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Vperedism, is an authoritarian, far-left Socialist and Communist ideology. It is based on the beliefs of Russian revolutionary, philosopher and physician, Alexander Bogdanov. He believes in the prioritisation of the proletariat as the most revolutionary class of society, rejecting a worker-peasant alliance. Vperedism is highly critical of Marxist theory of dialectics and favours a more positivist view, leading to theories such as tektology. Vperedism is therefore in favour of a technocratic economy and is heavily interested in economic planning, as well as the capacity of technology beyond simple production.


Vperedism was a faction of the Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP). It was critical of Lenin. The group formed in December of 1909 by the initiative of Alexander Bogdanov in December 1909 and was active until 1912. Other notable members of the group were Maxim Gorky and Anatoly Lunacharsky. Early on, before Leninism became the dominant form of the Bolshevik movement, even figures such as Joseph Stalin held sympathies to Vperedism.

Bogdanov largely agreed with Lenin's What Is To Be Done? where Bogdanov envisaged a strong role for intellectuals in the party. They advocated ways for intellectuals of the party to expand socialist education of workers, in order to allow workers a greater role in the party. Though Lenin had begun to disagree with this work, sowing the seeds of the split. This expanded in the aftermath of the failed 1905 Revolution in Russia, where Vperedists claimed bourgeios liberalism was beginning to spread and that Lenin had made a mistake by valuing parliamentarism too much.

Not long after, the Vpered organised an experimental proletarian university on the Isle of Capri known as the Capri Party School, which operated from August to December 1909 as well as another which operated in Bologna.

Foundational Beliefs


Vperedism believes that the main job of the party is not just political agitation and revolution, but also to educate the workers. He thinks that political revolution is not enough and that it has to be followed by a cultural revolution. Vperedism also is strictly proletarian and does not want to work with those who are not Proletarian, such as peasants and even soldiers.

This eventually led to the development of the Proletkult. Believing that with a Dictatorship of the Proletariat, Bourgeois culture will be replaced, and a new Proletarian culture would be formed.

Vperedism does not think the working class should reject the rich cultural heritage of the past, its material and spiritual achievements. Instead, the worker must look it over critically, choose what is of value and use it to produce a new culture. He thinks that this work should be free of state and government interference and that 'Proletkults' should be restricted only to the working class.

God Building

While Vperedism disagrees with and is skeptical of traditional religion, he has a lot of respect for religion as an idea as it is able to cultivate emotion, moral values, and desires that are important to human society. He thinks that a new religious sentiment which would fit the world-view of communism by creating a new religion that was compatible with science and not based on any supernatural beliefs.

Vperedism believes in a process of God-Building to accomplish this. By combining the positive aspects of religion and transform it into positive humanistic values of a new communist morality, based around faith in man and man's potential. He thinks that destroying religion outright is too dangerous and undesirable when it serves as the moral basis for millions. Vperedism thinks that through God-Building, God would gradually be replaced with a new vision of humanity.

However, even though Vperedism wants this new form of faith and criticises religion for superstition and a lack of empirical investigation, he does not support state atheism. Instead, he values a form of state agnosticism, and wants people to come to their own conclusions of truth on the topic of religion.

Russian Cosmism

Cosmism is a theory of natural philosophy and the combination of elements of religion and ethics and the development of human existence within the cosmos. Vperedism is therefore very fond of Cosmist theory. Vperedism also desires to take the ideas and themes of Russian Cosmism to radical conclusions, such as the development of science to not only traverse the skies, but to also change humanity and achieve immortality. Vperedism also believes in the potential of blood transfusion to develop humanity through human rejuvenation. He sees blood transfusions as a symbol of solidarity between the generations, where elderly people benefit from the rejuvenating effects of young people, while the young receive immunity to diseases from the blood of the old.

How to Draw

Flag of Vperedism




  • Agrarian Socialism - The peasants are not true revolutionaries.
  • Religious Socialism - Although religion is mostly reactionary, your impact on culture is more than respectable! Maybe I could use this to my benefit?


  • Leninism - We were friends, but then you backstabbed me and the revolution.
  • Kakistocracy - The intelligentsia is an important part of the proletarian struggle.
  • Reactionaryism - We must abandon the cultures of the past to establish a new culture, a truly proletarian culture.

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