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    List of movements/Political Parties/Taiwan

    Political Parties

    The political parties in Taiwan are mainly based on the coalitions that either in favour of Taiwanese Independence, which is divided among left-Taiwanese Independence (Emphasises on Social Democracy and Progressivism) and right-Taiwanese Independence (Emphasises on Nativism and Nationalism), Reunification with China or Maintaining the Status Quo.

    泛綠聯盟 (Pan-Green Coalition)

    泛藍聯盟 (Pan-Blue Coalition)

    Parties not in any alliance


    List of Presidents of Republic of China since 1948

    List of Politicians

    List of Presidents of Executive Yuan

    • Mao Chi-kuo ( KMT, 2014-2016)
    • Lin Chuan ( Independent, 2016-2017)
    • William Lai Ching‑te ( DPP, 2017-2019)
    • Su Tseng-chang ( DPP, 2019-)

    List of Presidents of Legislative Yuan

    • Wang Jin-pyng ( KMT, 1999-2016)
    • Su Jia-chyuan ( DPP, 2016-2020)
    • Yu Shyi-kun ( DPP, 2020-)

    List of Mayors and County Magistrates

    List of notable mayors and County Magistrates.

    Incumbent Mayors

    Incumbent County Magistrates in Taiwan Province, Republic of China

    Incumbent County Magistrates in Fuchien Province, Republic of China


    List of Presidents of the Republic of Formosa

    Notes and References

    * Denotes political parties that allow dual-memberships

    ** Denotes politicians who held governmental positions that had been recalled via recall elections

    1. Non-KMT Movement was a broad church liberal movement that opposed KMT's party-state rule until the formation of the DPP in 1986. It had both Taiwanese independence supporters and anti-independence liberals. It also had some former members of the Taiwanese People's Party (Taiwanese Tridemists who were betrayed by Chiang Kai-shek) Many of the non-KMT affiliated independent candidates of the movement were elected in Taiwan in provisional elections even during the martial law era. Some former members of the Taiwanese People’s Party joined the movement to oppose Chiang Kai-shek authoritarian regime.
    2. Tsai Ing-wen's tenure will end in 20 May, 2024. However as per recent edit, she is still the incumbent President of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
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