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Government allies




List of Presidents

Beginnings of the Republic (1824-1836)

Restoration (1839-1841)

Military Anarchy (1841-1845)

Guano Era (1845-1884)

National Reconstrucion (1884-1895)

Aristocratic Republic (1895-1919)

El Oncenio de Leguía (1919-1930)

Military Governments (1930-1939)

Democratic Spring (1939-1948)

The Ochenio (1948-1956)

Moderate Civil Reform (1956-1968)

Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces (1968-1980)

1980's Democracy (1980-1990)

Fujimorato (1990-2000)

Business Republic (2000-2016)

Present Day (2016-Present)

  1. The party, despite being Mariateguist, does not identify itself as Communist. In addition, many of its proposals and elements take measures closer to the Socialism of the 21st Century.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Not a proper political party, but a pro-Pedro Castillo parliamentary group.
  3. The ideology of FREPAP is a mix of Christian Socialism, Agrarian Socialism, Conservative Socialism, Eco-Nationalism and Christian Theocracy