultural & political thought during the time in which Fascism was on the rise.

They are also often very spiritual, believing in many belief systems ranging from deism/pantheism to paganism to any of the Abrahamic religions, which they believe to be necessary for building a harmonious and strong society. They additionally emphasize everyone abiding by the laws of nature.

Contemporary Reactionary Modernism

Herf believes that Reactionary Modernism can be seen in the current government of Iran under the Ayatollahs. Extremist Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda also display elements of Reactionary Modernism.


The end goal of Reactionary modernists is to use modern technological advancements and historical hindsight to create a traditional social structure and society, including the restoration of old societal institutions, like aristocracy and clergy, within the modern societal landscape. This may also be referred to as Technological Romanticism, the restoration of Romanticist ideals of society, including but not limited to mysticism and ancient national identity. The latter especially was influential in the development of Volkism and Nazism, especially considering the Romanticist influences of the Conservative Revolution.

Romanticism does not need to exactly apply, especially if the foundation of thought is that of an already established religion such as Catholicism, Islam and the like, as the old movement clashed with established religions on matters of mysticism especially.

A core idea of Reactionary Modernism is aesthetics, which combines modern mediums with a traditional subject. An example of this is Nazi propaganda for its time and those fuckin little dark age edits. Vaporwave and retro are also in a way tied to the general aesthetic. Neo-Folk music is also an example of such an aesthetic.

In many cases the support for technological advancement is a pragmatic decision, especially in regard to external hostility: The Iran regime has dedicated many resources to the development of new military technologies and nuclear energy (and weapons), to fight against foreign hostility from say, liberal progressive nations that may threaten the core principles of society.

While the Nrx movement appears similar on a superficial level, Reactionary Modernism covers a much broader scope of ideas and concepts and may have many different implementations and interpretations. It has no real unified theory and only exists in practice due to some reactionary regimes.


Pragmatic Reactionaryism

Pragmatic Reactionaryism appears in practice when a reactionary or very conservative government or country uses any resources and means avalilabe to ensure it's long-term surivival and prosperity as well as the continuation of it's ideals through maintaining an economic, technological, military and industrial base to finance the state and maintain the state aparatus and economy and sufficient standards as a way of legitimising the extremely socially conservative government at the head. In essence, creating a functional socially reactionary society with a modernised economy based upon mainly export and production, using such as leverage to prevent external cultural influence from abroad. In most cases these economies follow some form of state oriented capitalism or corporatism.

Some modern regimes that fall into this definition are Iran with it's extensive nuclear energy investments and military industrial complex, India under the BJP with it's massive IT sector, Japan, especially during it's Tiger period of development, modern Russia in some aspects as while it's deposits of natural gas are a significant economic source, it is the STEM sectors that have picked up the slack in the current climate Russia has found itself in. Historically, Russia during the reign of Alexander III and later Nicholas II, facing stagnation which reared it's head during the Crimean war and the ineffective reforms of Alexander II, underwent rapid industrialisation, modernisation and economic growth, culminating in the creation of the Trans-Sibirian railway, one of the largest industrial projects to this day.

In it's most boiled-down form, Pragmatic Reactionaryism simply striving for a modernised economy with a fundamentally traditionalist or reactionary regime at the head in order to keep it competitive in the world.


Technoromanticism refers to the belief in the transformative power of advanced technologies, which is associated with the revival of the artistic and philosophical movement known as Romanticism. This term was first used in 1999 in the book "Technoromanticism," which highlighted the presence of romantic ideals in discussions about digital technology at the time.

Technoromanticism suggests that technology has the ability to solve humanity's problems and create techno-utopias. It is an idealistic perspective that also looks to the past, seeing advanced technologies as an opportunity to bring back traditional values, similar to William Morris' fascination with medieval guilds. Technoromanticism embraces narratives of wholeness, in opposition to the supposedly reductionist tendencies of rationalism. The idea of using digital networks to restore a sense of organic unity to human society and the world can be considered technoromantic, as can the belief in the religious redemptive qualities of digital technology.


The term Reactionary Modernism was criticized by Thomas Rohkrämer who was quoted as saying "It is simply not strange, or 'paradoxical' to reject the Enlightenment & embrace technology at the same time', but a common practice in nineteenth- & twentieth-century Germany as well as in many other countries. Instrumental reason and technology are available for an endless number of different purposes, many of which are not humane, or enlightened"

Roger Griffin also criticized the term by arguing that " Fascism as an ideology and movement can be seen as proposing a radical alternative to Liberal & Socialist visions of what form modernity ideally should take. It represents an uncompromising rejection both of thorough-going liberalism and extreme 'modernism', whose logical culmination it sees as relativism, anomie, subjectivism, and the loss of definitive meaning and 'eternal' values. It is an attempt to re-anchor modern human beings within that highly modern phenomenon, the Totalitarian state through consciously manipulated historical, national & racist myth".

Personality and Behaviour

  • He enjoys cooperating with Nazi Transhumanism for cultural and technological reasons
  • He is passionate about STEM and rejecting postmodern art
  • Enjoys many modern aesthetics
  • Supporter of the Military Industrial Complex
  • Likes to complain about degeneracy.
  • Comes off extremely unhinged when interacting with those he hates
  • Avid player of Paradox Interactive games like Crusader Kings
  • Shitposter
  • Often gets nostalgic about eras he didn't actually live in
  • Erratic speech and use of internet jargon, especially soy speak
  • May be depicted as Terry A. Davis
  • Enjoys a lot of "Literally Me" movies like Drive (2011) and Bladerunner 2049

How to Draw

Flag of Reactionary Modernism
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with dark grey.
  3. Inside the ball draw a grey gear.
  4. Inside the gear draw an upright golden sword.
  5. Draw the eyes, and you're done!
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Shitposters and Steam Friends (Shining, Glistening Gemeralds)

  • Conservative Transhumanism - Technological advancement for the stability of society!
  • Industrialism - EXPAND PRODUCTION! Also, Factorio is a fun game.
  • Corporatism and State Capitalism - The most efficient economic systems, we ball!
  • Crusadism - I bet cyborg crusaders armed with plasma cannons and lightsabers can take back the holy land from lower-tech heathens!
  • Byzantine Model - And I also bet that railguns and motorized cataphracts can retake the eternal city! Also, for your time you championed Roman Tradition and advanced technology.
  • Neo-Ottomanism - *turns around* Your drones will help restore the caliphate of old and revive the Sublime Porte. VER MEHTERİ!
  • Fascism - For an alternate modernity!
  • Francoism - You are one of the best examples of what I believe in, especially with Opus Dei!
  • Catholic Theocracy - Your contributions to scientific research and the modern world are incredible and a religious revival is necessary! I am the key to what you want! Yes, I may or may not be addicted to Crusader Kings
  • Orthodox Theocracy - Nuclear power + Orthodoxy = Atomic Orthodoxy!
  • Khomeinism - Nuclear power? Developing your own Military-Industrial complex and high-tech drones? Reactionary Islamic Republic? Bone-chilling, spine-tingling, genre-redefining, atmospheric slow-burn GEM!
  • Cameralism - Ensuring Absolutism and hegemony through technological advancement and "Science of the State" is everything I love at once!
  • Neoreactionaryism - You have some very good ideas, like the Cathedral, Types of Society, however Materialism leaves a lot to be desired. Still you're great!
  • Neocameralism - Interesting management of state and economy...
  • Monarcho-Capitalism - I love Stolypin and the Thai Monarchy btw.
  • Counter-Enlightenment - All my homies hate the enlightenment! Are you the one who recorded those CK2 death sounds?
  • Conservative Technocracy - Now THIS is what I love!
  • Hindutva - Congratulations on your Chandrayaan-3 landing. Hehe, funny So Sorry Modi videos
  • Eco-Conservatism - Humboldt was a pro-science romanticist, just like me. Besides, climate change can be a significant and unpredictable danger to society, it is better if we adopt nuclear power en masse and develop a cleaner industry. Also, I am waiting for King Charles III to end the Magna Carta and become what Guenon envisioned...
  • Stratocracy - We need to use a modernized army to defend our traditional realm from godless liberalism and degeneracy!
  • Classical Conservatism - Technology has granted us the ability to re-live the good old days! *boots up Victoria II and share screen with Frostpunk*.
  • National Anarchism - My good anarchist friend
  • Kraterocracy - I can hook you up with some steroids! Also, Warhammer 40K is aesthetically very close to my beliefs
  • Austrian School and Mercantilism - Gold is best currency and most of you are traditionalist or reactionary!

Inconclusive (Carbon)

  • Nazi Transhumanism - While I do think you're taking things in the wrong direction, we're very close regardless.
  • Reactionaryism - I have no idea why everyone assumes you're against technology. What do you mean "go outside"? I do go outside! What do you mean I have to talk to people?!
  • Nazism - I influenced you, you literally gave me patronage, and many of your scientific advancements shaped the modern world but I can not defend you in good faith... That being said, I really enjoyed our vacation in paris!
  • Showa Statism - Similar to above, unit 731 is in some ways worse than Mengele's work.
  • İttihadism - Also similar to above. You even inspired him .
  • Eugenicism - Fvck,,, I am very torn on this. Franco did support you but at the same time, all your ideas are plainly evil.
  • Reactionary Socialism - I like your critique of the Enlightenment but for the love of god, technology isn't THAT bad.
  • Fourth Theory - Meta-modernism is great as is the anti-liberalism but I don't understand the explicit hate for transhumanism, if nothing else we must advance technology to maintain an advantage over our enemies.
  • Reactionary Liberalism - Would be keyed if it weren't for your awful economics. Japan is good just FIX YOUR DAMN ECONOMY AND ULTRA-CONSUMERISM!
  • Neoconservatism - I like the Military Industrial Complex, I like the aesthetic, in theory, you're perfect, but no you're barely conservative. At least we got Gilley.
  • Progressive Conservatism - When will you understand that there is no such thing as social progress?
  • Archeofuturism - Marge? This isn't what I meant!
  • Alt-Right - Terminally online (even more than me) degenerate supporters. Stop jerking off to anime and do your STEM homework. /qa/ won btw
  • Alt-Lite - Same as above, but even more moderate.
  • Manosphere - Your one-sided views on relationships and toxicity are disgusting, though I admit some of your factions and ideas are good.
  • Jihadism - Modern-day reactionary but not explicitly like me, but still. I hope you will get the Muslamic Ray Guns EDL was talking about.
  • Scientocracy - STEM is the way, but your actual supporters are midwit living incarnations of soy. Hail Fauci, bring us vaccines!
  • Esoteric Fascism - Schizofascist lunatic, MEDS, NOW! Anyway, we should repeat this Finno-Korean Hyperwar.
  • Futurism - We build upon the past, abandoning it is quite literally undermining our foundations. That and there's no such thing as societal progress, only barbarism which... you agree with? I do like your art however, it is very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Enlightened Absolutism - I want to like you, I really do, modernisation of the state apparatus and economy under absolutism is great but why must you also chase social "progress"? Many of you were good but many of you were terrible in that regard.
  • Post-Industrialism - I understand you support new technology but we have to keep our factories, including the heavy industry, within our direct control because without it we're running on imaginary numbers.
  • Avaritionism - Nassim Taleb is cool (despite his neoliberal fanaticsm), but you are COMPLETELY deranged, meds!
  • Dengism - Gotta admit you did a good job turning China around from the decades of chaos and humiliation, but Deng, Jiang and Hu were too indifferent to culture. Xi finally started to bring Confucian values to the forefront and- HEY WHY NO GAMES?! ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE JACK A DULL BOY!
  • State Liberalism - It's so fucking over Schwabbros, we lost.

Drone-Strike targets and Soyjak folder entries (Dusty Vantablack Brimcoal)

  • Enlightenment Thought - Do the world a favor and ACK die in a ditch, all you have ever said and claim to have done are lies spouted by hordes of midwits that keep your ideals in power by quantity alone. You slandered every time period before you and take the achievements of the past for your own. Even the word "enlightenment" itself is the biggest show of ego I can think off the top of my head and would go so far as to call you the biggest lie in history.
  • Kakistocracy - The reason people still deny technology has helped society. It is time to ACK FALL FROM CLIFF for you.
  • Liberalism - To justify your existence, one would have to see all periods that came before as dystopian beyond measure, but that's just not true. Your ideas made society objectively worse, so you try to revise history by slandering all that came before.
  • Neoliberalism - Your "evidence-based policy" is unsustainable bullshit, your economies are built on wishful thinking and unending growth! Do you not see the catastrophe you're making, this house of cards will bury not just you, but all of the enlightenment! Not even Reagan's social policy can make you redeemable!
  • Soulism - Taking drugs doesn't move you to a technologically-advanced alternate dimension, it only causes you to hallucinate and vomit!
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - You look like this, and say this.
  • Posadism - "Nuclear armageddon will bring about communist aliens because... it just will OK?"
  • Vperedism - "Destroying society is le good because-" you get my drift here.
  • Satanic Theocracy and Secular Satanism - I hate the antichrist thoughever.
  • Stransserism - >Trans whites are human ri-ACK!
  • Neoluddism - "Industrial society is le bad because... it just IS, OK?"
  • Anarcho-Primitivism - You should get drone-striked.
  • Technoliberalism - I can smell the overpowering stench of soy from the screen. At best you're an idealist who doesn't realize technology alone can't save mankind, at worst you look like this.
  • Progressivism - I won't repeat what I already said, enjoy your life and see where it gets you.
  • Pol Potism - 14 YEAR LIFE EXPECTANCY?!
  • Fully Automated Gay Space Communism - You deserve nothing short of the full force of a space crusade. Stop the hedonist bastards from reconsolidating in space at all costs!
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - "Life has no meaning and we're all just monkeys on a ball of dust but DON'T YOU DARE BE HECKIN OPPRESSIVE" Please hang yourself already and spare us your whining.
  • Fordism - Technology and Industry are the Divine Inspiration granted by God to mankind. What I hate about you is that you're like xhem , meaning completely socially screwed but also, unfortunately, somewhat sustainable, and arguably the end state of the current powers that be. Also unlike xim, you don't tolerate any keyed traditions.
  • Neo-Enlightenment - I fucking hate analytic philosophy (except John Gray) btw though.

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  1. The Medvedev Modernisation Programme intended primarily towards economic modernisation combined with extreme right wing western stances could have him placed as such.
  2. Alexander was extremely strong. He tore packs of cards in half with his bare hands to entertain his children. When the Austrian ambassador in St. Petersburg said that Austria would mobilize two or three army corps against Russia, he twisted a silver fork into a knot and threw it onto the plate of the ambassador. He said, "That is what I am going to do to your two or three army corps."
  3. The humor of represents a new sincerity and generally heavy right-wing talking points, many references to reactionary philosophers like Spengler and Evola (despite being tongue-in-cheek references, it is often sincere), anti-nihilism and anti-atheism... on a site intended for posting bald men with glasses.
  4. Materialist reasoning for reactionary society is an NRx perspective, as there is overlap between the two, some positions may be justified via materialist analysis.