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"Progressive capitalism is not an oxymoron; we can indeed channel the power of the market to serve society."

Pink Capitalism, Rainbow Capitalism, or formally Progressive Capitalism, is a culturally left-wing, economically right, and civically libertarian/anarchist (to fit in with Anarcho-Capitalism) ideology which has they/them pronouns.

PinkCap's main belief is that completely unregulated capitalism will result in a culture of complete sexual promiscuity, total drug acceptance, and empowerment of ethnic minority groups (and that's a good thing) since the profit coming from the economic relationships with these minorities is bigger than the desire of preservation of culture, eventually leading towards complete acceptance of these people.


Pink Liberalism

Pink Liberalism is a version of liberalism that focuses on socially progressive ideas like gay rights, but is more economically varied than pink capitalism is. Since pink capitalism is free-market capitalist, pink liberalism is a centrist version of pink capitalism.

Pink Democratism

Pink Democratism, also known as Twitter Democratism, is pink capitalism ideologically applied to Twitter, most of the users who follow this ideology are supporters of New Democrats like Hillary and adheret to third-way neoliberalism practiced by these politicans. For the same reasons, you see a lot of content that denounces progressive democrats like Bernie Sanders.


PinkCaps personality is a mix between AnCap and a stereotypical SJW. They love all kinds of 'libertine' things and will usually be seen selling sex toys and non-straight pornography, occassionaly the same goods as normal cap, but rainbow colored.

How to Draw

Flag of Pink Capitalism
  1. Draw a ball
  2. Color the upper-left half with yellow, and lower-right with hot pink, making the ball a positive diagonal bicolor
  3. Add the eyes
  4. (Optional) Add a soft cyan hat on the ball

You are done!

Color Name HEX RGB
Yellow #FFF200 255, 242, 0
Hot Pink #FB44BB 251, 68, 187
Soft Cyan #859EA4 133, 158, 164



  • LibRights - Business partners.
  • LGBT Community - The target demographic of my business!
  • Progressivism - My other big target demographic, they always come back every time. Many of us refuse to boycott Israel though.
  • Zionism - Most of us refuse to boycott Zionism no matter how much they are against it. And even these three are right that Palestine is a homophobic country!
  • Neoliberalism - Most modern neolibs like my cultural policies and aesthetics.
  • Liberal Feminism - She gets me.
  • Anarcho-Capitalism - Only unrestrained capitalism and free markets can help those poor minorities.
  • Anarcho-Naturism - Don't worry buddy, unlike certain others I respect your lifestyle no matter what! Wanna buy some rainbow towels?
  • Libertarian Feminism - She gets me most of the time!
  • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - A true ally of the LGBTQ community! Best friends forever!!!
  • Avaritionism-Soulism - Basically me, but on drugs...
  • Third Way - Hiliary and Obama are so me!


  • Queer Anarchism - Constantly tells me my actions don't help the LGBT community :( Thanks for buying my trans socks.
  • Democratic Socialism - Says he doesn't like me, but buys my t-shirts anyway.
  • Homofascism - Part of the LGBT community, but a statist and fascist. Thanks for buying my Pride T-shirt.
  • Nazi Accelerationism - An evil homophobic Nazi... But thank you for buying my LGBT flags in order to burn them, ahahah[1].
  • Fordism - Why would you need to force people to take soma when you can instead sell it for profit?
  • State Liberalism - We share a lot of goals and beliefs, and arguably care equally much about helping the poor LGBTQQIP2SAA+ minorities, but why the excessive statism? I am basically just you anyways, just embrace a non-statist or anarchist view for optics and to look hip and reddit gold worthy, if you did that you would be perfect!
  • Revolutionary Progressivism - Based social views, but violates the NAP too much and is often a commie.
  • Homoconservatism - Capitalism and LGBT rights are based, but why do you have to be a conservative? Don't pretend like conservatives don't secretly hate you!
  • Thatcherism - Hell yeah! More female Neoliberal Lead... Wait, what do you mean that you are Anti-Feminist and Conservative???
  • Dengism - Homophobic and conservative commie, but thanks for producing my goods.
  • Leninism - The commie part is cringe but thanks for introducing the NEP and the decriminalization of LGBTQ+, shame your successor undid both.


  • Literally every AuthLeft ball for opposing economic views. Will probably fly into a ballistic rage upon spotting them.
  • Most AuthRights - Homophobic bigots who want us behind bars.
  • Hoppeanism - EVIL REACTIONARY "ANCAP". According to my research, you need to be more progressive to make more profits so quit being so conservative! Smh.
  • Marxism - Commodities on pride month go brr.
  • Marxism-Leninism - Cringe tankie, you sent gays to the gulag! At least your modern followers are usually pro-LGBTQ.
  • Yellow Socialism - Reactionary, crypto-fascist, socialist garbage.
  • Anarcha-Feminism - What do you mean more POC female CEOs is not the way?
  • National Feminism - An oxymoron and don’t tread on the LGBTQ people, if not I'll McNuke you!
  • Objectivism - You may be a capitalist, but you hate LGBTQIA+!
  • National Bolshevism - My arch-nemesis. Why are you so mean to me? :( *cries*
  • Juche - You are a despotic, anti-capitalist, homophobic meanie! At least I can sell weed
  • Anarcho-Fascism - Evil "Anarchist" Reactionary Mob.
  • Conservative Socialism - A slightly better version of ReactSoc but still bad.
  • Conservative Feminism - C'mon, why be a stay-at-home mom in a stable relationship when you can be a stripper at a lesbian nightclub?
  • Castroism & Guevarism - EVIL COMMIES! I'm gonna sell your face on shirts anyway, also thanks to Díaz-Canel for legalizing same-sex marriages and economic liberalization even if the latter is too slow.
  • Reactionary Socialism - *backs away slowly, not making any sudden movements or sounds.*
  • Traditionalism - Yes, I push the gay agenda on everyone. What about it bigot?
  • Reactionary Capitalism - Calls me a fake capitalist at least I'm not a bigot like you.
  • Alt-Right - Evil neo-fascist who thinks that I am a socialist and marxist.
  • Alt-Lite - I am not a commie, OK?
  • Anarcho-Communism - Calls me fake woke or whatever.
  • National Capitalism - You may be a capitalist, but you're a reactionary nazi who kills gays meaning I will not tolerate you! Not to mention that genocide is REALLY unprofitable (why kill potential employees or customers)?
  • Putinism - Homophobic dictator who banned gay propaganda, preventing me from selling rainbow socks in Russia. My inclusive private enterprise will be more profitable than your stuck in the 1990s gay-banning oligarchs.
  • Zyuganovism - Even worse than above because you are a commie.
  • Fourth Theory - My polar opposite.
  • Pinochetism - Commies may suck, but you are still an Authoritarian bigot.
  • Islamic Capitalism - Why are you so misogynist and homophobic? Don't you care about the money? After all, spending resources on persecuting gays is a net drain on a budget, women don't do anything productive when they are locked in the kitchen and unable to get a job, and trying to enforce wearing hijabs is also a net drain.
  • Islamic Socialism - Same as above, but even worse due to socialist economics.



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  1. Named after the overwhelmingly pro-LGBT, “Blue No Matter Who” and anti-Sanders Democrats on Twitter.


  1. [1], @Jake_Hanrahan, Twitter,com.