Racial Nationalism

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Attention: This page contains content that represents an extremist or violent ideology. PCB Wiki does not endorse the ideology presented, and it is here for showcase/informational purposes.
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Not to be confused with Ethnonationalism.

Racial Nationalism is a nationalist ideology. Instead of believing that nationality is based on common shared institutions and values (like Civic Nationalism) it believes that it's based on common race, and views it as the primary pillar of citizenship.

Race and Nation



Scientific Racism

Scientific Racism, also known as Race Realism, is a racial theory which is based on scientific research and biological factors. The advocates for this line of thought usually believe in polygenism, that different races have different racial origins making races biologically diferent therefore in mental and physical traits also. The Darwinian theory of evolution is also sometimes used as variable which affects racial differences; i.e. cold winter theory.

Spiritual Racism

Spiritual Racism is a concept which builds on the idea that race, or the racial spirit, is first and foremost immaterial. It rejects scientific explanations for race and instead believed in an inner, spiritual existance. An example of a big ideologue in this field is Julius Evola.


Racial Nationalism hates foreigners and race-mixing, and is really similar to Alt-Right in a lot of ways. Racial Nationalism doesn't care about ethnicity, only race.

How to Draw

Flag of Racial Nationalism
  1. Draw a ball and fill it with a white, but not completely white color. (very light gray)
  2. Draw a black but not completely black flag on it (extremely dark gray)
  3. Add the eyes, and you're done!
Color Name HEX RGB
Very Light Grey #E1E1E1 225, 225, 225
Very Dark Grey #191919 25, 25, 25


Fellow Gamers

Inferior, but still honorary

  • Separatism - Separating from the dirty races is based, but if the dirty inferiors are my property trying to separate rightfully from our empire/country, KILL THEM ALL!
  • Ethnonationalism - People confuse us all the time, but we disagree on the basis of nationality.
  • Cultural Nationalism - Preserving our national identity that defines us is important, but our racial identity matters more than our culture does.
  • Ethnopluralism - You're too moderate.
  • Trumpism - Your hatred of those filthy dangerous immigrants are good, but in check could you go beyond Nativism? But your supporters are far-right and that´s based.
  • Incestism - ... Honestly, I rather let my handsome and muscular chad son love my wife/sister/cousin, than some inferior ugly beta outsider.


  • Civic Nationalism - Cuck! at least your founder was a race realist
  • Multiculturalism - I won't mix with those inferior races you [REDACTED] lover!!!
  • Globalism - Wants to bring dangerous people of other races to spoil my people's racial genes!
  • World Federalism - Worse than the above.
  • Anationalism - A rootless slave.
  • Falangism - You would've been based as a fash, but you're another cuck who likes miscegenation.
  • Progressivism - I hate SJWs and Cultural Marxists.
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - John Brown deserved to be hanged! I'll never tolerate [REDACTED], you hear me?! NEVER!!
  • Conservatism - You claim to be conservative yet don't want to preserve your race? More like cuckservatism.
  • Progressive Conservatism - Mix of the two cucks above
  • MLK Jr - Your civil rights movement made the US government take away their racial segregation laws! FUCK YOU!
  • Anti-Fascism - FUCK YOU!
  • De Francism - OH GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??!
  • Scientocracy - Nooooooo, you can't just deny the superiority of our race, modern science is funded by [REDACTED], there is no other explanation!
  • Neighborstan - DIRTY [REDACTED]!!!!!

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