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What ideologies in this category have in common is the goal of the establishment of a communist society, a moneyless, classless society based of social ownership of the means of production and property, like common ownership.

But while all communist ideologies pretty much completely share an identical end goal, there is still a lot of argument and debate on how to actually achieve this goal.

For example, Leninism has a more authoritarian strategy, where a dictatorship of the proletariat is established and led by a vanguard party, who would lead the proletariat, carrying out their will and getting society ready for the withering away of the state and the establishment of a communist society.

On the other hand, there's anarcho-communism, which prefers a more libertarian strategy, where there is no transition period like the one proposed by Leninism. Instead, the people, in a revolution (or if preferred, peacefully), immediately abolish money, social classes, the state, and private property; The immediate establishment of a communist society.