Maoism–Third Worldism

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Maoism–Third Worldism, also known as MTW or Neo-Maoism is an economically far-left ideology that argues for the centrality of anti-imperialism to the victory of global communist revolution.


He insists a global people's war is a necessary military strategy for bringing an end to the historically unequal relationship built between the First and Third Worlds. This strategy includes the systematic delinking of the exploited economies of Third World countries from the parasitic First World, and the unification of international forces to deprive the imperialist countries of resources and wealth extracted from Third World countries. To break this relationship Maoism–Third Worldism proposes a joint-dictatorship of the proletariat of oppressed nations (JDPON) to work as a centralized organization to defeat the First World.




  • Leftier than thou
  • Will constantly tell people to read Settlers

How to Draw

Flag of Maoism–Third Worldism
  1. Draw a ball with Eyes
  2. Draw 5 rays of red and 5 rays of yellow from center
  3. Add red hollow star in center
Color Name HEX RGB
Red #C00004 192, 0, 4
Yellow #FFD602 255, 214, 2
Dark Red #860002 134, 0, 2




  • Socialism - Like um, but they won't end the exploitation of the Third World. Please read Settlers.
  • Mao-Spontex - Anarchism will get you nowhere, brother.
  • Marxism–Leninism–Maoism - He's my brother but he thinks I'm "strange".
  • Ethnocacerism - I didn't mean literal genocide of First World inhabitants dammit!
  • Trotskyism - A fellow internationalist and globalist. Even though you're a revisionist, I still like your idea of Permanent Revolution.


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