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This page is about the ideology referred to the first instance of Communism. For other uses, see Communism (Disambiguation).

"Property is odious in its principle and murderous in its effects."

Babouvism is a far-left, culturally progressive ideology considered by many to be the first revolutionary communist in history. It strives for the creation of a fully egalitarian system without private property and became a crucial foundation of Marxism.


Babouvism's history dates back to the later years of the 1st French Republic, after Robespierre's execution, where the far left sect of the Jacobins, lead by civil servant François-Noël "Gracchus" Babeuf, attempted (unsuccessfully) to coup the French directory in a revolution called "The Conspiracy of the Equals" and subsequently establish a proto-communist society, similar to what would happen nearly a century later at the Paris Commune.


Babeuf's social project was described in Fragment of a Projected Economic Decree: the Republic is divided into regions, each region is governed by Intermediate Administration which is elected by members of the great national community, under the laws and under the direction of the Supreme Administration. To become a member of the great national community, one must donate all of their goods to the stock of the national community. The stock of the national community is guarded by magistrates of each class, each class is composed of those who work in the same art. The Supreme Administration determines the nature and amount to be distributed to members of the community in each region. Money is abolished, any member who receives a salary, or keeps money, is punished. All individual commerce with foreign peoples is forbidden. Any merchandise from this source will be confiscated to the profit of the national community. Violators will be punished. The Supreme Administration trades with foreigners by means of its agents, the agents of the Supreme Administration in the commercial warehouses are often changed. The dishonest are severely punished. For each season, the law determines the duration of the workday for members of the national community. In each commune there will be, at pre-determined times, meals in common, which all members must attend. Members of the national community can only receive the common ration in the district in which they reside, except for transfers authorized by the administration.

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  • Jacobinism - Vive la révolution!
  • Marxism - Really glad you expanded on my theory, very impressive stuff.
  • Anarcho-Communism - Another great expansion on my ideas, a true champion of egalitarianism.
  • Marxism–Leninism - Glad you did the praxis for Marx.
  • Feminism - Women deserve a place in political discussion too.
  • Populareism - "The Agrarian law, or the partitioning of land, was the spontaneous demand of some unprincipled soldiers, of some towns moved more by their instinct than by reason. We lean towards something more sublime and more just: the common good or the community of property! No more individual property in land: the land belongs to no one. We demand, we want, the common enjoyment of the fruits of the land: the fruits belong to all."
  • Constitutionalism - The constitution protects our equality and fills the wishes of the people.
  • Blanquism - You carried my ideas well, it’s a shame that you failed.


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