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"To say there is no Santa Claus is the most erroneous statement in the world. Santa Claus is a thought that is passed from generation to generation. After time this thought takes on a human form. Maybe if all children and adults understand the symbolism of this thought we can actually attain Peace on Earth and good will to men everywhere."

Gift Economy or GiftEcon is an economically focused, non-quadrant (and almost utopian) economic model that differentiates itself from Capitalism and Socialism with an entirely different system. GiftEcon tends to lean towards Anarcho-Communism in the real world but is culturally varied and can exist in states of authority and anarchy.

In a Gift Economy, instead of a person making an exchange or request with someone for something, it's entirely up to the person with the "gift" on when and who it is given to. A "gift" means something that is given away for free to someone else (or multiple people) with no explicit exchange. The item is only given away through good will, aka the Spirit of Giving. Nothing is expected in return for the gift.

The action of gift giving creates a mutual trust and respect between the people and furthers a successful community. There is no feeling of being wronged in an exchange because there are no direct contractual exchanges in the first place.

Collaborative works/projects are done to provide a vast number of people with a type of gift. One of the greatest examples of a Gift Economy would be the Polcompball Wiki itself. The wiki features hundreds of articles written by dozens of editors and all editors receive no material reward for their gift giving to the masses.


Korean People's Association in Manchuria

One of the examples of Gift Economy was the Korean People's Association in Manchuria (KPAM), an anarchist zone in the Manchuria region led by Kim Chwa-chin, reaching up to 2 million Koreans in 1930. -Japanese, with the Korean Anarchist Federation in Manchuria (KAFM), that despite being driven by nationalism, the movement adopted anarchist ideals and opposed the ML.

When established, he ordered cooperative farming, free education, mutual aid, donation shops, weapons training, anti-Chinese exploitation, anti-Japanese, village assembly support, workers' cooperatives, democratization of schools and others. It was based on Libertarian Socialism, stateless communism and mutual cooperation.

The zone ended in 1931 after the invasion of Japan, with leader Kim Chwa-chin assassinated, establishment of the puppet state of Manchuria, and with many Koreans offering to fight in the Second Sino-Japanese War in southern China.

Personality and Behavior

During the holidays, GiftEcon is like Santa Claus, sending presents inside everyone's houses and riding up in the sky with it's sleigh with its magical reindeer.

How to Draw

Flag of Gift Economy
  1. Draw a ball.
  2. Fill it with white.
  3. Draw a red square on the inside.
  4. Split the square in the middle vertically and horizontally with a green line.
  5. Add two green tear drop outlines at the top, their points connected to the top of the vertical green line.
  6. Draw two eyes, and you're done.
  7. Optional: Add a Santa hat.
Color Name HEX RGB
White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
Red #EE161F 238, 22, 31
Green #1CB34B 28, 179, 75


Nice List

  • Anarcho-Communism - Violent, but always willing to give more.
  • Social Anarchism - The greatest gift you've given me is your camaraderie and friendship!
  • Christian Theocracy - You're the reason Christmas exists? On the nice list you go!
  • Christian Socialism - A socialist form of Christianity? Ho ho ho! You're always on the nice list!
  • Market Socialism - You have a lot of the right ideas, even if we don't 100% have the same approach.
  • Distributism - A devout Catholic who believes in giving and fairness!
  • Piratism - Why yes, I did build my own PS5 for those kids without Sony's permission, problem?
  • Ho Chi Minh Thought - This guy knows how to say "Ho, Ho, Ho".
  • Gerontocracy - I love all grandparents! They're so generous and they give lots of gifts!
  • Social Democracy, Social Liberalism & Social Capitalism - You guys want to give to the poor? You're always on the Nice List!
  • Soulism - On the nice list, and I was planning to give him a... What? He already has everything he wanted, and now he is satisfied and rejects every gift? Well, I' just send him a simple letter with congratulations! Truly, the nicest of all on the "nice list".
  • Aliens - I'll send an alien Christmas to you!


  • Marxism–Leninism - I appreciate the care for all people! But if one person gets many, many gifts, is it not their right to have them if given by goodwill? Thank you for helping me fight the imperialists.
  • Capitalism - I appreciate the surplus of products to gift! Too bad gifting is only done for holiday profits and not goodwill...
  • Radical Feminism - I appreciate the advocacy for women's rights! But if a man receives more gifts than a woman, and they were given out of goodwill, is it not their right to have them?
  • Communalism - I appreciate the spirit of giving and sharing! But part of that includes letting people enjoy what was gifted to them. You don't have to share everything.
  • Radical Environmentalism - I appreciate the care for all living beings! But please remember that "all living beings" includes humans, too!
  • Nazism - The Winter Relief of the German People was a great initiative! If you were just as giving to the Poles and Jews, you'd be on the nice list.
  • Posadism - "Dear Santa grandpa, can you give me 1kg of plutonium, 1kg of uranium-235, and one bombshell?" Hmm, that’s an unusual request. I'll give them to you as long as you don't do anything naughty with them.
    • Don't worry Santa, I won't. I promise ;)
  • Anarcho-Nihilism - Well... He is just denying me, and hating Xmas. But on another side, he is not like that asshole, so I give him a large number of antidepressant drugs as a gift.

Naughty List

  • Showa Statism - Greedy imperialist destroyed the gift economy based KPAM.
  • Tridemism - Prevented the KPAM from reforming, you're getting a lump of coal this Christmas!
  • Pinochetism - You're always on the naughty list.
  • Anarcho-Egoism - Selfish jerk who calls charity "spook"
  • Avaritionism - You represent everything I stand against.
  • Fascism - You're also getting a lump of coal this Christmas.
  • Climate Skepticism - I'd give you a lump of coal but you'd like that, so I'll take a dump in your stocking instead.
  • Sarah Palin - Santa Claus 2022!
  • State Atheism - What the heck is "Sciencemas", who the heck is "Darwin Claus", and why do you hate Christmas so much?
  • State Liberalism - Oh look... A guy who's angry because I said "Merry Christmas". Fine, you'll be on the naughty list, whether you like it or not.
  • Esoteric Fascism - Pagan lunatic who hates Christmas and wants to hunt me down and kill me. You don't even deserve to be on the naughty list! Instead of coal in your stocking, you get a nuke near your house! At least Yule is similar.
    • Wow, Santa's doing my praxis!
  • Puritans - The original anti-Christmas warrior.
  • Anti-Trinitarianism - JUST SHUT UP, ARIUS! *Slaps him across the face*

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