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    This user is LibLeft

    "x3 nuzzles pounces on you uwu you so warm"

    This user is Left-Libertarian


    This user is a Marxist.

    "Workers of the world, unite!."

    This user is Socialist

    "The proletariat is equal!"

    This user is Environmentalist.

    "Save the trees or I'll break both your knees!"

    This user is a Progressive.


    This user is transhumanist.


    This user is an Internationalist

    "May we all prosper together"

    This user is an atheist.

    "There is no sky daddy!"

    This user is Bisexual

    "Horseshoe theory of sexuality"

    This user is Male

    "Proceeds to die in a war."

    This user joined in 2023.

    "Leninism. It's good for your spleen."


    • Soc255 (2005-)

    Ideological History/Foundation

    Ideological Journey




    Cultural Models


    Best Economic Systems


    Tolerable Economic Systems


    Anti- Ideologies (2022-)


    Off Compass/Meme Ideologies


    Influences on my ideology

    • Saint Andrew (except for his anti-work stance)
    • Antonio Negri
    • Badmouse
    • Cornel West
    • Daniel Guérin
    • David Graeber
    • Franz Kafka
    • Herbert Marcuse
    • Karl Marx
    • Murray Bookchin
    • Oscar Wilde
    • Second Thought (Helped show me the problems with Capitalism)


    • Dad (/)
    • Mom (/)
    • My brother (/) antis (//)

    Close Friends

    • Close Friend #1 (//)
    • Close Friend #2 (/)
    • Close Friend #3 (/)


    • Friend #1 ()





    Libertarian Municipalism

    Libertarian Marxism


    Unity of Struggles

    My Ideology *if* I was AuthLeft

    • (//)

    The above is merely a hypothetical formed out of authleft ideologies I have vague sympathies for. However, this worldview is outdated, and I was stuck in that mindset for far too long. I have since come around to the libleft side of the political compass, but as you can see, there is no shred of anarchism in my thought. Perhaps it is reminiscent of that time.

    Philosophical Foundation

    Pages I have made art for/Icons I have made

    • Ecomodernism
    • Marxist Transhumanism
    • Laborwave
    • Processism (uploaded from philosophyball)
    • Solarpunk (uploaded from philosophyball)

    Ideological Opinions




    • Antinatalism - Scum who thinks that not having kids will save the planet.
    • Kakistocracy - An idiot, no explanation is needed.
    • Eco-Capitalism - Capitalism cannot be “ecological”.
    • Authoritarian Capitalism - You give the workers as little freedom as possible, in turn preventing them from leading a full life.
    • National Capitalism - This ideology has nothing of value to humanity, it embodies everything that I hate.
    • Hindutva - See above. Also, f**k Modi.
    • Bibism - Same as the above two. Also, FREE PALESTINE!
    • Neoliberalism - The ideology that has left humanity to die through deregulation and union busting.
    • Marxism-Leninism - I have not met a single believer of this ideology in real life, and I hope it stays that way.
    • Dengism - Fake socialist, just a capitalist dictatorship with red aesthetics.
    • Pol Potism - The worst leftist. Sat Tee Touy is a cool song tho
    • Capitalist Transhumanism - The ideology of the cyberpunk dystopia.
    • Nazism - F**k you, you fascist!
    • Social Authoritarianism - Merely pacifies and suppresses the proletariat so that they do not revolt. Indira Gandhi forever poisoned the name of socialism in India.
    • Mutualism & Libertarian Market Socialism - Leaving socialist free markets run wild is clearly a mistake that would bring us right back into capitalism.
    • Manosphere - Women are not the enemy, dumbass.
    • Alt-Lite - Vivek Ramaswamy has to be the worst thing to happen to my community.
    • Neoconservatism - Does nothing except kill socialism and promote imperialism the world over.
    • Authoritarian Conservatism - I oppose Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    • Reactionaryism - Quit trying to return to a past that does not exist!
    • Antiquitism - Lol, imagine trying to put everything in a museum.
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